ISSUE 29| Aug  2018
We've been feeling the cold here at Grains & Legumes, so we've been examining soups on supermarket shelves and in fridges. Amazingly, since we last looked at this category, there are more whole grains and legumes on offer! Check out our findings and see how you can maximise your intake of whole grains and legumes this winter.
In our Hot Topic, Stephanie Liang, Accredited Practising Dietitian, explains the role of diet in inflammation. And it's no surprise that grains, particularly whole grains, assist with reducing inflammation. This article looks at the latest research in the area and notes key foods you can easily add to your shopping trolley.
Heard of seitan? Nor had we until Terri Maister, student dietitian, took a closer look at this interesting plant protein to see where it fits into your diet and how it compares to other grain and legume foods - find out more below.
In the Spotlight this month we have a new Weet-Bix™ product, plus Plant Power recipe inspiration from McKenzie's continuing our plant protein theme!
And finally, it's your last chance to win a $50 Legume Prize Pack by helping our University of Wollongong Dietetic student with her legume research -  click  here to enter the survey  before 12 August  - sorry, not open to healthcare professionals, but please circulate the link to your networks. 
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The role of diet in inflammation
Inflammation is such a buzzword nowadays and foods from olive oil to turmeric are said to be able to cure this ailment. So we've taken a closer look at the true role of diet in inflammation - can what we eat really make a difference?


Just what is seitan?
With the recent rise of plant-based diets such as the flexitarian and vegan diet, you've likely heard of, or cooked with, meat alternatives including tofu and tempeh. But what about seitan? Pronounced say-tan, this versatile plant-based protein is made of wheat - take a look at our latest blog article so you can decide whether to add it to your next shopping list! 

What's happening in the soup category?
The results of our latest supermarket audit are in and we've been looking at soups! Our audit revealed that the number of soups containing whole grains o n Australia supermarket shelves has doubled since our last audit in 2016.

NEW Weet-Bix™ Blends Apple & Cinnamon
NEW Weet-Bix™ Blends Apple & Cinnamon contain all the goodness of whole grains - wheat, rye, sorghum and oats, along with sultanas and a taste of apple and cinnamon for a delicious start to the day!
Whole grains are made up of fibre-packed bran, nutrient-rich germ, starchy endosperm and an array of phytonutrients - it's the combination of all these elements that make them a nutrient powerhouse and an important part of a healthy diet. Just one serve (37g) of Weet-Bix™ Blends Apple & Cinnamon contributes over 60% towards your 48g Whole Grain Daily Target Intake.
A natural source of dietary fibre and low in saturated fat, Weet-Bix™ Blends Apple & Cinnamon contains iron, vitamins B1, B2, B3, as well as folate for normal immune system function and magnesium for nerve and muscle function, as part of a balanced diet. Kick start your day and enjoy!

>> For more details on Weet-Bix Blends, visit the Sanitarium website here.
Warm up with Pulse Power from McKenzie's Foods!
Looking for easy plant-based recipes to warm you up this winter? Take a look at McKenzie's new Pulse Power e-book - featuring delicious recipes like this Crunchy Chickpea Soup, as well as salads, curries and more, you're sure to find a whole load of new everyday recipes to add to your repertoire. 


As part of GLNC's role to review the latest science on grains and legumes, we provide a snapshot of the latest research.

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