As we head into our third Whole Grain Week , we're conscious of the significant unrest around the world, relating both to the current pandemic and systemic racism, providing us all with an opportunity to reconsider what we value in life.

Reconsidering how we eat is part of that, with panic purchasing pushing flour sales and baking at home to a new level of popularity. Whole Grain Week this year is all online with major TV networks playing our Community Service Announcement featuring the Sprout duo - Callum Hann of Masterchef fame and APD, Themis Chryssidis. You can join us by taking the challenge to SWAP to whole grain , and enjoy a variety throughout the day. The aim is to reach the 48g target and just 3 serves should get you there, swapping at breakfast, lunch and dinner…

We’re focusing on ancient grains in this newsletter as they become more and more popular as flours, intact grains and as ingredients too. We also look at sprouting, with new international whole grain guidelines set to include sprouted grains. And finally, check out the whole grain product features brought to you by our friends at Bakers Delight and Uncle Toby's.

Wishing you all the best,

Dr Sara Grafenauer
General Manager
Join us this Whole Grain Week!
It's that time of year again where we're celebrating all things whole grain! This year we've teamed up with Sprout duo Callum Hann and Themis Chryssidis to spread our message about the benefits of swapping to whole grains. Did you know that enjoying 2-3 serves of whole grains every day can reduce your risk of certain chronic diseases by 20-30%! So take the #wholegrainchallenge with us - watch our video with Callum & Themis here and see just how easy it is to make the swap.

Spotlight on whole grains
We're exploring all things whole grain with a closer look at the two key trends in grains - sprouted and ancient grains. Enjoying a variety of grains is beneficial for our overall health and both sprouted and ancient grains can play a part in helping you reach the 48g daily target.

Uncle Toby's Oats Super Blends
The UNCLE TOBYS Oats SUPER BLENDS range is available at supermarkets nationwide in three delicious, nutritious varieties including the new Prebiotic Fibre Turmeric & Coconut blend. Infused with a hint of turmeric and aromatic coconut milk, new UNCLE TOBYS Oats SUPER BLENDS Prebiotic Fibre Turmeric & Coconut also contains an added prebiotic to nourish good bacteria in your gut^.
In addition to the new Prebiotic Fibre blend, the UNCLE TOBYS Oats SUPER BLENDS range includes two Protein variants containing 10g protein per serve. Serving 20% of your daily protein requirements, these two blends are ideal for supporting muscle development and growth^.
All the variants in the UNCLE TOBYS Oats SUPER BLENDS range include no artificial colours or flavours and have a Health Star Rating of 4.5 or more.
^as part of a healthy, varied diet

Bakers Delight Hi Protein Wholegrain Loaf
Baker’s Delight Hi Protein Wholegrain Loaf is baked fresh every day and is packed full of 6 grains and seeds. Whether you’re using it in a classic sandwich, toasting it to accompany a winter soup, crumbling it atop of fish for a crunchy texture or blitzing it to make fresh breadcrumbs, you get great bang for your buck in terms of nutrition. This loaf is packed with fibre from the whole grains you can actually see - we know fibre is essential for a healthy gut and helps us to feel fuller for longer. Made with real grains, seeds and wholemeal flour, each serve contains 10g of plant protein to support your muscle mass. Make sure the next loaf you choose to pick up not only tastes great but allows you the opportunity to get the most nutrition out of it, no matter what recipe you decide to use it in!

> Join us this Whole Grain Week!
> Spotlight on whole grains
> Uncle Toby's Oats Super Blends
> Bakers Delight Hi Protein Wholegrain Loaf
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