ISSUE 39 I April 2020

Our thoughts are with the Australian community as we move into Stage 3 of the COVID19 lockdown and send our best wishes for your good health. Over this time, we've seen many consumers change their purchasing habits - stocking up on dried legumes and different grains. Our latest e-book is packed with plenty of great lunching and snacking recipes, designed to inspire your working from home lunches and make use of those sometimes difficult to use ingredients.

We're also highlighting pseudo-grains in this issue. Scroll down to find out what a pseudo-grain is and brush up your non-grain knowledge...

Plus our spotlight this month focuses on a couple of great store cupboard staples for nutritious snacking and quick cooking.

PS. A big thank you to everyone who completed our e-news survey, we’ve listened to your feedback and our e-news is now more concise than ever - happy reading!

Dr Sara Grafenauer
General Manager
Inspired snacking and lunching...
If you, like us, are suddenly working from home, you're inevitably wondering what to eat to power you through those endless online meetings. Our newest e-book is ready to inspire you with tasty options whether you have just 5 minutes or half an hour to spare.

When is a grain not a grain?
They're nutritionally similar and often used in the same way as 'true' grains, so what's the difference between a regular grain and a pseudo-grain? In our latest blog post we've taken a closer look.

McKenzie's Red Split Lentils
A popular pantry staple, 100% of McKenzie’s Red Split Lentils are sourced from local Australian farms, undergoing strict quality checks before they're packaged and ready for use. Providing an array of natural benefits, our red split lentils are a good source of protein and fibre, are better for you and the planet. Not to mention they can be cooked into a variety of dishes without the need for soaking. Check your pantry for McKenzie’s Red Split Lentils and get creating! Visit the McKenzie's website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more recipe ideas and inspiration.

NEW Uncle Toby's Oat Breakfast Bakes
Uncle Toby's delicious Breakfast Bakes are made with the same amount of oats as a bowl of porridge* and are loaded with whole grain and fibre. With no artificial colours or flavours, they're great for breakfast when you're in a hurry!

*34g Original Sachet

> Inspired snacking and lunching...
> When is a grain not a grain?
> McKenzie's Red Split Lentils
> NEW Uncle Toby's Oat Breakfast Bakes
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