The Greatest Show

on Earth

RECAP and Timeline of Events

Newsletter - Issue 13 - Aug. 1, 2022

Newsletter Topics:

-The Greatest Show on Earth

-This is What is Getting Ready to Happen with Gesara

-RECAP and Timeline Of Events

-Hollywood is One Big Cabaret Show

-Which is the Real Donald Trump?

-Three (3) Actors Playing Joe Biden

-There Were More Than One MLK, Jr.

-Who Are These People? 

-Gesara Updates

-What is Gesara?

-Uvalde, TX Shooting was a False Flag

-Walmart FEMA Camps Did Exist

-McDonald's is Serving Human Meat

-Over 900 in Witness Protection

-Elvis is 'The True King'

-Why Women's

Shoes Were Made for Natural Born or Biological Women

-The Surrogate That Carried Meghan Markle's and Prince Harry's Baby

-Macron Wins Re-election in France

-Is the NFL, NBA and Other Sports Evil? 

-Colin Kaepernick is a Woman

-More Hollywood Deceivers

-Cathy Harris' 65th Birthday Video Series

-What Really Happened in 2020 Videos

-List of the Guilty

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The Greatest Show

on Earth

History in the Making 

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This Is What Is Getting Ready To Happen With Gesara


Cathy Harris

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RECAP and Timeline of Events

JFK Until Today

I started my career off as an 'Administrative Specialist' in the Military then as a 'Secretary' in the Federal Government and eventually became an 'Author' where I now have 26 non-fiction books so I write for a living.

Some of the following facts won't do anything but take you down the rabbit hole. Some of it you will never find out if it is true or not but this is what happened to be best of my recollection.

Just remember it's been a MOVIE the whole time to wake you up so that you can transition over into a NEW WORLD, #Gesara, #GoldenEra.

I can't tell you when the movie started. Was it when Trump was elected to office or when Joe Biden became the supposedly President of the U.S. or was it when you took your first breath of air out of your mother's womb?

Your whole life has been an illusion. Everything has been a LIE. The history books are lies and the media has been lying to you your entire life.

Remember there are currently two (2) realities and 2 dimensions...3rd dimension of sadness, pain, and suffering, and 5th Dimension...where you are living in peace, joy, and happiness. I choose the 5th Dimension...

Gesara hasn't gone through yet...but it is on the verge any day now where everyone who chooses to go into the 5th Dimension can do just that.

What has happened up until now, especially over the past 2 years is like a bad relationship. Only you can decide if you will stay in the relationship or break up and go out in the universe and heal. 

A determining factor will be where you put your thoughts and energy and that will be strictly up to you. You have a choice to hang out with others who are not working to build a beautiful world or those that are working on behalf of humanity like myself.

You are now in control of the rest of your life. Will you keep having pain and suffering or will you move forward and build a beautiful life of joy, peace, and happiness for yourself?

It is all your choice. At the end of the day, you have to make a choice. #Gesara, #5thDimension, #NewWorld.

-Jan. 20, 1961 - Nov. 22, 1963 - President JFK tried to pass Gesara but he was unsuccessful and many believe this is why he was killed.

-Sep. 10, 2001 - The gold was moved out of the Twin Towers because they did not want to blow up the 'Gold'. The U.S. now have control of the gold and these are just some of the funds which will be distributed under Gesara. 

-Sep. 11, 2001 - Gesara was supposed to be passed during 911 but the Twin Towers were blown up to stop it. No planes were involved. There were around 8,000 people in the towers -- not 3,000 as mainstream media, which is part of the evil Cabal, has stated. 

-2013 - Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates, was hanged in India after killing many Indians and African children and sterilizing many women as a part of their #DepopulationAgenda. They were hunted down by a mob of people and hanged from the trees in India. Since then you have been watching 'doubles'. 

#Russiagate. Hillary Clinton concocted one of the most diabolical misinformation campaigns in the history of this country against Donald Trump. She said that Donald Trump was secretly a Russian Agent aided and abetted by the Kremlin. He was innocent. She used the media and the FBI to spread this misinformation and this is why most people hated Donald Trump and many were surprised when he won the Presidency.

However, Trump had been working secretly with "The White Hat Alliance"  to take down a thousand-year-old cult that used everyone, especially our children as cattle.

Most people who were paying attention knew that Hillary Clinton was one of the worse Human Beings that ever walked this planet. She ended the lives of many people who got in her way. She was nothing but a Child Trafficker especially when she created "The Clinton Global Initiative" and kidnapped children from Haiti and other countries. 

