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October 17, 2021
In This Week's Update
  • The Gospel Centered Life
  • Wednesday Night Ministry: Bible Study, Discovery Zone, Revival Youth
  • Did You Know...?
  • Available Bible Studies/Fellowship Opportunities
This Sunday's Sermon and Song List
Last week we considered the definition of faith and saw that it was a "well-founded trust" in God that obeys and worships even when it's risky. This week we get a front row seat to how God is "faithful". In other words, we get a front row seat to what makes God worthy of our trust. Our passage is Genesis 12:10-20. Here we see that even when faith is genuine it can fail. Abram is no different than we are. We are very quick to give in to our fears and let those fears control our actions. What fears control your life right now? We all need to see, just like Abram did, that we're better off talking back to our fears and remembering the faithfulness of God. 

To get yourself ready to sing on Sunday you can start listening to the songs we'll be singing together:
  • God So Loved
  • In Christ Alone
  • Yes I Will
  • Forever
We created a playlist on Youtube in case you want to start listening today. You can find that by clicking HERE.
The Bible Project Video on Genesis
Have you ever looked into the Bible Project Videos? They are super helpful and enjoyable. Check out their video that sums up the book of Genesis right HERE.
This Week in The Gospel Centered Life
Lesson 6: Heart Idolatry
THIS WEEK'S BIG IDEA: We’ve said that the Christian walk consists of two repeated steps: repentance and faith. In Lesson Five, we dealt with repentance. Now we turn our attention to the topic of faith. Remember, we grow through believing the gospel. That’s the emphasis of this week’s discussion and exercise. Easy enough, right? This week’s goal is to take “believing the gospel” out of the abstract and make it concrete.

Basic Overview of the Class: Lots of Christians talk about the gospel, but how many really understand the gospel and know how to apply it to their lives? Featuring nine self-contained lessons with discussion questions, articles, and practical exercises "The Gospel-Centered Life" helps us understand how the gospel shapes every aspect of life.
Did You Know...?
New Offering Boxes Available This Sunday

Starting this Sunday we will transition from collecting our offering in the little baskets placed throughout the building to collecting it in lock-boxes mounted on the wall. Boxes will be located at the North and South entrances of the worship center as well as the entryway from the worship center to Gathering Grounds. 

We very much believe that giving is a continuation of our worship and expresses our trust, ultimately, in God to provide for all our needs. We are so grateful to God for how he provides for the ministry through the generosity of our church family. 

If you haven't thought much about giving in the past maybe this is a time to reflect on the Lord's will for your giving. The Lord does call us to give with cheerful hearts, not out of a cold, heartless feeling of obligation (2 Corinthians 9:7). Not only this, our God is gracious and patient. If you don't know how you could spare anything more, take that to the Lord, ask for his help and have your eyes open for how he will provide. 
Starting this month the coffee shop will now be fully open Wednesday through Saturday. Thank you to all our generous volunteers! Also a big THANKS! to Robin Neth who has started making treats to serve. But let's not let Robin have all the fun! Contact the office for information about how you can bless the community by providing treats to serve in the coffee shop. 
5:45PM - Free Family Fellowship Meal- Everyone is welcome!
6:25PM - Worship and Prayer
6:35PM - Classes Begin!
7:30-7:45 - Dismiss

Pre K-K: Grapevine Studies: Stories in Genesis
1st-3rd: ABC'S Of God
4th-6th Grade: The Names of God
Revival Youth (7th-12th Grade): The Attributes of God
Adult Bible Study: 2 Corinthians - True Discipleship 
Sunday School Class List
  • Elementary & Junior Sunday School Class (4 years to 6th grade students)- "Answers in Genesis" in classrooms downstairs
  • Revival grades 7-12, taught by Pastor Brandon in the attic
  • Adults - The Gospel Centered Life in the Fellowship Hall
Men's Breakfast Returns October 23rd @ 8:00AM!
Hey guys, join us for the return of Men's breakfast where we'll be studying the subject of sexual purity. Discussions will revolve around Joe Rigney's incredibly helpful book, "More Than a Battle". Our times together in discussion will be especially designed to facilitate small groups of guys who want to dive deeper into the battle in between the monthly men's breakfast meetings. Contact Pastor Cory if you want a book. The book can also be purchased HERE.
Downtown Story Time Event, October 30th, 9:00-10:00AM

