ISSUE 36 I October 2019

Although we're looking forward to the warmer Spring weather here in Sydney, our farmers are still in need of rain. The recent cooler temperatures, and even snow in parts of NSW and Victoria was a valuable source of water and high in minerals. But further West we're told it's still very dry. Our thoughts go out to our farmers who are starting to harvest.

We’ve been busy at GLNC disseminating the findings from our latest muesli bar audit . This is a category that's fraught with controversy because although it's considered a discretionary food, our audit shows that some products would be difficult to reproduce in a home kitchen from a nutrition point-of-view. Yes, we’re suggesting if you choose carefully, a bar may be a better choice. Over time, sugar content has been reduced… so look for those Health Star Ratings and grab a bar that helps meet your whole grain and fibre target.

In this issue we also highlight different ways of using legumes and in our grain-of-the-month feature, we're profiling the amazing benefits of oats! Plus, make a note in your diary that in November we’ll be celebrating Beautiful Breakfasts - with fantastic prizes up for grabs on our social channels.

And as usual, check out our product Spotlight showcasing Be Natural's Low Sugar Granola (all the rage at breakfast!) and Bakers Delight's Whole Grain Protein Loaf.

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Dr Sara Grafenauer
General Manager
Try something new with legumes!
With spring in the air we've been moving from hearty soups and stews to lighter salads, dips and buddha bowls. And that means using our legumes in a different way too.

Take a look at our blog on enjoying more legumes for some delicious inspiration in using your chickpeas, black beans and even lupins in a new way. Plus by adding more legumes into your day you'll enjoy all the wonderful benefits they provide, including lots of fibre and essential nutrients.

Muesli bars closing the whole grain gap...
Our new paper has just been published! Examining the nutrition of grain-based muesli bars in Australian supermarkets, our latest research shows just how these versatile snack options can help close the whole grain gap for kids.

How do you enjoy your oats?
This month we're celebrating all things oaty!

Whether you enjoy rolled, steel cut or quick oats, they're a morning staple for so many of us due to their fantastic nutritional profile and versatility.

Browse our recipe section for inspiration and cook up a twist on traditional porridge with a savoury oat bowl , embrace this glorious spring weather with mango and coconut overnight oats or whip up a batch of these oaty granola bars for work snacks!

NEW Be Natural ® Low Sugar Granola
It’s hard to believe that this delicious granola is low in sugar, but it is! With less than 4% sugar and no artificial sweeteners, these honey blossom crunchy clusters are perfect for brekkie. Together with toasted almonds, pepitas and 65% whole grains you'll have to try it to believe it. It's that good!

Bakers Delight Hi-Protein Whole Grain Loaf
Bakers Delight's new Hi-Protein Whole Grain Loaf is packed full of 6 delicious grains & seeds - a mix of kibbled wheat, rye, linseed, soy bean, rolled barley and kibbled mung beans.

Each serve contains 10g of plant protein that contributes to the growth of muscles, as part of a healthy varied diet.
What’s more - just two toast slices and you’ve almost hit your daily whole grain target with 88% whole grain!

Baked fresh every day by dedicated bakers, head into your local bakery to make the switch to Bakers Delight Hi-Protein Whole Grain Loaf. 

> Try something new with legumes
> Muesli bars closing the whole grain gap...
> How do you enjoy your oats?
> NEW Be Natural Low Sugar Granola
> Bakers Delight Hi-Protein Whole Grain Loaf
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