-Jan. 20, 2017 - Donald Trump became the 45th President of the U.S. Had Hillary Clinton won, we all would be vaccinated, micro-chipped, sick, and dying in FEMA Camps. Hillary and Obama were part of the evil Cabal. They had an 8-year plan for Obama and an 8-year plan for Hillary Clinton to #Depopulate the world.

2017 - Supposedly, Trump was asked to run for President by the "White Hat Alliance" -- which at that time included over "200 Military Generals," who did not like what happened during 911. Trump was asked to do this because he was a Business Owner, not a Politician. He had also gone to military school, so he understood the military tactics they would need to rescue the children.

With the new QFS financial system, there could be 'NO CRIME' so they had to stop Child, Sex and Human Trafficking, which was one of the most horrific crimes on the planet. JFK had tried to implement the new financial system and it was supposed to happen during 911, but they blew up the Twin Towers.

Donald Trump's first order of business was to declare a "War on Child Traffickers," so he signed several Executive Orders (EO) to capture Child, Sex, and Human Traffickers. Therefore, Military Tribunals have been taking place since 2017 when Trump first took office and there have been over 500,000 arrests made in the U.S. for 'Crimes Against Humanity.'

-Oct. 20, 2019 - This date was possibly the first case of COVID from the Wuhan Lab, which was released at the World Games, in public elevators, on public computers, etc.

Many were exposed to 20 strains of the COVID virus and were sick from October 2019 to March 2020 with flu-like symptoms. After this date, the deadly strains of COVID were gone and most people only had a cold or flu-like symptoms after that.

The new financial system had been planned for 8 to 10 years, but because the "Black Hats" -- Dark Cult, Deep State, the Cabal, the Globalists, and Shadow Government released the COVID virus from the Wuhan lab, the "White Hat Alliance", had to step into action -- even earlier -- and get control of the virus, while implementing the new financial system and keep rescuing the children.

2020 - 5G Towers were placed on many playgrounds, outside of schools and hospitals, and on many streets all over the country. In many places especially overseas, tons of dead birds were found outside of these towers.

Many people were able to connect 5G radiation poisoning with COVID symptoms, but supposedly, Donald Trump has disarmed all the 5G towers, which were placed there by the Cabal, to zap us with radiation. Each 5G tower could reach at least 25 miles. 

-Mar. 2020 - By Mar. 2020 the COVID virus was over but the mainstream media, which was part of the evil Cabal and/or Deep State kept using it as a 'scare tactic' to keep everyone from talking to each other. Their goals were to keep you in a STATE OF FEAR

-Mar. 2020 - Facebook and Instagram banned all vaccine posts and discussions. Many people's lives could have been saved if we could have had these discussions early on. 

-Mar. 3, 2020 - Everyone was told to isolate in place or #SelfIsolate in place because of COVID. They forced us to wear masks and stand 6 feet apart. They forced us to isolate in our homes while

businesses closed down.

March 2020 - "Q" who worked alongside of "The White Hat Alliance" and Trump, was 6 military intelligence agencies. Many Anons, Q followers, were receiving the 'Q Drops' and the rest of us were just WOKE -- and had been for years.

I was a Baby Boomer and former government whistleblower, former soldier, and had been raised with the teachings of so it was hard to pull the wool over my eyes. I knew exactly what the military and government were capable of.  

By the end of March 2020, many Patriots and Truthers figured out they had to close down to rescue the children and implement a new financial system. 

Most of the Patriots and Truthers did not even watch TV and had realized that the #Mockingbird mainstream media was always the enemy and was doing nothing but reporting #FakeNews. We all realized that "We Were Now the News" so we all found different platforms so our voices could be heard. 

During this time the CIA/Cabal-run mainstream media launched a campaign against the ANONS, the "Q" followers. They called them crazy "Conspiracy Theorists" and even said many were being arrested and others were wanted by the FBI.  

The "Anons" were 'Q' followers who read "Q" drops. There were no "Qanons". The Patriots were just individuals dedicated to justice and the love of this country but many were not Anons.

The Truthers were also Patriots but many were also Whistleblowers (aka "Truth-Tellers"), so many of them were not even Anons, but the media launched a campaign against all of us -- Anons, Patriots, and Truthers, simply because many of us were also Trump followers.

