January 18, 2019
Commodity Updates
Imports from South America have begun; quality is excellent.

The Brussels Sprouts market continues to be tight with supply being affected by the recent rain. The quality has been affected by the rain and cold weather and sizing tend to run smaller due to this colder weather. Look for the Brussels Sprout market to remain tight going into next week.
The domestic season finished. Delays at the port has caused 
an industry-wide shortage, particularly on white grapes. T
his is primarily a labor issue.
 Bartlett, Bosc, and Red Pears are abundant with excellent quality.
Market is very tight with the recent freeze and rain in Mexico.
Nectarines and peaches are limited as a result of delayed arrivals and prolonged release times at the port. Plums and the other stone fruit should increase in availability next week as more vessels are expected to arrive. Thus far, markets have been firm due to limited availability. Quality has been good.
The Naples/Immokalee growing districts of Florida have become the main eastern growing region where cool weather and rain is restricting the size and maturity of fruit, providing the
landscape for a relatively unchanged market this week. The weather damper is occurring as crops transition from Ruskin to Homestead preventing an abundance of fruit coming into the
supply. Harvests remain lighter than expected. As farms move into 3rd picks and cold weather with scattered rain showers loom, sizing is expected to trend down, further separating the spread in price between x-large and medium sizes. Roma availability remains light with limited acreage planted due to the number of imports expected from Mexico this time of year. Grape and Cherry are in good supply.

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