Doon Presbyterian Church

June 17, 2021

Ontario, Canada

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A Few of the Dads we know

Sunday Worship Service
JUNE 20, 2021

"Father's Day"

Lead by
Reverend Megan Penfold

Prayer requests and special notices are now part of the Sunday Videoed Worship Service. Please continue to send your requests to either to the church office or to Rev. Megan.
Exciting news!

With the provincial re-opening plan underway Doon has a date for in-person outdoor worship to begin.
Starting Sunday August 8 (provided nothing changes) we will begin holding:

in-person outdoor worship services at 10:00.

Social distancing will be observed as required by the province.

More details to follow in July Grapevines, Gabfest etc.

A livestream of the service will also be available online for those who are not yet ready to return to in-person worship.

Stay tuned for more details.

Pastor Megan's Letter to the congregation for this week!
35 Roos Street
Kitchener, ON N2P 2B9
Doon Presbyterian Church 
June 16, 2021

This Sunday is Father’s Day, that wonderful day we set aside to celebrate the unique and important role of dad. Have you ever wondered what the history of Father’s Day is? In 1910 a woman named Sonora Louis Smart Dodd introduced Father’s Day in the United States. She wanted to dedicate a special day to pay tribute to her father who had single handedly catered to the needs of his children after the loss of their mother.

The first Fathers Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910. Since then, Father’s Day celebrations became more famous and common across North America and in other parts of the world. As with Mother’s Day, many churches adopted the practice of marking Father’s Day as a way to honour and encourage the important role that parents play in the nurturing of children, particularly in the area of faith development.

Our service this coming week will take up the theme of celebrating fathers and grandfathers and will consider the unique ways that you contribute to the faith development of your children and grandchildren. I’m grateful to also have some of the men of our church leading many portions of the service this week.

           In addition to celebrating our earthly fathers, we will also celebrate the deep love and provision of our heavenly Father through a look at Psalm 23 as part of our series on the book of Psalms. Like a shepherd, our heavenly Father can be depended on for all that we need. He leads us by still waters, safely through dark valleys and welcomes us into his house at the end of our journey.
May your celebration of Father’s Day be a joyful one! “See” you Sunday.
Hey kids!

Are you looking for something fun to do this summer? Are you in JK-Gr. 6?

The Rocky Railway VBS is coming through KW and it's making a stop at Doon the week of August 9-13. Join us each morning for stories, games, crafts, music and LOTS OF FUN! Bring a friend too! There is no cost. We will be sure to follow all the rules to make sure we are Covid safe.

Here's what you do to sign up:

Email Conductor JIll at

 and tell her your name, your age, if you have any allergies and if there is a brother/sister or friend you would like to be in the same group with. We hope to have you ride the rails with us in August!

P.S. If you're a highschool student looking for volunteer hours, we can help you out! Email Jill for more info. 

If you have items you wish to have discussed at the Session meeting please inform your Elder so it may be added to the agenda.
Hello Members and Adherents of Doon,

A new Stewardship Committee has been formed at Doon and we had our first meeting this past week. 

Right now, the Committee consists of:

Marjorie Poitras
Bob Galbraith
Joanne Baxter (Chairperson)

We will be meeting on the second Monday of the month. 

We have some up lifting projects in mind for the church this year and are looking forward to exciting happenings at Doon! 

Anyone interested in joining our hard working team please contact one of the above.

Discover Stewardship

Stewardship is our response to God’s love in every area of our lives—most of which happens outside the walls of the church.

Being stewards means making good decisions daily about:
• how we invest and share time, talents, and spiritual gifts.
• how we share who we are as God’s children.
• how we organize our whole life to share God’s good news. • how we earn, spend, invest, and share money.
• how we relate to the rest of creation.
• just about everything!
Doon Church

Sometimes it has seemed as if this isolation would never end! Isolated and worried we have waited for the freedom to just meet. That day is coming and soon! Already plans are in the works to worship in safe togetherness in the great outdoors. Surrounded by the trees the air and each other we shall join in prayer and song "Together!"
When we stand on the church grounds let us also remember those who, in the past, also trod these grounds, church members who are now gone, pioneers who broke the earth to build this church and most of all those of the indigenous peoples whose families lived, and also loved on these sacred grounds.
Chief Dan George's Prayer
O Great Spirit!
Whose voice I hear in the wind, whose breath gives life to the world ... hear me.
I come to you as one of your many children ... I am small and weak, I need your strength and your wisdom.
May I walk in beauty.
Make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset, make my hands respect the things that you have made, and my ears sharp to hear your voice.
Make me wise, so that I may know the things You have taught your children, in every leaf and rock.
Make me strong, not to be suspect to my brothers but to be able to fight my greatest enemy ... myself.
Make me ever ready to come to You with straight eyes, so, that when life fades, as the faded sunset, my spirit will come to You without shame.
Are you on PAR?

