Land Kintsugi #1 by GG
The Great Pause Art Show 
Featuring Your Art and Poetry 
How are you doing my dear? Are you still mostly staying home, or are you starting to get out and about more? Are you finding time for creativity? I hope you are settling into some new routines and finding comfort. Wish I could drop by and give you a big hug. I think we could all use a big reassuring hug right now. 

I'm still mostly staying home alone and, maybe I'm losing it, but every day I talk to my house. "Good morning little house," I say when I wake up. "Goodbye little house. I'll be back soon," when I leave for the grocery store. Years ago a friend named my house The Doodad Domicile because of the many decorative things I have sitting around. Nowadays, The Doodad Domicile  and I are spending lots of quality time together;  she  has become my best friend, my safe placeAnd I take good care of her, clean her, organize her nooks and crannies, and surround her with things I think she might like, like a flourishing garden and bird feeders. Squirrels romp around on her roof and blue jays pluck insects from her gutters like primates cleaning a loved one's fur.

I've always loved my home, but lately I appreciate her even more because of The Great Pause (the pandemic). I have stayed home more in the last few months than ever before in all the sixty-eight years of my life. Being home has deepened my gratitude for my humble abode. 

 And t he pièce de résistance, down in  the basement of my house, is the santuary where I spend hours creating art and crafts --  GG's Down to Earth Studio.

Your response to the May newsletter invitation to send me your art tells me many of you have been busy creating, too. I miss having you here with me in the studio, but love that you have sent me your creations for this months' newsletter. So, without any further ado, it is will great pleasure that I announce...(ta-ta-da-daaaa!)...

The Great Pause Art and Poetry Show
Spring Journal 1 by Ann Abbott
Spring Journal 2 by Ann Abbott
Spring Journal 3 by Ann Abbott
A Cornish Garden by Cynthia Broschat
The World Outside by Elena Robinson
Culture in the Time of COVID
by Joanne Fox

by Joanne Fox

Frog and Lotus by Nitza Hernandez

The Messengers by Jayne Palmer

Mona B.C.
by Lisa Liermo

Pilgrim Shrine
by Lisa Liermo
Angel Shrine by
Jayne Palmer
Black-capped Chickadee by
Ellen Santasiero

Shared Love
 by Joyce Olson

by Jayne Palmer

Handmade gift cards
by Lisa Liermo

SoulCollage Ensemble
by Lorie Henthorn

Two Can Six Feet Apart
by Marion Moir  

Making Music
by Kay Hagen

Hand Stitched Greeting Cards by Maura McConnell

Shelter Dog
by Dian Svendsen

Liminal Space #1 by
Michelle Giammetteo

Liminal Space #2 by
Michelle Giammetteo

Against All Odds
by Lisa Kagan

Powerful Grace 
by Joyce Olson
Family Tree 
by Joyce Olson

Wisdom Keeper by Joyce Olson
Liminal Space #3 by Michelle Giammatteo
Land Kintsugi #2 
Rooting In 
by GG
Land Kintsugi #3
 Double Happiness 
by GG

Land Kintsugi #4 
Midnight Prayer
by GG

Land Kintsugi #5
Wash My Spirit Clean  
by GG

Small Ways by Lisa Kagan

There is something kind rising
up from the earth right now
gentleness in the way the flowers open
they do not know of politics and pandemics
so they keep good company
they are quiet
announcing over and over again
in their small ways
that beauty is still possible.
Lisa Kagan is a writer, artist, educator and personal historian.  Link to Lisa's website Family Heirloom Arts 
The Frogs and the Lotus Flower  by Nitza M. Hernandez Lopez

Here we are emerging from the pond
with the lotus flower grown from deep mud.
We know it's a hard time to celebrate spring
along with the presence of Covid-19.
Do not be worried, do not be sad
it's a time of change, the pain will pass,
for a while we were away from the sun
now flowers are blooming to give you support.

