ISSUE 37 I December 2019

Christmas is such a special time and we’ve prepared ahead to help take the worry out of inviting friends and family for a gathering. Grazing platters and tables are all the rage and regardless if it’s the night before Christmas or New Years Eve, we'll have some delicious bespoke grain and legume ideas from us at the Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council next week. Happy prepping…

To support our grazing platters, we've got two deliciously complimentary recipes from Campbell Arnotts and McKenzies.

We’re also right on trend with our meat-alternatives research. Read all about this topical and rapidly growing segment of the supermarket and decide for yourself about these products… or maybe you’d prefer to get your plant proteins from legumes??? We've got just what you need with inspiration on Australia’s favourite legume - the humble chickpea!

Did you know that Aussies eat an average of 2 and a half slices of bread per day*? Our latest audit on the bread category highlights this staple, and some of the key nutrients across breads on Australian supermarket shelves. Most importantly, the average whole grain content in whole grain breads is a massive 40g per serve, which is more than 80% of the 48g Daily Target Intake (DTI) for whole grain. It just goes to show, one simple change to the bread you eat really can help you reach your target!

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Dr Sara Grafenauer
General Manager
*NNPAS 2011-2012
Is plant-based meat all it's cracked up to be?
Earlier this year we collected data on the fast-growing meat-alternatives category, analysing nutrition and trends within the category. From this our paper on meat alternatives was published, the results of which will be presented at the Nutrition Society Conference today.

Celebrate with a grazing platter this Christmas...
We've been busy in the kitchen creating some delicious grazing platters for your Christmas celebrations - whether you need a veggie spread or a banquet of sweet delights, we've got a grazing platter to suit you featuring the goodness of whole grains and legumes. We've also joined forces with Anna & Alex at The Biting Truth who've created two unique recipes to add to your platters this festive season.
Stay tuned for our recipes coming next week!

Versatile chickpeas: our legume of the month
Chickpeas are packed with nutrients and super versatile! Whether you're adding them to a salad, roasting them up for a toasty snack, or making them into dessert hummus, chickpeas are a staple in most Aussie pantries.

We've got a couple of new and delicious ideas with chickpeas landing on our website soon - ideas that'll place chickpeas front and centre of your entertaining recipes, just in time for the festive season! In the meantime, you can't go past a classic hummus , or for a simple twist on the traditional, whip up a batch of this gloriously coloured beetroot and chickpea dip - you can even bake chickpeas into a festive spiced cake .

What's happening in the Australian bread category?
Our latest audit on the Australian bread category shows just how easy it can be to reach your 48g whole grain Daily Target Intake with different whole grain breads.

Step up your grazing platter with Arnott's Vita-Weats
Grazing platters are all the rage at the moment. As we head into the festive entertaining season, add some whole grains to your grazing platter with Arnott’s Vita-Weat.
Arnott’s Vita-Weat crispbreads are 100% natural and provide a source of fibre and vitamin B3. With more than 80% whole grain and up to 4.5 health stars, they make a healthy and delicious addition to any grazing platter.
To help kick start your festive entertaining, try this easy Vita-Weat recipe , with a summertime favourite - rockmelon. 

McKenzies deliciously different Beetroot & Chickpea Dip
The perfect partner for whole grain crackers and crisp veggies, this delicious twist on traditional hummus from McKenzies uses beetroots, chickpeas and almonds to make a vibrantly hued dip fit for any festive celebration.

NEW Wonder White Low GI Bread
New Wonder Active is Certified Low GI for longer lasting energy to help you prepare for an action-packed day.
The Low GI fuels active bodies and helps you stay fuller for longer, while the protein is critical for growth and development of kids bones.
It's high in fibre too - to help support digestive health and has no added sugar or artificial preservatives.
Available nationally at all major supermarkets (excl. NT)

> Is plant-based meat all it's cracked up to be?
> Celebrate with a grazing platter this Christmas
> What's happening in the Australian bread category?
>Versatile chickpeas: our legume of the month
> Step up your grazing platter with Arnott's Vita-Weats
> McKenzies deliciously different Beetroot & Chickpea Dip
> NEW Wonder White Low GI Bread
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