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April 2019
Before he went back to be with the Father, Christ gave us the Great Commission. I believe it is called the Great Commission because it is the single, most important call given to mankind. “Go into all the world, preach the Gospel and make disciples.” The Church today would many times like to pretend that this Great Commission was given only to full-time paid staff of the church, to missionaries and global ministries. However, this command was given to all believers, meaning that wherever and whatever we are- a mom with her kids on a playground, a doctor in his office with a patient, a secretary working hard in her office, a grandmother with her grandchildren- we are “in the world”, we have the opportunity to proclaim Christ (be that in word, or deed), and make disciples. 

Sometimes the best way to share our faith is by inviting friends or family to share a meal with us.

During the middle of March we, along with several churches in Zagreb, hosted a large evangelistic event put on by Luis Palau Ministries. We held a dinner for couples, a dinner for families, a Women’s breakfast and a Pizza Party for teens. It was an opportunity for our people to be able to invite their unsaved friends to a nice event, visit with them, and in a relaxed environment share their faith. The Gospel message was also clearly shared and our teen band “Salvation” was also given the opportunity to play for the dinner events. There were a couple of testimonies that made their way to me afterward of people who had either prayed and accepted Christ during the event or had spoken with people afterward who had led them to Christ on the spot. Please, continue to pray with us for these people, that they would continue to seek Christ and follow him. 
At the workplace, however, sometimes the best way to share our faith is by being a worker of integrity and “walking out” our faith.

Last week we (in conjunction with Global Advance) hosted our 3rd Marketplace Ministry Conference for businessmen and entrepreneurs. This conference is a favorite of ours. Mario loves encouraging Croatian business owners to be creative, work with integrity and Christian principles, and declare the Gospel through their business dealings. This year we had as many Croatian Christian business leaders giving lectures as we had Americans. It is very encouraging to us to see our own national businessmen at the place of success and spiritual maturity to be able to lead and teach from their own experience.
The most widely accepted way of sharing the Gospel is by preaching. Many think that this is no longer effective (that preaching in the Church is really for the believer), however, the scriptures tell us: How will they hear without a preacher?” and we know that God’s Word is timeless!

Several months ago, the director for CBN Croatia contacted Mario to let him know that Sam Childers (The Machine Gun Preacher) would be in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and asked him if he would like to host him as a guest speaker. It was a wonderful opportunity since the movie Machine Gun Preacher was in the theaters here and has been shown often since then on our national TV channels.

Our church was so full that unfortunately we had to turn some away because there was no place for them to sit without blocking the isles and exits. Many of the people were people we didn't know at all. Some had seen the event advertised on Facebook or Instagram and decided to come. It was an excellent opportunity for people to hear the Gospel and of the faithfulness and greatness of our God. 
A part of the Great Commission is making disciples, and we LOVE making disciples and helping others make disciples. As you know, we’ve been assisting a small home group/ church plant in the town of Virovitica in East Croatia. We send a team once a month to help teach, lead worship for them, encourage them and generally let them know that they are not alone. It is hard work evangelizing and planting a church, especially in areas where the Catholic Church is so strong. Please be in prayer for Sister Jelka who is leading the home group that God would give her divine opportunities and open hearts to share her faith and that she would be encouraged when she feels like giving up. 
We are doing well. Spring Break has arrived and our kids are ready for this quick break before the end of school. Divna and Vjera danced in a dance competition last night and won 3rd place. We are very proud of them and the talents God has given them.

Thank you so much for all of your prayer and support of our ministry. We pray that you all have a very blessed Resurrection Sunday.

Mario & Bonnie Ducic
Croatian Evangelistic Outreach