I was a Patriot and Truther but never read a "Q drop." Also, not everyone who followed Trump was a Conservative or Republican. I was and still am an 'Independent' and had left the 'Demoncratic' or "Demonrats" party in 2008. I wasn't straddling the fence so I love this country and I love justice and I realized many years ago that there was something VERY EVIL about the Democratic party. 

The guilty parties were in fact "The 3-letter agencies" especially the CIA and FBI, and also the Cabal-run #Mockingbird mainstream media. Like Russiagate, they also carried out media campaigns against the Anons, Patriots, and Truthers and this is how the whole country became divided and split. The media along with the FBI and CIA was to blame for all the turmoil, chaos, and division in this country. 

People were boycotting Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. All the Patriots and Truthers joined alternative news sites such as,,,, Telegram, etc. had become extremely popular but was eventually taken down. It was eventually bought out by Candace Owens and her husband. It never gained back its momentum again and Telegram,, and are now the new KINGS of social media that many Patriots and Truthers use. 

Join all these platforms at once. Until Trump takes back the Republic and Gesara go through, many people will probably continue to be censored and kicked permanently off platforms so find a platform and continue to get your messages out.

Governor Cuomo of New York and others were shuffling the elderly into nursing homes with very little care and many were just dying there without any family support.

Chances are also many Seniors were given a 'fatal dose' of poisons, like in other countries. Check out Funeral Director Whistleblower speaks out.

Because Trump, who is also from New York like Cuomo, has a weakness and 'soft heart' for children and Seniors, and since he was still President, he forced Cuomo to hold daily COVID briefings wearing his 'boob piercings' -- which you could see through his white shirts.

This was a form of punishment or humiliation for what Cuomo had done to the Seniors. He was being made an example of and supposedly he was very distraught and upset at his Military Tribunal. 

Their goal was to make New York City a "Smart City" so they could control everyone with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Even now the city doesn't grow any of its foods so they could kill everyone there off with starvation by stopping the delivery of foods.

This is why everyone needs to move back to rural areas and grow foods or start "Inner City Farms" as Humanitarian Projects. Read my newsletter "Let's Grow Foods."   


Everyone was told to stay off the streets and stay out of the way of the Military. Trump brought in the military to place those suspected of 'Crimes Against Humanity' on house arrest (especially Movie Stars and Celebrities) so National Guards stood outside their homes until they could be arrested.

There were several large prison ships idling off the coast of New York and the California coast because these TWO (2) areas were GROUND ZERO for "Crimes Against Humanity" -- especially for Child, Sex, and Human Trafficking. That is when over 80% of Hollywood was taken down. However, many Movie Stars and Celebrities had already been arrested.

Movie Stars, the A, B, and C-listers, were selling their homes left and right. Hollywood was slowly becoming a ghost town. The ones not convicted of crimes were leaving for small or large farms across the country and some even came to Atlanta, which is now called "Lil Hollywood."

Other Movie Stars and Celebrities who were guilty were making a run for it. The Deep State 'Elite' rats were fleeing the ships and even used some of the same tunnels they used to kidnap children and families for Sex, Human, and Child trafficking.

When the people saw the Military they panicked. They thought the Military was there to force them to take vaccinations or to be micro-chipped, but the Patriots and Truthers knew that Trump and the Military were indeed the "Good Guys." 

When Trump came in with the Military, we were all on Patriots and Truther's websites learning the truth that the close-down was about rescuing the children and implementing the new financial system so we built online communities and tried to WAKE UP THE PEOPLE.

However, during this time Antifa and BLM were burning their OWN CITIES and neighborhoods in blue states and the radical leftist liberal Democrats called us crazy 'Conspiracy Theorists' while speaking openly for their hatred of Donald Trump.

We started hearing earthquake-like sounds all over the country and the Cabal-run media even reported it as earthquakes but the Military was blowing up tunnels and DUMBS so that they could no longer be used for drug running or Child, Sex, and Human Trafficking. 

Many gyms and other places to exercise closed down and many people stayed inside for months. People stopped exercising and stayed inside and stocked up on toilet tissue and 'unhealthy' processed GMO FrankenFoods.

They lied about hospitals being full and people being sick and dying in hospitals. They even showed dead bodies overflowing in body bags in ambulances (#ScareTactics). Instead, hospitals were empty while nurses, doctors, and other hospital staff were seen dancing and having fun all over the internet. 

