March 18, 2010


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Cita Con La Vida, Cordoba, Argentina

More than 5,000 in attendance in Cordoba, Argentina, were challenged to double the size of the Latin American Church in this generation.

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James O. Davis and Carlos Belart
John Ed Mathison ministering in Argentina
Argentina Leaders
James Davis ministering in Argentina

Dear Visionary Leader,

A global missional shift is taking place. Mountains of ministry are rising all over the celestial ball. Regardless of your church size, if you look across the horizon of Christianity, you will see towering peaks on every corner of the earth.

For 24 years, Carlos Belart served as an Argentina Air Force Captain. Upon completing his service in 1990, he planted Cita Con La Vida Church in Cordoba, Argentina. Today, this ministry is one of the strongest in all of Latin America, numbering more than 30,000 throughout the city. In recent years, missionaries have been sent out from Cita Con La Vida to Africa and Asia. Pastor Belart says, “It is time for every church to take responsibility for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. We must not depend upon others to pay for it. We must learn to sow, expecting the Lord to prosper us.”

More than 5,000 pastors and leaders were challenged this week in Cordoba. On Tuesday, pastors came from throughout Argentina to further synergize efforts to double the size of the Latin American Church. We heard powerful presentations from Carlos Belart, North America’s John Ed Mathison, Indonesia’s Eddy Leo and others. For more than 30 years, the “Argentine Revival”
has continued to catapult the evangelical church from less than 2 percent to more than 15 percent of the entire population. Recently, Pastor Belart challenged Argentine political leaders stating, “If you do not change, your children will work for us in the future. We will take over this nation for the glory of God!”

Remember the account of Caleb who determined as a young man to take the mountain in the Promised Land. May the Lord raise up a generation of Caleb’s who say, “Give me this mountain! I will claim, climb and conquer it!”

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Grandma Jo and Kiddos

On February 23, 2010, Elijah Cole Webster came into this world, the 9th great-grandchild of the late Edwin Louis Cole, and the first grandson of Joann Cole Webster, Cochair/Global Operations. Dr. Ed Cole influenced a generation of men. Elijah joins the legacy of Dr. Ed Cole, whose “spiritual sons” and grandsons now pastor some of the largest churches in the world. Dr. Cole’s men’s ministry is still the most widely-used men’s ministry resource in the global Church. You can make disciples of men by using the resources at!

Walter Kaiser Kenneth C. Ulmer
Leonard Sweet SteveRiggle

The week after Easter, the Second Annual North American Conference on Biblical Preaching will convene in Houston, Texas. In 48 hours, you can learn the preaching process of some of the finest expositors in the world. At this point, seats are limited! Pastors are coming from both inside and outside the United States. Hurry up to secure your place! You can register at

Kay Arthur

Kay Arthur has taught Biblical Exposition in every world region. At, you can experience nearly three hours of her teaching, as she walks the preacher through her process of rightly dividing the Word of God. Be sure to check it out today!

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Ben Lerner
Bestselling Author
Dr. Ben Lerner

While flying to Argentina, I previewed a soon-to-be-released book, Winning Your Race: Discovering the Time and Energy to Fulfill Your Destiny, by Doctors Ben Lerner and Chris Zaino. In it, a life-changing statement grabbed my attention: “You are only as strong as who you work out with.” I challenge you to let that wrestle you to the ground.

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Longoria

Immediately, I remembered a letter from a pastor following last January’s Synergize 2! Pastors Conference in Orlando, Florida. Ps Marc Longoria from San Antonio, Texas illustrates that we are only as strong as to who we choose to work out with. He wrote:

What an incredible, most awesome conference Synergize 2 was!!! Wow every ministry leader in the world should attend these events.
After receiving an invitation from Paul Cole to attend, I flew to Orlando and unsuspectingly walked into a conference full of manna from heaven. I was so IMPACTED by the words from many of the speakers from around the world. The Holy Spirit inside of me was so big, I felt like a balloon ready to burst.
By the second day, I can tell you that I barely made it back to my hotel room. As soon as I walked in my room, I fell on my knees and began to weep before the Lord. I left this conference with an impartation of the Holy Spirit by hearing these spiritual giants. I was also on a 21-day fast during the days of the conference, so I believe that helped me to be even more sensitive to the spirit of God and His voice.
The majority of men and women who spoke are not “mainline conference speakers” as we know them in the American Christian Culture, but I can say this for sure: THEY ARE SPIRITUAL GIANTS! They didn’t just come in and give us a “feel-good message” of empowerment, they actually testified about what God had them doing in their countries to expand the Kingdom of God by bringing souls to know Jesus as their personal savior and by planting thousands upon thousands of churches. I know God will allow us to keep learning from these giants and do more together for His kingdom.
I have a new-found interest for church planting. I came back to my church and told our leaders to get ready to launch at least 10 churches in the next 10 years. My church is in San Antonio, Texas, but we are already in the process of launching a church in California and another one in Matamoros, Mexico—PRAISE GOD! We are multiplying ourselves so we can reach more people for Jesus.
I can’t wait for the next Synergize conference. Next time, I’m bringing as many other ministry leaders as I can.

Do you have any spiritual giants in your life? If we spend time with the right people in the right place, then we will be come the right persons. Just as faith is caught and taught, we are only as strong as the people we choose to work out with! Blessings!

Until The Last Person Has Heard,
James O. Davis
James O. Davis
COCHAIR/Global Networking
COFOUNDER/Billion Soul