May 16, 2018

- Highlights -
Jersey Asparagus, Kale, Leeks, Romaine, Swiss Chard, and more!
Greenhouse-Grown Herbs, Lettuces, & Micro Greens
Pennsylvania Mushrooms
Please keep in mind that this week's rain will impact availability.
Peak Season
- California Stone Fruits -
Apricots, Cherries, Nectarines, and Peaches

- Exotics -
Lychee Nuts, Passion Fruit, and Rambutan

- Spring Specialties -
Ramps, Fiddlehead Ferns, Morels, and Spring Onions
Commodity Updates
Supplies came to a sudden halt last week. The weather caused the Floridian season to end abruptly. Georgia has had light harvest with on and off rain, California is very slow to get started with minimal harvest, and Mexico is winding down. All of this led to an industry-wide supply gap. Demand continues
to far exceed supply this week as we wait for California's production to increase.

Volume from Mexico is decreasing and Oxnard, CA will not have the supplies to fill the void. We will see an upward trend in the market until July when the Salinas Valley starts. Quality is still really nice.

Cauliflower supplies are increasing and the market is trending lower. Quality has been nice through this small supply gap.

Excellent quality, high sugar levels.

The Chilean grape season finished up. Californian Red Grapes are now available, and Californian White Grapes are just starting up.

California Harvests are in their first seasonal peak.
Supply exceeds demand; pricing is good. Quality is excellent.

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