Grace Episcopal Church, Traverse City
Diocese of Western Michigan

We are God's grace, in action, within our church and among our community.

We are an Episcopal church committed to Welcome, Relationships, Outreach, and the Transformational Power of the Spirit.

adopted by the Vestry, Feb. 2019

Voice of the Vestry - faith at the core
by Kelly Ignace
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Unity Service this Sunday, March 31 at 10am

No services on Sat. at 5p OR Sun. at 8a

coffee hour potluck following the 10am service
 savory and sweet nibbles appreciated
if you can help set up or clean up contact

Grace will serve Community Meal this Sunday, March 31

We still need some volunteers to help prep, cook, serve and clean up at the Community Meal this Sunday.  Please contact  Kate Wood if you can help.

Bread for the World letter-writing this Sunday, March 31
Episcopal Peace Fellowship will sponsor a letter-writing campaign on Sunday for Bread for the World.  Materials will be provided (including address labels), so that you can write a letter to our congressman, Jack Bergman, and our senators, Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters.  A bulletin insert describes the Bread for the World program, and there are donation envelopes on the table in the Commons.  Please join us!

Safeguarding God's People
Safeguarding God's Children
Training offered Sat., April 6 at Grace
Rev. Kathryn and Gennie Callard (from the Diocese) will lead a Safeguarding training day on April 6 in the Parish hall. Safeguarding God's People will be from 9am to noon, and Safeguarding God's Children will be from 12:30pm to 3:30pm.
All elected leadership (Vestry, Convention Delegates and Alternates, Nominating Committee) must be Safeguarding certified; as well as all those serving as Eucharistic Visitors . EVERYONE is encouraged to become certified - let's make our parish a place of safety!
Please call the office to register, letting us know which session(s) you'll attend, and whether you'd like lunch. Please let us know about any food sensitivities. The training is free. An online version is available if you cannot attend this training in person.  Contact the office for more information.

Grace Connections
Reflections on Community
Research tells us that humans are social beings that have a desire and need to be in close contact with others. This contact provides support for achieving common goals and the desire to share and be recognized. In a community we share a sense of responsibility for each other and we move beyond the self-interested isolation of our private lives and superficial social contacts with others. Communities provide a framework for serving the common good in the world and promotes fellowship for achieving those goals. As part of a Christian community we make a commitment to live together as people of God. Prayer, worship, study, service and fellowship are the ways that we maintain our community and grow together.   As a gospel people living in a world of contrasting ideas, the Grace community is a place we can be refreshed and renewed for the call of Jesus to serve each other and in the world. Take a few minutes a couple of times this week to reflect on the idea of you engaged as a part of the Grace Church Community. Think about how you can commit to the Grace Community in one of its many ministries or how to re-commit to the ministries and relationships that you already share with the family of Grace.

The March Theme is Building Community.  Grace Church as an Episcopal Church provides an identity and model for us as a community. No matter what our personality - be it lion or lamb - we have gifts and talents to share, and opportunities to learn and grow in this Christian Community.  Emma MacPherson, one of our youth, has shared her talents by drawing Grace Church for this month's board in the parish hall.  Take a look, be inspired, and get connected!

altar flowers Easter Flowers
A variety of beautiful spring flowers have been chosen to decorate our worship areas for Easter. Historically, members of the parish have given special donations for the flowers as memorials, thanksgivings, or in celebration of special events. Envelopes are available in the Commons to receive your donations. Please include the wording for your dedication, which will be listed in our Easter bulletin. Drop the envelope in the offering plate or bring to the office by April 15th. Thank you!

Episcopal Traditions on Sundays during Lent after the 10am service - RESUMES APRIL 7
Have you ever wondered why we 'do' things a certain way at Grace? Perhaps you come from another faith tradition and want to understand more about the Episcopal Church. Or maybe you're a 'cradle Episcopalian' and have lingering questions about our traditions. This is the chance to get all your questions answered! Rev. Kathryn will moderate the discussion. Join us in the Sanctuary after the 10am Sunday service on April 7.

The Sanctuary Lamp was given to the Glory of God by:

March 17:  Brenda Lau, in thanksgiving for her children and grandchildren.

March 24:  Bob & Sandy Foote, in thanksgiving for the Eye Mission Team and those they serve.

March 31:  Kate Wood, in memory of Christopher Wood.

