August 7, 2018 

Harvest is finishing up. Eighty percent of the crop came on in the first pick, but we're expecting a second pick and a new crop over the next week. If you want to freeze Jersey Blues for later, you better act soon.
Good volume, excellent quality.
A slowly warming spring cause the season to start later than normal. An overcast and cool May slowed early ripening. Local growers are currently harvesting excellent quality yellow and white freestone varieties. Volume expected through mid-September.

Harvest just began, volume is increasing. Quality is excellent.
Jersey Tomatoes began late. Good volume; excellent quality.
Also.. Cucumbers, Greens, Eggplants, Kale, Herbs, 
Mushrooms,  Peppers, Potatoes, Zucchini, and more.

Commodity Updates

Mexico's old crop is now done and their summer crop has been slow to mature and just beginning with light volumes. This summer crop (known as flora loca) is a small crop that needs to get us through mid/late September. Quality is good, but will arrive green in color and take longer to ripen due to low oil content.
>> AvocaDOs and DON'Ts <<

The cilantro market has recently spiked due to the heat we normally find this time of year. The heat has burned up the product, stunted growth, and even started to shoot seeder stems instead of regular growth. This has resulted in much lower yields. It looks like the next two to three weeks will continue to be a challenge.

Domestic supplies are plentiful; excellent quality. Learn more.
California's new crop just began-- good sizing and bright green stems.

Industry-wide demand exceeds supply. 
Pricing will not stabilize until after Labor Day when the Desert harvest begins.
If possible, avoid use or substitute with limes.

Please be aware that all strawberry quality is fair at the moment.
Expect to see discoloration, soft fruit, and bruising.
The continued heat in all growing regions has caused challenges with soft fragile berries and bruising is unavoidable. Growers are actively trying to address the issues at the field level, but the fruit is handpicked and simply touching the berry can result in bruising that is not apparent until 1-2 days after harvest. Breaking the cold-chain can make it worse.
The alternative is packing small, immature fruit with white shoulders and pale color. Growers like Driscoll's have started to do so in an effort to avoid the wet, soft fruit. However, the berries are hard and flavor and appearance are compromised. This will ultimately strip plans of future fruit and yields will decline rapidly.
These issues are to be expected for the next 2 weeks until we get past the heat damaged fruit. This is industry-wide and groower are selling fruit with full transparency on quality expectations.
This is typical for this time of year when the weather consistently hovers in the high 80s for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, it's what we have to deal with at this time. We hope it will be short lived and the best we can do is inform you.


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