The Grand Finale of the Series

What to Wear When Cold Colder Coldest

Participatory Pop Quiz

Welcome Back Fleet Feet Friends

The What to Wear When Cold, Colder, Coldest Series in now complete!

This week we educated you on what to wear on

Your Feet | Bottoms | Tops | Jackets | Safety & Accessories

If you missed any, you can view the links at the bottom of this newsletter

But Now It's Time for a New Twist on a Pop Quiz.

But first we will give you some answers...

Summary Tips

  • Invest in proper footwear and traction devices for the varying conditions so you remain upright and your feet are warm
  • The Baselayer is the most important piece to have in your wardrobe next to footwear
  • Cotton is rotten and that includes your socks - get great socks, taller ones preferably for the cold conditions
  • Wool & Polyester are your go to outdoor exercise fabrics
  • The Three Season Jacket is the second most important garment after the baselayer
  • Wear a reflective vest, headlamp and blinkies at night!!!!
  • Try on various types of bottoms, tops and jackets to get the sizing that works for you
  • It's ok for men to wear the women's sizing and the women to wear the men's sizing. It needs to fit properly and be comfortable
  • Know that these pieces will last a long long time in your wardrobe. You are investing in your health
  • If anything, please cover your ears with an ear band. Need to protect them from frostbite
  • The gaiter is the most popular accessory for the cold conditions
  • And the final answer ..... GET OUTSIDE!!

Let's move on to Participatory POP QUIZ Time ......

Participatory Pop Quiz

You now have all this cold weather knowledge.

It's time to put the knowledge into action.

Introducing the 2022/2023 Winter Warrior Challenge

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So your participatory pop quiz is join us for FREE

between December 13th and February 4th for an 8 week outdoor program where you can exercise, make friends and showcase plus practice your knowledge of this What to Wear series real time. Registration is required.

Now Doesn't That Sound Like an Amazing Pop Quiz

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Winter Warrior Challenge

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  • Thursdays at 6PM at Fleet Feet Victor (trails or road hills)
  • Saturdays at 8AM Pace Workout at Fleet Feet Armory (Note: Dec 24th and 31st are specialty Egg Nog (Roc & Buf) and Resolution Runs (Roc & Buf) in lieu of pace workout, plus no run January 7th but do join us at Winter Warrior Race and get a point)
  • Other workouts may pop up too

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Thank you for reading this series. We hope to see you at Winter Warrior Challenge and ace the Participatory Pop Quiz. As always, the Fleet Feet Team is ready to help! Stop in anytime. We want to help you remain outdoors all cold season long.

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Regards, The Team at Fleet Feet

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