Worship Participants this weekend

Unity Service, Sun 10am
Samuel Cripps, Tim Sinclair, Eucharistic Ministers
Pat Storrer, Lynn Feeter, Lectors
Dan & Sue Bush, Welcomers

Service attendance last weekend
March 23 & 24, 2019
Sat. 5pm      15
Sun. 8am     10
Sun. 10am   70

For the month ending Feb. 28, 2019
Total Operating Income:  $45,302
Total Operating Expenses:  $38,418
Mortgage Balance:  $284,980



Bee Not Afraid:
Educating Ourselves into a Deeper Practice of Welcome
Lenten Study continues on Wednesdays 
6p dinner
6:30p discussion
7:30p Compline
God's people are told not to be afraid over 65 times in the Bible.  As we educate ourselves to be a more welcoming church community, we encounter areas of deep anxiety in our culture.  This Lent, please join us for a series of frank and open discussions surrounding many of these issues.  Let us not be afraid, for God is with us!

This week's topic is "Why are we bad at talking about race?"  

Game Night April 6 at 6pm
Grace Connections is hosting a multi-generational game night on Saturday, April 6, at 6pm. Bring a dish to pass and your favorite games. No babysitter necessary, as all ages are welcome. From Candy Land to The Settlers of Catan, there will be a lot of fun to be had.
When: Saturday, April 6th, 6pm
Where: Parish Hall
Potluck: Preferably peanut and milk FREE
If you have questions, send them to Maria DiStefano-Post at 231-313-3204, or email Maria

Grace Kids Night Out April 12 from 5:30p to 8:30p
We are planning a "Grace Kids Night Out" (parents, you have a few hours to your selves!) for children pre-school through fifth grade on the evening of Friday, April 12th. The evening will last from 5:30-8:30 and the kids will have the opportunity to enjoy dinner, activities, a craft, popcorn and a movie. The evening will be adult supervised. A sign-up sheet will be located on the bulletin board in the Parish Hall and more information will be available soon.

Grace Stitch & Chat Circle Continues 
every Tuesday at 10:30am - JOIN US!

All needleworkers welcome!

For more information, contact: Sandy Seppala Gyr via email; or via phone at: 703-597-7925.

Weekly Worship Schedule
Morning Prayer 10:00 am

Men's Prayer Group 7:30 am
Centering Prayer 11:00 am

Unity Service on Sunday, March 31
Holy Eucharist 10 am

Lectionary Readings
& Daily Prayer

    This Weekend's Readings
The Fourth Sunday in Lent

Joshua 5:9-12
2 Corinthians 5:16-21
Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32
Psalm 32
open bible  
Next Weekend's Readings
The Fifth Sunday in Lent

Isaiah 43:1-16-21
Philippians 3:4b-14
John 12:1-8
Psalm 126

  The Lectionary Readings

The Daily Office

 Maureen Michaels
Julia Hogan
Jon Polmateer
Diane Bosch
Graham Kelly
Thomas Holland
Daniele Okma
Bill Fowle
Emily Pierce

Bob & Cris Nichols
Bill Pierce & Penny Campo-Pierce
Dan & Sue Bush

Prayer Lists
Did you know Grace has 2 prayer lists?  
* To be added to the prayer list found in the bulletin contact

** If you would like to be added to the Daughters of the King (DOK) prayer list and be prayed for daily,contact Penny Campo-Pierce at 231-946-1224 or

                   Contact Us 
341 Washington St.,
Traverse City, MI 49684
Phone 947-2330;  Fax 947-3011

For Pastoral Emergencies
The Rev. Kathryn Costas

   Staff Contact Information

What's Happening at Grace?

What's Happening in our Diocese?

Diocesan website

What's Happening in the National Church?

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Turn in your Oleson's receipts to benefit the Grace Food Pantry!

Oleson's Community Share Program

Here's how it works:
  1. You shop at Oleson's for groceries (liquor sales do not qualify for points)
  2. Turn in your receipts to the church.  Look for the envelope on the bulletin board in the Parish Hall, and place your receipts inside it.
  3. We submit receipts back to Oleson's
  4. We are granted cash rewards for the food pantry ($1 spent on groceries = 1 cent in Community Share points)

For every $5000 in receipts we submit, we receive $50 in cash for our food pantry.  Every little bit helps!


Thank you for participating!


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