January 31, 2019
Commodity Updates
Quality is excellent, pricing is competitive.

This is the best time of the year for great quality California Navels! There's also nice specialty citrus available-- blood oranges, cara car oranges, sweet meyer lemons, pummelos, etc.
Supplies are limited due to a slowdown of receiving South American fruit through major
ports. Pricing may be higher in some markets. Quality is fair. We are expecting this to improve around the second week of February.
 Bartlett, Bosc, and Red Pears are abundant with excellent quality.
California continues to recover nicely from the extensive rains two weeks ago and yields are improving although demand has increased greatly due to the Valentines day pull. Challenging times are just ahead of us with a 5-day weather event foretasted for both Santa Maria and the Oxnard area. These Storms should bring up to 3 to 4" of rain totals by Monday. The market remains steady through the end of the week. Expect fill rate shortages at the end of the week and into the next.
Florida is recovering from last weekends rain and all shippers are contending with cooler than normal weather which is severely reducing crop yields and plant maturation. A freeze warning is in effect in the northern part of the state.
Oxnard, California growing region
pictured above.

The Florida growing regions have completed the transition to southern fields in Naples/Immokalee and Homestead districts, yet weather continues to have an impact on supply. Farming operations are spread out between crops helping to bring a full range of round tomato sizes to market, however, rain has caused a slight dip in production. Roma tomatoes remain a light crop with a bulk of supply coming from Mexico as planned for the season. Grape and cherry tomatoes
yields are mixed between farms with a steady supply overall.

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