End of Year Charitable Giving
If your family will be making plans for End of Year charitable giving over the next few weeks, we humbly ask you to consider making a donation to It's The Journey's general fund. The general fund for It's The Journey is the foundation by which all of our work is made possible- from keeping the lights on to paying salaries for staff. Every dollar makes a difference. Thank you for your generous support, and for your help in ensuring that It's The Journey will be around to serve Georgia's breast cancer community for many years to come!
Stock Donation and Legacy Gifts
If you or a donor would like to make a donation of stock from your/their portfolio, simply fill out the Stock Donation Form (also available on the Downloadable Information portion of our website)!

Donating appreciated stock offers several benefits – chief among them, the ability to make a larger value donation than giving cash after liquidating. You can avoid capital gains tax on the appreciated amount that you would have incurred had you sold the stock, and you get a tax deduction for the full fair market value of your long-term capital gain asset – up to 30% of your adjusted gross income. Plus, as mentioned earlier, it’s a way to reduce a concentrated equity position and help bring your portfolio back in line with your goals.

Here are four benefits of donating appreciated stock:
  1. The tax deduction for the market value of the donation
  2. Federal capital gains taxes savings in the amount you otherwise would have incurred from selling the stock outright
  3. An opportunity to rebalance your portfolio in line with your financial plan
  4. Plus, the ability to benefit your charity by the full appreciated amount of the stock

Another way to support It's The Journey is by setting up a bequest in your will. For more information about stock donations or arranging a legacy gift, please contact Stephani at stucker@2daywalk.org.
Office Hours Thanksgiving Week
It's The Journey's office will be open Monday, November 23- Tuesday, November 24. Staff will be working a half day remotely on Wednesday, November 25. The office will be closed in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday Thursday, November 26- Friday, November 27. We wish you all a safe and joyful Thanksgiving!
ITJ Upcoming Fundraisers
elon Salon is proud to support It’s The Journey, Inc. They will be collecting donations for this worthy cause through December 31.

When you donate, they will place a ribbon card with your name on their Giving Wall.
Consider GIVING today!
Time to let someone else do the cooking! Join Donna Rice and 2-Day team Donna's Warriors for a low country boil Saturday, November 28! Proceeds go to support It's The Journey. For more info, contact Donna at lakehousedonna@icloud.com.