Cyneatha and Brooke had such a wonderful time getting to know more of you at convention. While it was a much smaller crowd than usual conventions, it was still an enriching and uplifting experience. Brooke started in her role in December of 2019 and, due to the pandemic, was never able to meet Cyneatha in person - until Cincinnati! They loved having the opportunity to finally work together side by side.

On Tuesday morning, Cyneatha, along with Marlene Kroeker of Everence, lead a seminar titled "Reimagining our Economic Relationships." Together they led participants in thinking about microbusinesses - businesses with fewer than 5 employees - which make up 92% of our economy. How do we interact with these businesses and how can we use our money to impact our community?

Wednesday evening, we hosted a reception for Mennonite women of all ages. After chatting over chips and salsa, women from age 14 to 80 hopped, jumped, clapped, and "cha cha-ed real smooth" as Cyneatha led us in line dances. It was such fun and especially wonderful to have women from multiple generations connecting. Thanks to all who came out!

Friday morning, Cyneatha and Brooke led a seminar about our new bible study guide, "The Sisterhood Decalogue." Cyneatha picked the lesson that reviews the commandment "Thou shall not covet." We went over how very different the responses were across generations - with the younger generations feeling uncertain about a commandment against what you can think or feel and also looking at how capitalism plays into it; the older generations viewing it through a lens of modesty and having "enough" without needing to "keep up with the Joneses." Great conversations were had at the table groups and we're hoping some were inspired to get a group together to do this study.

When they weren't leading seminars and hosting receptions, Cyneatha and Brooke tried to meet as many people as possible. Since we didn't get an official booth, they set up an unofficial one in the lobby where they played checkers and memory with youth and adults alike - the winner getting a free shirt. It was such a great time conversing and connecting with people from all over the US. We're already excited for Kansas City 2023!