Making Music by Kay Hagen

Making Music helps
When I cannot fix the world
And in my grief
There, there
is the grace of music

Culture in the time of COVID by Joanne Fox

I am one who looks forward to enjoying live theater, dance, music and art again.
I am one who is nourished by culture, who loves the arts
I am one who gains solace from experiencing music, dance and art.
My gift to you is the knowledge that art, music and dance is not going away, that the availability of cultural programming to stream while we cannot be in the theaters can sustain us.
What I want from you is hope because we can learn from great art and feel great emotions through artistic expression.
What I want from you is to continue appreciating and supporting the arts.
COVID-19 by Joanne Fox

I am the one who cannot stop sneezing an is afraid that I might make others sick..
I am the one who is melancholy 
I am the one who is enjoying the light and is happy with the pause.
I am one who is worried about others and feels privileged .
My gift to you is time for reflection and patience
What I want you to know is this won't be easy but you can do it.

An Invitation from my friend Marti Beddoe to join her online circle:  Walking the Beauty Way -  The healing power of Beauty  through SoulCollage®, Meditation, & Harmony Self-Promises© 
From Marti's website: " Walking the Beauty Way Circles are for those who yearn for a supportive community intent on bringing more Healing Light to our darkened world. I invite you to attend the Walking the Beauty Way Circle and join a growing flotilla of Light-Bearers carrying hope and possibility to struggling souls." 
Here's a link to Marti's website with more information. Registration through June 15th

Reques t For Testimonials
Would you be willing to send me a testimonial for my new website? If so, j ust a few lines would be much appreciated...anything you might have enjoyed about the class, things you appreciate about my teaching style, how you might have grown and been changed by the experience (e.g., by SoulCollage® or other art class), or anything else you'd like to include. Thank you! You can email me your testimonial. 
I am sending you love and blessings for good health. 
From my creative heart to yours, 
Upcoming Art and SoulCollage ® Offerings
Daisies growing on a stone wall - symbol of strenght.
Deep Adaptation* 
4 Weeks of Virtual SoulCollage® Gatherings Friday afternoons, 3:00 PT
July 10 - 31, 2020
GG's Virtual Down to Earth Studio
When we read the latest news of violence, disasters, disease, extreme weather, changes to our planet and scientists' warnings, it is natural to feel unease, even fear. But we don't have to let our fear paralyze us. We can dig deep within our selves and reach out to our helpers for guidance.
I invite you to join me in this 4-step process to help transition out of fear and despair and into more conscious living. I have been reading about Deep Adaptation* for some time now, and want to apply it to my life, but I don't want to do this work alone. I'd love to have you with me on this journey.
Life after The Great Pause (the pandemic) is slowly returning to a new normal. Let's use visual imagery and the power of our inner knowing and wisdom keepers to guide us back to ourselves and our ability to adapt and recover.  
In this 4 -week SoulCollage ® series we will use the imagery of SoulCollage® to delve into the 4-R's of Deep Adapta tion:
RESILIENCE - What do I value most that I want to keep and how?
RELINQUISHMENT - What do I need to let go of so as not to make matters worse?
RESTORATION - What could I bring back from other cultures or other times to help me with these difficult times?
RECONCILIATION - With what and whom shall I make peace as I awaken to our mutual morality (and mortality)?   
Participants will make cards on their own at home (I can probably help if you don't have supplies or images at home) then we will gather in weekly zoom calls on Friday afternoons at 3:00 pm PT for a check-in, meditation, brief teaching, and card reading. Let's find out what our SoulCollage® cards have to tell us about all of this. 
$45.00 (Venmo, Paypal, or personal check to 240 Bush Street S., Salem, OR 97302)  Please contact me if you would like to attend but cannot afford the fee and we will arrange something. Please do not let financial constraints keep you from participating in this important work. 

*Based on Deep Adaptation, the work of Jem Bendell, professor of sustainability leadership and founder of the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability at the University of Cumbria. (Note: Our gatherings will focus more on the 4-R's than on the specific philosophies of this work.) 
The following in-person gatherings are still planned at this point but subject to cancellation pending the status of you-know-what. 
Kintsugi Ceremonial Retreats coming to Sonoma County, California and Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon
Kintsugi Ceremony and Writing Retreat - August 15, 2020 with Susan Hagen Register here
Kintsugi Ceremony and Land Quest - August 21 - 23, 2020 with   Deborah Greene-Jacobi  Learn More here    Contact GG to register here
Kintsugi Earth Grief Ceremony and Ritual at Breitenbush Hot Springs - October 15 - 18, 2020 with Anne Stine from Wilderness Rites  Registration information coming soon. 
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