ISSUE 35 I August 2019


It's chilly out there! But we’ve been warming up at lunch with some delicious lunches including whole grains and legumes - take a look at our Winter Lunches promotion on social for tasty recipes, plus a great giveaway!

If you helped with our Legume survey last year, you can now read our findings! We’ve just published in the scientific journa l Nutrients: Consumer Understanding and Culinary Use of Legumes in Australia . Fun fact… we found that most Aussies refer to legumes as beans! If you're more keen to watch our findings, lead author Natalie Figueira has created a webinar , alongside our colleagues at Education in Nutrition.

Here at Grains & Legumes, we’ve noticed many ancient grains moving into mainstream use. You've probably noticed that quinoa (technically a pseudograin ) has moved from the Health Food Shop to the Health Food aisle of many supermarkets and now seems to be available in most cafes. Teff is another grain moving in this direction and this month we're highlighting its many benefits in our Food News section.

Also this month, check out our spotlight products helping you reach your whole grain target and making legumes a practical addition to your everyday diet.

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We're celebrating #winterlunches
All week we're featuring deliciously easy recipes highlighting whole grains and legumes - will you join us over on social to spice up your lunches this week?

Plus, we've got a great giveaway over on Instagram - simply comment on our giveaway post with your favourite Winter Lunch, tag a friend and you could win one of two goodie packs!

How are Australians enjoying their legumes?
Our new paper on consumer understanding and use of legumes has just been published. Take a look and find out how Australians are enjoying their beans, peas and lentils. Plus you can now view the webinar here .

Have you tried teff?
Some of you may be familiar with teff - a tiny grain which is packed with resistant starch, calcium, iron and what's more is gluten free.

This quick-cooking grain can be added to rice , made into a deliciously different porridge or used in a whole grain mix in this Super Grain Bowl .

NEW Arnott's Vita-Weat Cracker Chips
Looking for a tasty, whole grain snack?

Arnott’s Vita-Weat Cracker Chips are a delicious combination of 60% whole grain brown rice, plus corn and seeds. They are oven roasted and as a source of whole grain, a Health Star Rating of 3.5 and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, Arnott’s Vita-Weat Cracker Chips are a tasty, whole grain snack you can feel good about.

Available in two flavours: Vita-Weat Multigrain & Sea Salt and Vita-Weat Cheddar & Chives. Find them in the biscuit aisle at Coles.

Perfect Weather for Soup!
 McKenzie’s Soup Mixes have been a staple part of the McKenzie’s dried pulses range for decades and are still some of their most popular products. 

One of the newest kids on the block is McKenzie’s Lentil Soup Mix - a mixture of Aussie favourites including Red Split, French Style, Whole Green and Yellow Split Lentils.

It's a great option for creating thick soups, or as a delicious addition to a variety of Indian cuisines. The chilly weather makes it a great time to experiment with this new soup mix.

> We're celebrating #winterlunches
> How are Australians enjoying their legumes?
> Have you tried teff?
> NEW Arnott's Vita-Weat Cracker Chips
> Perfect Weather for Soup
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