ISSUE 38 I February 2020

Wow! We are already thinking about back-to-school. I’m sure you’re all sorted… but getting organised with shoes, stationery and a new drink bottle are the least of our worries. It’s that daily slog packing lunches that’s the killer! But we love it at Grains & Legumes, because the simple sandwich gets you over the line every time. Check out our recipes , using leftover roast vegetables, hummus, chicken, egg… once you've got the pantry basics sorted, you're set - download our shopping list to help get you started. So join us, 28 January to 7 February and #bringbackthesandwich for your chance to WIN on Instagram!

Following hot on the heels of celebrating the humble sandwich, February 10 is World Pulses Day. It’s a great reminder to pop half a dozen tins in your weekly shop or stock up on dried varieties in your pantry. Cooking ahead and freezing is the way to go with dried beans, peas and lentils. Last year our published research looked at the way Aussies enjoy their legumes, and with so many cuisines that use hero legumes, it's easier than you’d imagine to include them in meals you’re already preparing!

We’re also talking about the benefits of different varieties of wheat for our grain of the month feature - give our delicious recipes a go and mix up your grains.

And our featured products make reaching your whole grain target a whole lot easier. In just 1/4 cup of whole grain cereal and 1 slice of whole grain bread, you’re well on your way to the daily 48g target. Check out our handy serve size guide here to make reaching your target that little bit easier!

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Dr Sara Grafenauer
General Manager
We're bringing back the sandwich again!
With so many schools now well and truly back in the midst of the new term, we're once again celebrating the humble sandwich. We've got a whole host of delicious recipes for balanced sandwiches and creative lunchbox snacks to keep the kids - and you - fuelled all day. Plus we've got a handy shopping list to get you prepped and ready for the week. Join us and make sure those lunchboxes come back empty!

Celebrate World Pulses Day this February
Monday 10 February marks the second World Pulses Day, created to recognise the importance of pulses - including beans, peas and lentils - as a global food. We'll be cooking up tasty pulse-based recipes to celebrate, getting a serve in at every meal on the day, including these deliciously different Lentil Pancakes , a Chickpea & Sweet Potato Rainbow Bowl , Super Lentil Bites and Black Bean Burgers . Take a look at our blog on new ways to enjoy your legumes here .

Humble wheat: our grain of the month
Wheat is one of the most commonly eaten grains around the globe, but its nutritional benefits and variety are often underestimated. In Australia, we eat mostly white wheat which is generally mild in flavour, whereas in the northern hemisphere, it's red wheat, which is more bitter in flavour, that's most commonly eaten.

Many people are surprised to learn that there are a number of different varieties of wheat, with spelt, emmer, einkorn and kamut all offering slightly different nutrient profiles. Why not experiment with your grains and try out a new variety of wheat; try wheat berries in a fresh summer salad , use farro in Adam Liaw's quick chicken soup or experiment with a mix in this grain bowl .

Light 'n' Tasty are back!
Lighten up your morning with the delicious taste of Light’n’Tasty™. In two delightful flavours, Berry and Macadamia with Oat Clusters, and with the goodness of whole grain wheat and oats, they are just the thing to start your day.
Whole grains are made up of a fibre-packed bran, nutrient-rich germ, starchy endosperm and an array of phytonutrients. It’s the combination of all these elements that make them a nutrient powerhouse and an important part of a healthy diet. One serve (45g) of Light’n’Tasty™ contributes 49% of the 48g whole grain Daily Target Intake.
Light’n’Tasty™ contains iron, vitamins B1, B2, B3, as well as folate to help reduce tiredness and fatigue, and calcium to support healthy teeth and bones, as part of a balanced diet. Kick start your day and enjoy.

Tip Top ® 9 Grain ® Original
If you’re looking for a tasty grain bread, Tip Top makes it easy. Tip Top® 9 Grain® Original, with its perfect blend of 9 grains and seeds, has a delicious soft texture and delivers essential nutrients found in natural whole grains, just as nature intended. In fact, one serve contains 20% of your daily target of whole grains*. Every Tip Top® 9 Grain® loaf is also low GI for longer lasting energy and is naturally high in fibre.
*Two slices of Tip Top® 9 Grain® contributes 20% of the 48g whole grain Daily Target Intake.

> We're bringing back the sandwich again!
> Celebrate World Pulses Day this February
> Humble wheat: our grain of the month
> Light 'n' Tasty are back
> Tip Top® 9 Grain® Original
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