Ideas to Impact: Your Gifts at Work
Wilson Fundations and the Dyslexia Initiative Helps All K-3 Readers
"Seeing her happy and excited to go to school has been such an incredible gift, to her and our entire family."

Achieving grade level reading proficiency in the early years of elementary school is essential to children’s long-term academic success.
Learn more about how PCEF donors are giving the gift of literacy, and helping PCSD be on the forefront of multi-sensory learning.
Live PC Give PC on 11/9!
Give to Your School's Live PC Give PC Project!

Every November, the Park City Community Foundation brings our community together for 24 hours of giving.

You can help your child, and every child, by supporting the projects at each Park City school!
From software to musical playground equipment to fidgety furniture, you can give to any or all of the school projects seeking your support. Be sure to scroll down our Live Give page to see them all!

Park City High has 27 sports and clubs taking part!

Our students are asking for your support on Park City's most generous day, to help them raise funds for much-needed items to make their school experience better.

You don't have to wait 'til November 9th - you can give now! Check out all the school projects here . Be sure to scroll down our Live Give page.

Thank you to Vinto Pizzeria for their support of each school's Live PC Give PC project!
Nearly 500 Families Forgot Their Gift to PCEF This Fall! You Can Still Give Now OR During Live PC Give PC!
Ooops - we forgot to send flyers home for Beat the Call, AND you couldn't give at School Registration. Now PCEF is short $40,000 from our Give $180 and Beat the Call parent appeal!

We can't sustain the 100 programs we fund in our schools, such as elementary art and coding, makerspaces, or One Book One Community, without everyone's support.

500 families who gave last year haven't given yet this year . Please consider giving your yearly gift to PCEF now.

You don't have to wait until November 9th - click here to give to PCEF now!

Click here to see families who have already given through 10/5! Thank you!
Donor Spotlight
Beano Solomon

"When I found out about the Dyslexia Initiative, it was pretty simple to give to PCEF for that program. Nationally and even locally, dyslexic kids weren't getting the instruction they neeed" - Beano Solomon
Find out why Beano moved to Park City, and her ultimate philanthropic goals!
Congrats to McPolin and Parents for 'Beating the Call!'
Thank you to everyone who participated in Beat the Call this year, and congratulations to our winners!

McPolin Elementary School came in first place with a 45% participation percentage! They receive the $2,500 UPS Stores Park City Challenge Grant as well as a DANCE PARTY hosted by Jaybird !
Ecker Hill Middle School came in second place and will be awarded a $1,000 PCEF Grant.
Jeremy Ranch Elementary School came in 3rd Place and will receive a $750 PCEF Grant.
Parley’s Park Elementary School was a close 4th and will receive a   $500 PCEF Grant.

Here are the participation percentage totals this year:
1st Place: MPES: 45%
2nd Place: EHMS: 41% (first time ever in top 3!)
3rd Place: JRES: 37.2%
4th Place: PPES: 37.1%
5th Place: TSES: 33%
6th Place: TMJH: 31% (most improved!)

Thank you to all parents who have given through 10/5!
Teacher Spotlight
Kit Howard, Trailside Teacher and Fundations Facilitator

"I had trouble learning to read, yet all of my teachers made me feel good about myself and made learning something that was hard, fun!" 

Learn more about Kit Howard, a first grade teacher at Trailside Elementary School.
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