July 2018 -Rent Crested Butte & Gunnison
August means the Art Fair- August 3-5 ! Are you coming? This is a HUGE festival with not just fabulous art vendors, but also culinary shows, great bands, great food,... and lots of fun... Check the schedule!

To the left is a video I did of the Ducky Race! It is a great fundraiser for the Rotary Club usually given the last day of the Fa ir

The Fair takes place on Elk Ave. from Aug. 5-7 this year! Try to make it!
But there are lots of other fun things to do in August - really an unending number of events .

And activities! Go white water rafting, or if you are a calmer group, a float and dine trip to Garlic Mike's!
There is a new company in town called Pet Au Pairs !

Meg Burns and her pet sitters will come sit with your pet in your condo, or take your pet for a walk and out to play! They don't board, but they will make sure your pet has some company while you are off playing! Call her at 970-497-4761 or email her at meg@petaupairs.com
Check our Calendar page to see all the availability for August and September! Want to come to the Grand Lodge? Want a beautiful view at a Three Seasons condo? How about a large townhome? Check our availability and come in late summer/fall!
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