The Greater Houston Journal
October 5, 2020 | Issue 6
Welcome to the sixth issue of The Greater Houston Journal!

Can you believe it? Five months have passed since we released the first issue of The Greater Houston Journal, and what an incredible and memorable five months they have been! We hope you continue to enjoy the journal and look forward to its release as much as we enjoy preparing and publishing it for you!

In this issue you will find:

Ladies Skeet League Information
A Hunting Season Updates Section
Dates of October Corporate and Charity Shoots
A South Central Regional & Diamond Classic Recap

And much, much more!
Club Updates | October Corporate & Charity Shoots!
October 8 - Boy Scouts / October 10 - Houston Safari Club
October 20 - Latham Watkins / October 23 - Takedown Adventures
October 26 - EHS Dads / October 29 - Duchesne
October 30 through November 1 - Texas State Skeet Championship

Casual shooting is available for members and their guests during all October events! Contact the Clubhouse Front Desk at 281.437.6025 for more information!
Featured Amenity | Retriever Training
This year you might have heard the words “back!” and “over!” echoing in the early morning hours instead of the more familiar “pull!” It’s our club members who utilize the club grounds during non-core hours for dog training, and it’s become one of the club’s more popular outdoor activities. It is getting harder and harder to find property close to Houston to train and work sporting and hunting dogs, and the club’s ponds and fields provide a great alternative!

Always with an eye on safety, the dog trainers have been out in the hours before we open the club to shooters, both during the week and on weekends. If you’d like to take advantage of the opportunity, please contact Kevin by clicking here.

— R.K. Sawyer
South Central Regional & Diamond Classic | Recap Article!
It goes without saying, but the South Central Regional & Diamond Classic went off with a bang!

Click the picture* to the left for more photos of the South Central Regional.

Click the link below for an excellent recap article written by long time club member, shooter, and contributor, R.K. Sawyer.

*Photo Credit: Israel D. Thompson

The Bar | Wine Tasting
Wine tastings are back at Greater Houston Sports Club! This coming Thursday, October 8th, join us for an evening of delicious food and enjoy a flight of amazing Malbecs!

Featured wines include a selection from acclaimed vintner Bodega Catena Zapata.

Click the picture to the right for more information about Bodega Catena Zapata!
Greater Ladies Skeet League
Greater Ladies Skeet League is here! Shoulder up your shotguns, and get ready to break some clays this October 8th - October 29th! Click the link below for details, and we'll see you then!

Hunting Season | Info Links
From migratory game birds to mule deer, the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department’s Outdoor Annual website carries all the regulations, limits, season dates, and hunting licenses.

Don’t get a ticket, get informed!

To get a license, click here.

For season dates, click here.

For regulations and limits, click here.
Advertising Opportunities
With the upcoming release of the 2021 Clay Bird right around the corner, and The Greater Houston Journal out now on a monthly basis, opportunities abound for advertising within Greater Houston's membership community.

For more information, please contact Kevin Dougherty or Jonathan Myers.
Safety Reminder | Shooting Safety Video
Greater Houston Sports Club | NSCA Certified Instructors
Greater Houston Sports Club is proud to be home to several NSCA Certified instructors. Please see below for a link to the instructor page on our website for a comprehensive list of members who coach.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading, and don't forget to see below for upcoming events.
Stay safe and be well everyone. We'll see you soon at the club!
Established in 1959 and situated on 290 immaculately maintained acres less than 20 minutes south of downtown, the Greater Houston Sports Club is Houston’s premier shotgun sports complex.
Address: 6700 McHard Road, Houston, Texas 77053
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