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April 2020 vol. 2, no. 5
That your life has meaning is a foundation to life. That this way of living is an inspiration and a joy is also important to the journey. What I want for you is that you feel that your journey or pilgrimage in the horizontal world is the most exciting adventure you can imagine.

Living your life mission will have it's challenges, of course, and it is possible to experience joy even in difficult times. This is the good news! It is this very challenge in each of its facets that will do the work of transforming you to the highest possibility you are here to become. There is a joy in this work, even though it is hard to measure in horizontal-world terms. You will find joy in ways that will surprise you.

Jun, Chapter, 3, p.61, The Caravan of Remembering
Q&A with Daniel
Does Life Mission change or does it stay the same throughout our lives?

In this brief clip, Daniel explains that while the "why" of life mission doesn't change, the expression of it will most certainly change, depending on what is happening in the world and in our own lives.

Length: 1:19 mins. Interview date: April 9, 2020.
Images & Reflections of Life Mission
Waking up in the dream...
The Barn
24x24 Acrylic on cotton fabric
Leah Hille
This piece is about the dream worlds, integrating magical realism with memory.
It holds ideals of benevolence, protection, ethereal support and kindness.
These are some of the qualities of my greater life mission that define me at an intrinsic level.
From The Caravan of Remembering , p. 204
"Caravan is here to help you remember to wake up in the dream and remember why you choose that dream." 
We welcome your photos, images, and any other media connected to your exploration of your life mission through Caravan, for sharing in this newsletter and on Instagram, with your permission.
Caravan Conversation Clubs
This might be a great time to consider sitting around the campfire to explore The Caravan of Remembering , whether for the first time, or to read again.

We find that working through Caravan with others can offer an inspiring and encouraging way to explore Life Mission. An online club is in the works, if you would like to hop in, send us a note. We meet monthly on Zoom for an hour, and work our way through Caravan chapter by chapter. Groups are typically 3 to 6 people.
Interview, Reviews & Chapter

Upcoming Interview - We're looking forward to Daniel's interview with
Michael Stone, broadcast at 1 pm PT on April 28 on, and available
after that at Conversations with Michael Stone,

The Cyberlibrarian reviewed Caravan in Dec. 2019; see the review here .

Access your complementary copy of Daniel's chapter published in The Second Arc of Life by clicking on this link . Or listen to Daniel's 30-minute podcast on the Mature Preneur website.
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