January 4, 2019
Commodity Updates
Specific varieties and sizes are becoming more limited ( Golden Delicious, Honey Crisp, and Granny Smith) . Quality is being reported as very  strong and markets are becoming active. We expect this to  be the case as we move toward the end of the season.
There is an abundance of fruit in the pipeline. Mexican fruit is ripening nicely and continues to improve as we progress into the peak of the Mexican season (March/April). There is a good supply on the trees to feed the Super Bowl demand.
The Brussels Sprouts market has come off with more steady supplies coming out of Californian growing areas. Quality has been affected by the rain, cold weather, and insect pressure (particularly the Diamondback Moth) which is expected to be an ongoing battle this season. Look for the market to remain steady going into next week.
This market is firm. Supplies were stronger last week but cool weather in the growing regions of southern California have slowed production down. Demand is steady.  As temperatures are expected to be cool next week, early forecasts indicate that yields will be lighter than expected with multiple growers. Quality is above average.
Domestic grapes are finishing up; imports from South America have started.
Romaine and Romaine Hearts has reached rock bottom pricing. Many customers are apprehensive due to an overall perception of safety that lingers over this item.

Iceberg production has slowed down as a result of cooler weather and labor issues.
 Bartlett, Bosc, and Red Pears are abundant with excellent quality.
Imported Cherries, Nectarines, Peaches, and Plums are available. Quality is good. 
Prices will adjust down with as shipments increase.
California:  W
eather has been dry this week. Temperatures still remain very cold (low 30s in the evenings and only reaching mid-50s in the day). This is keeping the fruit from maturing at a normal rate; and yields are down. Post holiday demand is good and is keeping the market where it is. Prices should stick or even go slightly increase next week with rain being foretasted for Sunday/Monday throughout central and southern California growing regions. Quality is good.  
Mexico:  Ramping up production, although they're also experiencing 
colder temps weather inhibiting maximum harvests.   Florida:  Currently recovering with light, but steadier yields  than in the past few weeks due to the drier weather.
A cold front is pushing into Floridan growing regions this weekend, foretasted to drop temperatures by at least 10 degrees. A chance of rain could potentially further the split the market between extra large and smaller-sized Round Tomatoes. Roma tomato pricing has improved and will continue to as Mexican imports increase, filling demand. Cherry and Grape Tomatoes have returned to more typical pricing for this part of the season, but may increase slightly if the weather stalls production.

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