April 2022
Dear Friends,

I'm sending April's eNews just a few days late because exciting news happened right up to the end of the month.

On Friday we officially opened our San Marcos office on the campus of Texas State University!

We are thrilled to be expanding Shumla's operation into central Texas and to be further solidifying our partnership with Texas State University. Having two offices, one in Comstock right in the center of the rock art resource we preserve and one in San Marcos where we can collaborate and educate more broadly, makes great sense for our organization and our preservation mission. Being able to bring this dream to fruition after the difficult past few years made our celebrations and joy in being together last week all the sweeter. We can't wait to welcome you to see our new "digs" in San Marcos. And you are always welcome to visit us in Comstock on a Trek or for a tour of our facility there.

I know we say it a lot, but you are the reason we can do the work we do. Last Friday we were reminded once again how very grateful we are as we opened our San Marcos doors. Thank you from all of us at Shumla.

All the best,
A Grandest "Grand Opening!"
We have arrived!

After a great deal of preparation and planning, we opened the doors on our second Shumla office on Friday, April 29. Our second office is located in the Brazos Building in San Marcos, Texas, on the campus of Texas State University.

The faculty of Texas State University's Anthropology Department have been collaborators with Shumla in the archaeological study of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands region for many years. In 2018 Shumla endowed a professorship for founder Dr. Carolyn Boyd in the Anthropology Department at Texas State. The opening of our office in the center of campus is a further expansion of this strong and collaborative relationship.
Shumla is still very much independent. We have not become a part of the University. We pay rent to Texas State University to have this incredible space. We must still raise every dime we spend to preserve the art of the Lower Pecos through documentation, research, stewardship and education. But our partnership with Texas State University is strong and active. Opening this office will allow us both to benefit from one another in the sharing of resources, knowledge, training, etc.
Friday's "Grand Opening" was a wonderful party. There was so much energy and joy in our new space, it was the perfect way to christen it for all the activity and discovery to come.
Come see us in San Marcos!
SAA 87th Annual Meeting
The team was excited to be back to an in person Society for American Archaeology (SAA) Conference earlier this month. They did a fantastic job with their presentations, you wouldn't expect anything else!

Here are the presentation titles given by Shumla staff:
Carolyn Boyd, Diana Rolón, Phil Dering and Karen Steelman - El Núcleo Duro: In Search of the Archaic Core in PRS Pictography

Phil Dering, Karen Steelman and Carolyn Boyd - Pecos River Style Art as a Late Archaic Period Phenomenon in the Lower Pecos Canyonlands, Texas, USA, and Coahuila, Mexico

Audrey Lindsay - A Formal Analysis of the Pecos River Style Winged Anthropomorph in the Lower Pecos Canyonlands, Texas

Diana Rolón and Carolyn Boyd - Comparative Analysis of Pecos River Style and Teotihuacan Felines

Karen Steelman, Carolyn Boyd and Phil Dering - New Rock Art Dates for the Lower Pecos Canyonlands
Many former Shumla employees and Shumla collaborators gave presentations as well, here are a few:

Jerod Roberts - Assessing the Variability and Chronology of Red Linear Style Pictographs of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands of Texas: Preliminary Results

Charles Koenig - Evaluating the Integrity and Origins of a Clovis Age Assemblage from Eagle Cave, Texas

Charles Koenig - Reconsidering Early Paleoindian Use of Rockshelters in Central and Southwest Texas

Amanda Castañeda - Traditions Set in Stone: Exploring Apsáalooke Connections to Rock Art on the Middle Fork of the Powder River
When presenting wasn't on the schedule, the team enjoyed some of Chicago's greatest experiences!
Shumla May Happenings
With so much programming coming up in May, we don't want you to miss out! Scroll down to see what we have going on this month.
Trek Schedule

May 14: Halo Shelter and the Devils River ♦♦♦♦

May 28: Black Cave and Vaquero Shelter ♦♦♦♦

May 29: Fate Bell Annex, Fate Bell Shelter and Running Horse ♦♦
The fall Trek schedule will be coming out soon, stay tuned!
Lunch & Learn

Join Vicky Roberts, Shumla's Archaeologist and Outreach Coordinator, as she talks about the Shumla Scholars program.
It's FREE! Click below to register. We look forward to seeing you on zoom!
Wild Spirit Wild Places

Come explore ancient rock art and recent discoveries as Jessica presents at Wild Spirit Wild Places' Wild Talk at The Rackhouse at Desert Door Distillery in Driftwood, TX.
This event is FREE! Click below to register.
HCAA General Meeting

Jessica will be presenting on the Hearthstone Project at next month's Hill Country Archeological Association General Meeting.
This event is FREE! Click below for more information.
Discovery in Español
Valientes | Conóceme América

Diana and Vicky had the opportunity to chat with Discovery Español about the Lower Pecos rock art in an episode of Conóceme América. Check out the video below to see what they explored!
Click the HD icon on the bottom right corner of the video to turn on English subtitles.
You Make It All Possible
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