The generation that weathered the Great Depression and won World War II has been called “The Greatest Generation”, and rightly so. The generation that followed, well…maybe not so much.

I am consistently heartened, however, by what I see from a rising generation of Americans in their teens and 20s who seem to have somehow absorbed the decency, selflessness and sense of community of those who came long before.

I am lucky to witness this from a front row seat through our work with the local Scouts. Just this week, an impressive young woman became the first girl from South County to earn the rank of Eagle Scout, while a fourth-grader from Smithfield used the ice rescue training he learned in Cub Scouts to avert a potential tragedy. And that’s only in the last few days – these types of stories happen all the time.

So here’s to what may well be the “Next” Greatest Generation, the parents who are raising them right and the Scout leaders who volunteer to teach them. When you cut through all the noise and cynicism these folks give me a reason to be optimistic. 
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University of Scouting: 25 Volunteers, 7 States = 1 Great Event 

Scouting volunteers from all over the country came together virtually for the Narragansett Council’s annual University of Scouting event.

This event prepares Scouting leaders and volunteers to build their leadership skills and improve the experience they provide to Scouts. 

Participants from as far away as Nevada and California took part in expert-taught courses that provided a valuable experience for everyone involved. Sessions included showing Scouts how to preserve the environment, and where volunteers and leaders can learn the best methods and strategies for working with Scouts with physical or learning disabilities.

“The University of Scouting is one of many opportunities throughout the year for volunteers to learn and strengthen their skills as leaders," said Tim McCandless, Scout Executive of the Narragansett Council. "We know this makes all the difference in the growth."

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Now Boarding for L.A.!
Within a span of about 24 hours Rhode Island T. F. Green International Airport announced seven new nonstop routes earlier this month — Los Angeles, Savannah, Jacksonville, Columbus and Richmond via Breeze Airways and Denver and Raleigh-Durham via Frontier Airlines. 

These exciting additions make PVD a local connection to the West Coast for the first time. And if those weren’t enough, the Jacksonville route provides a “Breeze Through” option where travelers can fly to New Orleans without ever leaving their seat. 

Our team coordinated social media for the Breeze Airways launch event and ensuing promotion, generating more than 75,000 impressions and 8,100 engagements across 31 social posts that highlighted the new destinations and partners in government who have supported PVD’s growth over the years. These posts took the opportunity to show the bigger picture — PVD is expanding its reach, and this growth is one of the many reasons why it is consistently recognized as one of the best small airports in the country.

Stay tuned to PVD’s social media feeds on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn this spring for these new flights to take off! 
Rhode Island Ready is Off and Running!

RI Ready, Rhode Island’s new $40 million site readiness initiative, has hit the ground running. The program, modeled after the successful Site Readiness initiative at Quonset Business Park, helps industrial sites across the state gain the necessary approvals to support industrial development and create new jobs.

Six properties have already applied in just a few short weeks on RI Ready’s easy-to-use website. The site features an interactive map highlighting the current application sites and will continue to follow their progress as they move through the approval process.

The team at Quonset is assisting applicants and providing an array of services for enrolled sites, including technical assistance with engineering, permitting and other pre-approvals. We encourage cities and towns and property owners to start a conversation with the RI Ready team today to see if the program is the right fit for us to work together to get your site “Rhode Island Ready.”


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R.I. Governor Announces $60M Investment at Quonset’s Port of Davisville 

Gov. Daniel J. McKee recently announced a proposal to invest $60 million at Quonset’s Port of Davisville using American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. The funds will support a plan to make infrastructure improvements designed to position Quonset, and Narragansett Bay, as a hub for the offshore wind industry.

Davisville’s prime location positions the Ocean State to service the 2,500 megawatts of offshore wind projects in the pipeline. The funds will increase capacity at the Port for construction staging, logistics, and operations and maintenance, as well as adding more docking space. 

The investment, announced as part of the Governor’s FY2023 state budget proposal, will preserve thousands of existing port jobs while preparing Rhode Island for the wind energy jobs of the future.

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RIPEC: R.I. Revenues Higher than Most New England States

The Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council (RIPEC) recently released “How Rhode Island Compares”, a report comparing the state's financial position to others in New England and across the country. 

“As state policymakers grapple with where to invest an influx of federal funds and craft a state budget, How Rhode Island Compares will be particularly helpful in highlighting areas where Rhode Island needs to invest and where we need to constrain spending in the long term,” said Michael DiBiase, President and CEO of RIPEC. 

The report found that Rhode Island’s total state and local revenues were the second highest in New England, and the state has a higher reliance on tax revenues than the U.S average. They also found that education expenditures make up the largest portion of Rhode Island’s spending (27.2 percent). To learn more about how Rhode Island stacks up in other categories, click here.



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