ISSUE 31 I Dec 2018

Christmas is almost upon us and we’ve been thinking about how we can make your day extra special. Legumes and beans are increasingly being used as an ingredient in foods like breads, breakfast cereals and soups, but in Australia we don’t eat enough. So we’ve made the humble legume the champion this Christmas with a downloadable recipe e-book to help you incorporate legumes into your festive feast - from nibbles through to desserts and sweet treats!

We’ve also been busy analysing the Breakfast Cereal category with help from Newcastle University dietetic students. Interestingly, we’ve found that fibre messages have changed over time… previously fibre-talk was all about constipation, but newer claims on pack echo the positive research on fibre, gut health and promotion of a healthy microbiome. Take a look at some of our beautiful new breakfast recipes , including a twist on an old favourite from Nutrition & Exercise Scientist Kathleen Alleaume... Red Lentil Pancakes!

We’d like to wish all our subscribers a fabulous Christmas and New Year and happy cooking!


Dr Sara Grafenauer
General Manager
Celebrate with legumes this Christmas!
We all know just how beneficial legumes are, but so many of us get stuck for inspiration when it comes to cooking with them. So we've combined some of the tastiest and most innovative recipes featuring legumes to help you love your legumes this Christmas.

Revamp your breakfast for Summer...
Now that Summer is officially here, we're shifting our breakfast habits alongside the change in weather. We've got some delicious new recipes to inspire your mornings and see you through the festive season - check out our recipes on our website . Plus, Nutrition & Exercise Scientist Kathleen Alleaume shares just how to build a balanced breakfast on our blog.
New lease of life for fibre in the breakfast cereal aisle
Research on gut health continues to emerge and for the first time ever, breakfast cereals are linking fibre and gut health on on-pack claims. GLNCs latest breakfast cereal audit has revealed that 85% of products are at least a source of fibre, showing just how important cereals are in contributing to our fibre target!

Unwrap oat-y goodness with Uncle Tobys
Uncle Tobys New Breakfast Bakes are a tasty and nutritious solution for breakfast on the go. They contain the same amount of oats as a bowl of porridge^ In a substantial 65g bake size, they are made from a blend of whole grain oats, fruit and nuts and are an excellent source of whole grain, a good source of fibre and a source of protein.
Available in 3 flavours – Honey & Roasted Almond, Berry Harvest and Apple & Cinnamon.
^A 34g Original Quick Sachet

Find fresh inspiration with McKenzie's Flour Power
With McKenzie’s range of alternative flours, you'll add wholesome goodness and flair to your baking favourites. They’re packed with fibre and protein and are a great way to add vitality to your cooking. Explore the possibilities of alternative flours and you’ll taste the different instantly!
McKenzie’s Chick Pea flour is made from 100% Australian chick peas ground to a creamy yellow flour, adds a nutty flavour to your cooking and is great to use in flatbreads, fritters, biscuits, cakes and pizza crusts - get creative this Christmas with your copy of Flour Power.

> Celebrate with legumes this Christmas!
> Revamp your breakfast for Summer...
> New lease of life for fibre in the breakfast cereal aisle
> Unwrap oat-y goodness with Uncle Tobys
> Find fresh inspiration with McKenzie's Flour Power
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