ISSUE 27| April 2018
There's something so  nice about heading into a new season. Here at GLNC, we're enjoying the crisp mornings and thinking about all the slow cooking we can do with grains and legumes over the coming cooler months!
I n this issue we cover off some of the more trendy eating patterns - one is the New Nordic Diet which naturally emphasises whole grains, beans, peas and lentils and would be a great way to hit your whole grain target! The other, is less desirable. The Whole 30 - which suggests a 30 day reset for your body - this may sound ok but wait till you see  the list of forbidden foods! We've assessed the evidence surrounding this diet so you can form your own ideas... but with strong evidence for the inclusion of high fibre grain foods, we won't be following this one.
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Dr Sara Grafenauer
General Manager

What's what with the New Nordic Diet?
The New Nordic Diet is the latest media trend being touted as the next big thing. But what exactly is it? And why is it so good for you? We've taken a look at the latest research so you don't have to!
Get the lowdown on fibre...
Dietitian Teri Lichtenstein from The Healthy Grain dives into the benefits of fibre, looking at the different types we need for optimum gut health and where we can find them.  

Whole 30: what does the research say?
The Whole 30 diet is famous for its focus on fresh produce and lean protein....alongside the exclusion of grains, legumes, dairy, all alcohol and 'treat' foods. With so many beneficial food groups eliminated, we've taken a look at the research behind the restrictive 30 day plan.
What's on April - June 

17-19 May - Dietitians Association of Australia Conference

18-24 June - Whole Grain Week

What's NEW at Uncle Toby's? Big Bowl Protein!
Are you looking to enjoy a delicious, protein-rich breakfast?
Uncle Toby's Big Bowl Protein is a quick, warming and nutritious breakfast, designed specifically for people who wish to enjoy that extra bit of protein in their morning oats.  Uncle Toby's has selected, grown, and introduced to the market a novel oat variety with a higher protein content of 23.3g/100g - almost twice that of regular traditional oats!  Big Bowl Protein is available in convenient sachets from major supermarkets in early April, with each sachet providing 10g protein per serve from the oats alone.
McKenzie's Foods NEW Soup Kits...
McKenzie's Soup Kits were created to help families make tasty, healthy and easy meals! And now they've added two new delicious flavours to their collection; Pea & Ham and Chicken Noodle.
McKenzie's Foods Soup Kits are available now at Woolworths and independent stores across Australia.

As part of GLNC's role to review the latest science on grains and legumes, we provide a snapshot of the latest research.

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