Issue 41 - August 2020
This month we're sending our best wishes to our friends and colleagues in Victoria who are currently experiencing lockdown. For all of us, this is a time to stand together and support one another.

Another topic that's dominating the news is plant protein - the third biggest food trend in 2020, with plant-based claims on food packaging increasing almost 50% globally since 2018. Rather than a focus on diet, to us it’s more about thoughtful consideration of where our food is coming from. So we’re using grains and legumes to make meals go further (still including meat), to make leftovers even more delicious and we’re trying our hand at new recipes and some convenient options (like soup!) where grains & legumes take centre stage. Join us on this journey and take our survey to WIN!

Plus, check out the new peanuts section on our website. Technically a legume, there are so many ways to use this versatile 'nut' - follow us on Instagram in case you need convincing! 

Wishing you all the best,

Dr Sara Grafenauer
General Manager
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Spotlight on peanuts...
Did you know peanuts are technically a legume? Growing below the ground makes peanuts a close relation to legumes like beans, peas and lentils. Like their legume cousins, peanuts are packed with nutrition with a high fibre and protein content, making them a valuable - and delicious - source of plant-protein for all of us. Find out more about peanuts here.

Campbell's Country Ladle Soup
A popular pantry staple, Campbell’s Country Ladle Soup is proudly made in country Victoria with a variety of nutritious ingredients, including vegetables, legumes and whole grains.
Like all Campbell's soups, Country Ladle is safe and tasty to eat for many years due to the way the food is cooked, right in the can. The soup is poured into steel cans, securely sealed to lock in all that goodness, then heated under high pressure to naturally preserve each can's contents.
To find out more about how Campbell's soups are made and discover the rest of the range, visit their website here.
McKenzie's Plant Powered Classics E-book
Celebrating the versatility and nutrition of plants, McKenzie's latest e-book is packed with classic recipes with a twist, from a hearty Pumpkin & Lentil Lasagne and Veggie Sausage Rolls to Power Packed Burritos.

> Do you want to be involved in a study?
> Spotlight on peanuts
> Campbell's Country Ladle Soup
> McKenzie's Plant Powered Classics E-book