ISSUE 28| June 2018
This month we're thrilled to be celebrating our inaugural Whole Grain Week, from 18-24 June!
Our focus for the week is about challenging misconceptions that whole grains take longer to cook and are more expensive, by providing handy cooking tips and down-to-earth facts about the cost of eating more whole grains. Look out for special whole grain recipes created by our friends over at Marley Spoon - try one of these during June and you'll have the chance to taste red rice, quinoa or freekeh. And keep your eye on social media for our whole grain tips and tricks!
This issue we're also delving into the ins and outs of a healthy gut microbiome - find out how a healthy gut is key to good health! And then help our University of Wollongong Dietetic student with her legume research by clicking on the study link below for a chance to win a $50 Legume Prize Pack  - sorry, not open to healthcare professionals - but please circulate the link to your networks.
And for those with an interest in food labelling and lupins, new mandatory labelling is now in effect due to lupin being classed as an allergen.
Wishing everyone a fabulous #wholegrainweek!
Best wishes,

Dr Sara Grafenauer
General Manager

What a healthy gut means for you...
With so much emerging research, we know that the benefits of a healthy gut microbiome are vast, but what does a healthy gut look like and how can we help feed a thriving microbiome? Dietitian Nicole Dynan explores the ins and outs of those beneficial bacteria.
Do you want to be involved in a study?
We're interested in what you know about legumes and how you eat and cook with them!
Our study will explore Australian consumer knowledge and understanding of legumes, including how people use and eat them in their everyday lives. The survey takes just 15-20 minutes to fill out and is completely anonymous.
*You will need to be over 18 years of age and unfortunately, qualified dietitians or nutritionists are not eligible to enter this survey.

Deadline passed for lupin allergy declaration
A year on from their initial announcement, Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) are reminding businesses that they have limited time to declare Lupin as an allergen on food packaging. From 26 May 2018, this amendment to the Food Standards Code means it's now mandatory for lupin to be declared when it's present as an ingredient, compound ingredient, additive or  processing aid.
What's on June - July
18-24 June is  Whole Grain Week
How will you celebrate? 
Check out our  article   for easy and delicious ways to add more whole grain goodness to your week. Plus, the latest research on whole grains and how you can reach your daily 48g whole grain target.
And follow us on social media for delicious new recipes, competitions and easy whole grain tips and tricks!

NEW Edgell Legume Recipe Mixes
Do you want to enjoy the goodness of eating more legumes and boost your family's health at the same time?  Not sure how to do this?  New Edgell legume recipe Mixes have just landed on your supermarket shelf and offer an easy solution!  Edgell Mixes are created to help you deliver nutritious & delicious Mexican dishes, add crunch and texture to salads and flavour to hearty soups.  All three recipe-ready legume blends are low in fat, packed with vegetarian protein and fibre, plus they boast a 5 Health Star Rating.  Proudly packed in Bathurst, Australia and available now in Coles and independent supermarkets.
>> For more details and tasty recipes visit the Edgell website here.
NEW Kellogg's Golden Oats & Honey Breakfast Biscuits
Kellogg's has a new flavour of Baked Muesli Breakfast Biscuits, now available in Coles and independent retailers. Their Golden Oats & Honey biscuits are high in whole grain with 21 g per serve or 44% of the GLNCâ„¢ Daily Target Intake of 48g per day, are a source of fibre, with 2.4g per serve and are fruit free. They carry a 3.5 Health Star Rating and make the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee for a delicious breakfast on the go.

As part of GLNC's role to review the latest science on grains and legumes, we provide a snapshot of the latest research.

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