February 2021 | Issue 10
Welcome to the 10th issue of The Greater Houston Journal!

In this issue of The Greater Houston Journal you with find:

The Clay Bird 2021 Feature
2021 February Events Calendar
2021 Buckel Race Series Registration Links
Greater Ladies 5-Stand League Info

And much more!
The Clay Bird Online
We imagine many of our members are somewhat relieved to put 2020 in their rear-view mirrors, so to speak. As the GHSC team looks back on 2020, we remain humbled by your support, grateful for your friendship, and excited about the journey ahead. It’s one we’ll make together.

One way that Greater Houston Sports Club (GHSC) is celebrating the New Year is with a new, innovative format for The Clay Bird. We’re taking our popular The Clay Bird online this year! The Clay Bird 2021 plan for this, already our fifth volume, is to publish quarterly throughout the 2021 calendar year. Our goal with the format change is to bring you the most current club information with fresh, exciting content all year long.

We hope you enjoy the new Clay Bird! Here’s to the New Year, and here’s to you!

Event Updates | February Calendar
2021 Buckle Race Series
Leg 2 - Saturday, February 20th

Corporate Events
deRoode Corporate Shoot - Tuesday, February 23rd

Casual shooting is available for all members and guests during February.
Please contact the Clubhouse Front Desk at 281.437.6025 for more information.
Hello Shooters!

Today we are providing you with information that will help you get the most out of your 2021 Buckle Race experience. You may have noticed that the Buckle Race has become increasingly popular each year, and 2021 is no different. The January Buckle race saw the largest attendance to date with 326 eager shooters!

Larger attendance means more people on the courses and the potential to have longer shoot times and more waiting between stations. Just like in years past, the 12ga Sporting clays event and the All Gauge Sporting clays event are Euro rotation. Meaning, shooters have the ability to choose when they shoot. The alternative to that is to squad these events, which means there are specific start times. The freedom of choice when you shoot those two events is a part of the magic that makes the Buckle Race a casual and fun event. 

As the Buckle Race continues to grow we will eventually have to move to a squadded format, but we don’t believe we are there yet. 

Below is a simple graph that shows you the times the 12ga Sporting Clays course is the busiest. It seems that most people enjoy starting the course late morning, which by noon the course is pretty bogged down. On the contrary, at 8:00 am when the course opens it is pretty light and shooters are able to finish quickly. 

All the best to everyone. We thank you for your continued support of GHSC and the Buckle Race Series.

2021 Buckle Race | Dates & Registration Links

All Sporting Clay registration is now through WinScoreOnline. Please see below for dates and registration links for all Sporting and Skeet events for the 2021 Buckle Race!

2021 Buckle Race - Sporting Clays Registration

2021 Buckle Race - Skeet Registration
Greater Ladies 5-Stand League!
The purpose of Greater Ladies Leagues is to inspire women to become involved in shooting sports as a lifelong pursuit with other like-minded women. This fall league participants will develop their skills and get to know other Greater Ladies through 4 weeks of shooting 5-stand.

GHSC will host the Greater Ladies 5-stand League on Thursday evenings for four weeks starting on Thursday, March 4th. We will kick off this league with instructor Ron Ingels and a 5-Stand 101 session on Wednesday, February 24th for those who are new to the shooting world and 5-Stand itself. We will conclude out four weeks of 5-Stand League with a wine night on Thursday, March 25th!

The Greater Ladies 5-Stand League will have a one-time League fee of $70 payable on Thursday, March 4th. Ladies will be responsible for payment of their 5-Stand rounds each week.d

Greater Ladies 5-Stand League check-in will begin at 4:00 pm in the Clubhouse bar. There, ladies will pair themselves into groups with whom they’d like to shoot with or can be squadded randomly. We will run 20-minute rotations for the 5-stand and will begin shooting at 4:30pm.

The GHSC Bar will be open along with steak night shenanigans for our ladies who wish to stay after the conclusion of shooting.

The ladies will shoot 50 5-Stand targets per League week encompassing a total of 200 targets over the four weeks of League. Greater Ladies 5-Stand League scores for each week will be tallied and posted on our website concluding each week.

If Your Dog Poops, Please Scoop!
In a few days, we will see the addition of a few doggy bag stations around the pavilion and clubhouse.

Please help keep your club neat and clean by picking up any special gifts your furry friends leave behind!
Retriever Training
This year you might have heard the words “back!” and “over!” echoing in the early morning hours instead of the more familiar “pull!” It’s our club members who utilize the club grounds during non-core hours for dog training, and it’s become one of the club’s more popular outdoor activities. It is getting harder and harder to find property close to Houston to train and work sporting and hunting dogs, and the club’s ponds and fields provide a great alternative!

Always with an eye on safety, the dog trainers have been out in the hours before we open the club to shooters, both during the week and on weekends. If you’d like to take advantage of the opportunity, please contact Kevin by clicking here. — R.K. Sawyer
Club Shooting Hours
Monday/Tuesday - Closed
Wed/Thurs/Fri - Noon to Dusk
Saturday - 9am to Dusk
Sunday - 9am to 6pm
The Clubhouse | Steak Night
Steak Night is in full swing for 2021! Join us on Wednesday and Thursday evenings for a laid back evening of food, fun, and friends.
Hunting Season | Info & Links
From migratory game birds to mule deer, the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department’s Outdoor Annual website carries all the regulations, limits, season dates, and hunting licenses.

Don’t get a ticket, get informed!

To get a license, click here.

For season dates, click here.

For regulations and limits, click here.
Safety Reminder | Shooting Safety Video
Greater Houston Sports Club | NSCA Certified Instructors
Greater Houston Sports Club is proud to be home to several NSCA Certified instructors. Please see below for a link to the instructor page on our website for a comprehensive list of members who coach.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading, and don't forget to see below for upcoming events.
Stay safe, and be well everyone. We'll see you soon at the club!
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