Fuller Craft Museum is showing Beyond the Walls: Sculptures from the New England Sculptors Association through September 12. This exhibit takes place on the museum's 22-acre outdoor surroundings, with sculptures throughout the property for viewers to seek out. Beyond the Walls is unique among exhibits of its kind in that there is no unifying theme or focus that the sculptors were asked to adhere to. This creates a show in which each artwork is completely different from the next, ultimately resulting in a wide array of perspectives, themes and artistic visions on display. The sculptures were made by 13 artists represented by the New England Sculptors Association, encompassing a wide variety of forms, materials and size. Elizabeth Helfer's piece "Nesting," for example, uses a muted color palette and a combination of natural and manmade materials to convey an admiration for nature that is equal parts fear and wonder. Meanwhile, Douglass Rice's "Random Vowel" is a jigsaw of painted aluminum that explores the relationship between physical materials and negative space. No matter what a viewer is looking for, they'll be sure to find something that piques their interest in Beyond the Walls. Fuller Craft Museum is located at 455 Oak Street in Brockton, Massachusetts and is open TuesdaySunday 10:00 a.m.5:00 p.m. For more information, visit fullercraft.org/beyond-the-walls.