The Meridian District is going to be hopping on October 30th and this provides us yet another sweet opportunity to serve our community and get solid stories into the hands of local kids. As it turned out, when we did this for the Riverboat Days Parade we didn't get a lot of attention. BUT, this one will be different because people will be hanging out downtown all day long. Our story time last year for this event was packed! We'll serve hot chocolate and coffee, read some great, God-honoring stories to our guests, and give away a bunch of book prizes! Please contact the office to sign up and help us:
- Set up and clean up
- Serve Hot Chocolate and Coffee
- Read stories
- Greet guests at the door and help them get registered for the prize drawing
- Be friendly face for the glory of Jesus 
Here are all the study/fellowship opportunities currently available through our church:
  • Monday Morning Men's Group (6:45 AM at Fryn' Pan)
  • Men's Thursday Noon Bible Study will meet in the Fellowship Hall to discuss the upcoming Sunday sermon. Bring a lunch if you would like.
  • Women's Thursday morning study, 9:00 AM in the Women's Ministry Area will be studying "Eyewitness The Acts Series". Child care available for Thursday mornings. Questions? Contact the church office at (605) 689-2211.
  • Women's Tuesday night study, "Everyday Theology" is from 5:30-7:00 PM. If you are in need of a book please contact the office.
The Great Threat To A Happy Christian Community

One of the best books I read in 2021 was Dietrich Bonhoeffer's "Life Together". Being a little bit of an older work (and translated from German) it takes me a bit to get "limbered up" for the reading but, what a treasure it is! The truly great insight comes early when he's talking about what hinders our Christian fellowship. He says, essentially, what hinders fellowship most is our own, personal, ingratitude. We love our fantasy church when God has given us an actual church to love and be thankful for. He says, "God hates visionary dreaming; it makes the dreamer proud and pretentious. The man who fashions a visionary ideal of community demands that it be realized by God, by others, and by himself...When things do not go his way, he calls the effort a failure...So he becomes first an accuser of his brethren, then an accuser of God, and finally the despairing accuser of himself. 
In the Christian community thankfulness is just what it is anywhere else in the Christian life. Only he who gives thanks for little things receives the big things. We prevent God from giving us the great spiritual gifts He has in store for us, because we do not give thanks for daily gifts."

Let's resolve together, at all times, to be grateful for each other and to express that gratitude to God and one another! 
Grief Share Surviving the Holidays Seminar
November 14th at 6:00PM
After a tumultuous year of so much grief, loss, and isolation, this year’s holiday season will be especially difficult for the bereaved. The isolating effects of the pandemic have complicated the grieving process for many bereaved people, and they’re heading into the holiday season feeling especially alone without their loved one. This is why Surviving the Holidays is needed now more than ever.

Discovery will host a seminar to help those in our community that struggle with loss over the holiday season. The 2 hour seminar will be taught by Neal and Kerri Dodge on Sunday, November 14th at 6:00PM. Each participant will receive a personal copy of the Grief Share Holiday Survival Guide of their own to keep. To reserve your spot, please call the church office (605)689-2211.
Can you help?
Pathways Shelter for the Homeless is in need of some donations. For this first time in quite a while, Pathways is running low on a few items at their Donation Center. If you have any of these and are ready to part with them, please contact their Donation Specialist Beth at 605-212-9556. Please click HERE to view a larger image of the donation list.
Elder Meeting Minutes
To read the minutes from our most recent elder meeting, please click HERE.
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