November 13, 2018
Thanksgiving Hours of Operations
Seashore will be closed on Thursday, November 22nd.

Normal business will resume the following day.

If Thursday is your scheduled delivery day,
you may place an order for Wednesday or Friday.
As always, you may place orders while our office is closed at or via our voicemail system 609-345-3229.
Please Note:  We're anticipating heavy volumes and traffic on the following Friday and Saturday.  To help us better serve you, please plan ahead. Ordering your staple items and items that need to be prepped for delivery Wednesday will allow you to begin prepping right away if a delay occurs.   

Commodity Updates
Great quality and pricing.
Supplies are very scarce, fully ripened product is unavailable, and pricing is very high! This is an industry-wide crisis resulting from the growers' strike in Mexico.
Supplies of all head lettuces continue to tighten due to California field transition. Case weights are down; pricing is escalated. Consider Value-Added items for better quality and cost savings.
 Washington and California Bartlett, Bosc, and Red Pears are approaching peak harvest. Quality has been excellent!
Tropical Storm Sergio and Hurricane Willa brought even more heavy rain to Baja and western Mexico, slowing the harvest and affecting quality of Grape, Round, and Roma tomatoes. Central Florida's harvest has begun but not fully ramped up.

California production is down 25-30 percent. The industry was hit with an unexpected and rather sudden drop in strawberry production this weekend.
Many shippers made the decision to focus production in the southern California growing regions. Initially, the plan made sense; decrease production in the northern regions where quality is fair and increase production down south where the quality is better. All shippers anticipated an increase in demand for the front part of this week due to Thanksgiving. What nobody expected, was the wildfire and strong winds that invaded southern California...
Combine this with the Thanksgiving demand, and the end result is an unexpected and sudden supply shortage that has affected the entire industry on the west coast. Market prices have spiked today and will remain firm until we get past this temporary disruption.

The movement of major growing areas from California to points as far south as Yuma, Arizona is underway, and will continue through early December. During this time, certain crops are more susceptible to disruptions in supply and quality.
Seashore has relationships and receive direct shipments from these large, premier national growers. We also offer options-- contracted pricing and value-added solutions.  
Reach out to your account manager to answer questions, 
offer menu planning suggestions, and offer their expertise.

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