The Greatest Gift 12-Week Class $495
Taught by Soul Level Astrologers Mark Borax & Marcella Eversole
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Part 1 begins Sat, Feb 9 - Mar 16 @ 2.45 pm Eastern
Part 2 begins Sat, Apr 27 - Jun 1 @ 2.45 pm Eastern
Art by JiaJenn
Rilke said the greatest gift one person can offer another is to stand guard over the other's solitude. This idea inspired me to launch a course that uses the birth chart to identify the solitude, or sacred space inside you that you yourself can learn to stand guard over.

This is a roots-of-relationship course.

Part 1 is designed to amplify your connection to yourself, which forms the basic template for your relation to others. By learning to inhabit your sacred space you land in the roots of your being, which opens the gift of innermost nature. Part 2 is designed to catalyze your capacity for holding that sacred space with another in intimate relationship, whether that be your children, parents, partners or friends.

All participants will receive recordings and extra discussion outside of class the 90-minute class time. ~ Mark & Marcella

Overview of Part One
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1. Taking the Venusian channel down to essence
   Venus opens the tunnel of love, especially self-love. By exploring your Venus you learn of your core of intimacy.

2. Locating prenatal Sun & Venus for self-intimacy
   Deeper than your natal Sun & Venus, your prenatal Sun is the source of your inner radiance and well-being. Your prenatal Venus sources the deepest pool of your love.

3. From karma to grace: your nodal axis
  The wounded issues of the past lie in your Dragon’s Tail, or south node; their resolution stands opposite, in the north. As you free your old patterns you gain presence as a magical being, when karma turns to grace.
4. Septiles and squares: Loaded issues
  Your hardest issues hold the key to love and happiness because until you turn them around on a root level, those patterns only change on the surface.

5. Destiny riddles and central paradoxes
  Each soul holds a piece of the puzzle of existence that they reincarnated in order to explore. When this central irony is revealed it casts your life in a new and transformative light.

6. Gaining the greatest gift means giving it away
  Learning to stand guard over your solitude does not mean walling yourself off inside yourself, but recognizing the value of the love and true nature you have to give.  
"Mark and Marcella are two of the most heart-soul-fully-word-piercing-living-truth-love masters that I know on this planet. I am so very grateful to each of your medicines in the most profound of ways. Each one of you has enriched my path in ways I can not describe with words, but where my heart and soul dance in its most fullest expression in every exchange I have with you.  Mireya Alejo Marcet,  MA, MFT