Issue 42 - October 2020
Over the last six months, food has been one of the few pleasures able to survive the impacts of COVID-19. So many of us passed our time by stocking up on flour, tending to sourdough starters and baking bread. Now we're welcoming the new season and celebrating Simple Spring, featuring fresh new recipes that are quick and easy to prepare with a focus on plant protein.

With mood in mind, we’ve also taken a closer look at the role of grains and legumes and their contribution to how we feel day-to-day. And the news is good, with key nutrients in whole and fortified grains and legumes playing a major role in brain function.

Continuing our plant protein focus, black beans are taking centre stage this month. A super versatile bean, they look and taste great and often feature in the most unexpected recipes.

Plus, you can still enter our plant protein survey to WIN a copy of 'Simple' by Ottolenghi - spare just a few minutes to tell us your thoughts here.

Our best wishes for the last few months of 2020!

Dr Sara Grafenauer
General Manager
Refresh your recipes for Spring
With the change in season well and truly here, we're celebrating by kicking off our Simple Spring campaign, focusing on fresh and easy new recipes to carry you through the warmer Spring and Summer months.
What's the latest on food and mood?
We all know just how great whole grains and legumes are and in recent years these versatile foods and maintaining our good mood have been increasingly linked. So we've been delving into the latest research on the benefits of eating a whole grain and legume-rich nutritious diet in our latest Hot Topic.
Spotlight on black beans...
Black beans are super easy to use and a great alternative to meat when making everything from burgers and burritos to chilli! They're rich in dietary fibre and protein and pack a substantial flavour punch. Use them in our favourite black bean burgers or add to a nourish bowl for a boost of plant-based protein.
Arnott's Vita-Weat Spring Recipes
Versatile Arnott's Vita-Weat have been loved by Aussies for more than 40 years. What's more, they're:
  • Made with Australian whole grain wheat
  • A source of fibre for good digestive health
  • Have up to 4.5 health stars
Perfect for a picnic or to pep up snack time, the simple recipes in Arnott's latest e-book will easily help you hit your whole grain target!
> Refresh your recipes for Spring
> What's the latest on food and mood?
> Spotlight on black beans
> Arnott's Vita-Weat Spring Recipes