February 15, 2019
Commodity Updates
We are mid-season with Mexico's Aventajada c rop. Fruit is cutting great and eats well. Please note:  Mid to late season avocados have  higher dry matter than early season fruit. 
This means they  ripen faster than early season avos.

The celery market is very active. Demand clearly exceeds supplies and this will continue throughout the month of February, could be longer. The heavy rains in California growing regions of Oxnard/Santa Maria, coupled with cold weather over past few weeks has
slowed down the growth and harvesting of this commodity. Supplies from Yuma, Arizona are very limited as well. Escalated pricing on contracts and value-added items are in effect.
This market remains tight with supply being affected by the recent rain and cold weather; it has also caused sizing to run smaller.
Red Grape supplies are beginning to improve. Market prices should decline soon as more imports arrive. Quality has been reported as strong.  White Grape supplies are very limited.
  Imported availability of plums, peaches, and nectarines continues to improve. Quality is being reported as very good. Market prices have started to decline gradually.

Overall tomato volumes have been reduced from rain and cool  weather throughout Floridan growing regions, however, a full  range of sizing is available on rounds as growers harvest through  crown, 2nd, and 3rd picks. Roma volume continues to be light  this season, but heavy volumes from Mexico continue  to keep this market competitive.  A warm weather trend  has helped boast grape tomato production .

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