June 7, 2018 
Don't miss it:  Jersey Asparagus
Luckily the cool weather has slowed harvest, drawing out the season! 
- Highlights - 
Cabbages, Kale, Leeks, Lettuces, Zucchini, and more.
Greenhouse-Grown Herbs, Lettuces, & Micro Greens
Pennsylvania Mushrooms
- Forecast -
Basil & Blueberries - mid-June
Cucumbers - late June
Peaches - early July
Please keep in mind availability is subject to change--
we can't control the weather, yet ;)
Peak Season
Figs, Lychee Nuts, Rhubarb, Stone Fruits, Strawberries, and Vidalia Onions.

Commodity Updates

The Navel crop is nearly finished. The California Valencia harvest is increasing, and availability is improving.

California Harvests are in their first seasonal peak; excellent quality.
Stone fruit has had a slow start this season, but we are finally seeing bigger sizes and more consistent quantities on peaches and nectarines. Plums have also been a slow starter; we are finally seeing better supply and we will see prices drop off in the coming weeks. Cherries are about done in California and have started in Oregon and Washington. Supplies are limited, but the quality is good.
Tomato harvests are transitioning further north to Quincy, Florida and South Carolina where there has been little to no sunshine for the past two weeks. Tropical storm Alberto brought heavy rain to these regions however there have been no reports of crop loss at this time. These smaller crops should alleviate upward pressure until Virginia and New Jersey begin in July.
Grape tomatoes are extremely short. It may be another week or two before markets adjust downward depending on how much is harvested from new operations beginning next week.

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