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The Great Resignation Continues

40% of employees able to quit without a job lined up

While the Great Resignation is still going strong, employers need to be on the lookout for another type of quitting employee: the ones who resign without even having a new job lined up.

According to a recent survey 43% of U.S. workers have considered looking for a new job in the past six months. But the study found another surprising result. Over 40% of employees say they could be unemployed for six to eight months and remain financially stable.

They’re able to be voluntarily unemployed by using savings (56%), other family member income (46%) and retirement accounts (38%).

This can be concerning to employers, because it means they could lose staff even faster if they aren’t taking the time to find a new job before they go.

Changing Industries

With these statistics, retaining talent is more important than ever before. Amidst the Great Resignation, people have taken a step back to really think about

what matters to them and their priorities.  The study found that there is a deep shift happening where workers are closely examining what they want in an employer and making 180-degree career pivots when necessary to find the pay and workplace environments that they truly desire.

Employees aren’t just reconsidering their companies, but their industries, too. Two-thirds of employees surveyed said they’re considering changing their entire career paths, or even heading back to school.

If employers want to hang onto these workers, they have to make sure they feel fulfilled in their current jobs.

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The Great Resignation has been prevalent for some time now, and unfortunately for businesses, the search for greener pastures is still picking up pace.

How do you retain skilled employees during The Great Resignation? The solution is grounded in building a culture of trust.

Build the workplace where YOU would like to work! 

This is how you retain great employees. Trust, appreciation, connection and flexibility are the tenets of a strong culture. But they also happen to be key in retaining great employees!

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