Christians give as an act of worship. Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR) enables you to give your offering intentionally, proportionally and faithfully all year long—even when you are away—through an automatic monthly withdrawal from your bank account.

By giving regularly to your church family, you help nurture your congregation, support your church home, teach children and young people about Christ and support people in your community through mission and outreach programs.
Using PAR to provide a regular, dependable flow of contributions throughout the year helps your congregation to plan and budget while increasing their overall financial stability. Regular giving makes a difference!

Are you on PAR? We grow in generosity when we develop the habit of regular giving. 1 Corinthians 16:2

Sign up today! Talk to your congregation’s PAR contact to get started


Having fun while learning! STEM Camp is a not for profit summer camp for kids aged 5-13 to learn the STEM curriculum! Over 40 locations across Ontario.

STEM Camp is a Canadian not for profit based out of Embro, Ontario operating over 80 anglophone and bilingual summer camps across Ontario. Since 2013 STEM Camp has “graduated” more than 50,000 campers and employed over 1,200 college and university students!

The STEM Camp mission is to inspire Canadian youth through participating in hands-on activities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in both official languages.

STEM Camp provides learning experiences through fun, engaging programming that encourages children to explore their sense of wonder. Children are introduced to engaging STEM activities that promote discovery, reward curiosity, and leave children amazed at what they can do.

We believe…
  • in the power of curiosity and wonder
  • children need to explore the world around them
  • curious kids become confident, creative adults, who have developed excellent thinking skills to be used to help change the world


(Letters and Feedback from you the reader)

JUNE 17, 2021

"Can we do an article on hobbies ? (Perhaps) you can ask readers (about their) hobbies and then you could add that to the Grapevine."

"What about what books people are reading."

 "Do an article on how the elders have coped with covid."

"I love the Grapevine. Enjoy reading it very much. Have bookmarked the Senior exercises and love
the Day of.."

"I believe the Grapevine is very important. "

 "I especially like the news interest stories such as in this one about children and the senior's exercise program." 

 "Please keep the Grapevine going."

"The grape vine should only include things that apply specifically to information concerning the church & the congregation."

"The policy at my place of employment regardless of the topic, is that if it can not be presented on one page or less, we were not allowed to present anything."
Best of the FEST!
For your Interest and Information

John Travolta tested negative for coronavirus last night. Turns out it was just Saturday night fever.  
The World Health Organization has announced that dogs cannot contract Covid-19. Dogs previously held in quarantine can now be released. To be clear, WHO let the dogs out. 
I saw an ad for burial plots, and thought to myself “That's the last thing I need." 
Intelligence is like underwear. It is important that you have it, but not necessary that you show it off. 
Relationships are a lot like algebra. Have you ever looked at your X and wondered Y? 
A courtroom artist was arrested today for an unknown reason... details are sketchy. 
People are making end of the world jokes like there's no tomorrow. 
Whatever you do, always give 100%--unless you're donating blood. 

What did Snow White say when she came out of the photo booth? Someday my prints will come. 
A girl said she recognized me from her vegetarian club, but I’d never met herbivore. 
Dad, are we pyromaniacs? Yes, we arson. 
I've always had an irrational fear of speed bumps but I'm slowly getting over it. 
What word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it? Short. 
I've finally told my suitcases there will be no holiday this year. Now I'm dealing with the emotional baggage. 
If you're not supposed to eat at night, why is there a light bulb in the refrigerator? 
My dad died when we couldn't remember his blood type. As he died, he kept insisting "be positive," but it's hard without him. 
Don't let your worries get the best of you; remember, Moses started out as a basket case.
Somethings For Your Interest and Information:
For Your Pets:
Keep Your Pets Safe in an Emergency: 8 Things You Need to Know
May 29, 2019
By Judy Layne

Because disaster can strike with little warning and limited time to prepare, it’s important to think NOW about what you can do to ensure the safety of your pets in the event of an emergency. 

Here are 8 important things you can do to keep your pets safe.

  1. Develop a plan.  Plan where you and your pets will stay if you need to evacuate your home.
  2. Make a kit. Pets need certain critical supplies during an emergency.
  3. Ensure vaccinations are current.   Keep these papers with other important documents you would carry if you need to evacuate.
  4. Microchip your pets. 
  5. Buy a carrier for each of your pets.  Write your pet’s name, your name and contact information on each carrier.
  6. Practice evacuating with your pets. 
  7. Never leave pets behind. 
  8. Be cautious when you return home.  Familiar scents/landmarks may have changed after an emergency and pets can become confused and lost.
Special National Days in the Week Ahead
For Our Kids
A Story:
Cut, Paste and Colour
Sing Along:
Make Something for Dad:
For Our Young Adults
Helping Others
(Worth the Time to watch this video of a 14 year old )
Hymn About Service:
For Parents
Learning About the Less Fortunate: (Video Clip)
For Our Seniors
Self- Defense for Seniors
Being Aware:

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