In 2020 for months because of the lack of physical activity, wearing masks (especially our children), eating GMO processed FrankenFoods, which had "no nutritional value', and using TOXIC hand sanitizers and aerosol sprays, many with 'weak immune systems' ended up extremely sick or dying -- but not from COVID. 

The lack of physical activity, GMO foods, TOXIC hand sanitizers, and aerosols along with wearing masks and hospitals is what was killing a majority of the people. But no one but the Patriots and Truthers could see this.

We had great informative and credible news networks which included many Doctors, Nurses Naturalists, along with 'Whistleblowers'. So we had a front-row seat and received the correct information, but everyone else (aka "The Sheeps" and "Sleepers") were living in FEAR and only listening to the Cabal-run media, which was nothing but #FakeNews.

They did not even know that hospitals were #DeathCamps and that they were killing people because of course the media wasn't showing this on TV. 

Hospitals were killing people for organ harvesting and to make money. They gave patients the drug 'Remdesivir,' which made their kidneys give out, which meant they would need to be put on a ventilator. Being put on a ventilator meant certain death so they were killing people with the drug Remdesivir and ventilators. 

Most did not even believe children were being kidnapped and they especially did not feel Oprah Winfrey was guilty so I said goodbye to many people and blocked tons of people.

Keep in mind also when Trump and the Military came in to make more arrests, they also brought in vaccinations, which were mostly 'placebos' -- but 'booby trap batches' of TOXIC vaccinations were sent during this time from vaccine companies. 

Not only did they bring in these placebos, but had Trump not taken this action, we might not have never opened back up. They were trying to keep everything closed down and provide their toxic vaccinations for a virus that was only a cold or flu. 

Trump along with other Natural Healthcare advocates was telling everyone about HCQ, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Z-Pak, etc. as NATURAL remedies for COVID (which was nothing but a cold or flu by then) but it was rejected by blue state governors.

Instead, these blue state governors allowed their residents to be sick or to be killed in hospitals, while Antifa and BLM tore up their cities.  

Doctors and Nurses were getting fired left and right because they became 'Whistleblowers'. They said patients were not being treated in the 'correct manner' and that many patients had 'bacterial infections' from wearing masks. 

Hospitals took advantage of the sicknesses that were out there and started lying about ALL THE DEATHS by characterizing all deaths as COVID deaths -- in order to make even more money. 

-Jul. 4, 2020 - Another Declaration of Independence was written.

-Oct. 2020 - Many Truthers and Patriots were kicked off right before the mid-term elections on Nov. 3, 2020.

The China Communist Party (CCP) was trying to take over this country. A lot of the U.S. land had been bought up by the CCP and whoever controls Bill Gates's funds.

-Nov. 3, 2020 - Mid-Term elections were held - Trump vs. Biden. Because 2 side-by-side elections (Regular elections and Space Force QFS 'Watermarked' Ballots) were held, it was apparent that Trump won by 80%, which was verified by the Military and was witnessed by the Space Program. 

Jan. 2021 - On Jan. 19, 2021, after President Trump had introduced the Insurrection Act and turned the country over to the military, he walked away from the Whitehouse.

The next day Biden engaged in a fake inauguration, which showed everyone paying attention that he committed the ‘Crime of Treason’ because he knew first-hand about the massive fraud that took place during the election on Nov. 3, 2020, but still allowed himself to be sworn in – or did he? 

Biden actually admitted on camera the reason he did not go out and try to campaign was that they had the best election fraud team ever. Yes, he did. Remember no one showed up for his rallies, however, they were saying he got more votes than Obama or Trump ever did. But what is the truth though? The truth is that Trump won the election legally by 80%. 

Jan. 20, 2021 - The White House and Capitol had been empty and most of the federal workers were working from home but many probably started working from home in 2020. 

Joe Biden was sworn in in a fake inauguration on a Devilish bible with an upside-down cross along with the V.P. Kamala Harris who had some type of pouch, probably a devil book, on top of the book she was sworn in with so they both told you from the very beginning that they are not doing anything but bringing in a New World Order (NWO) 'devilish agenda' and you still don’t get it. 

Kamala Harris has not been allowed to move into the V.P. quarters because they both engaged in a fake inaugural ceremony. Kamala (Scamala) Harris is a transgender, born male, and her first and only priority after making sure Joe Biden is rendered unfit for the position so she can take his place -- is to bring in the transgender pedophile agenda. I have been telling you guys for months that the world is run by ‘Transgender Satanic Pedophiles’.


Around the time of Biden’s swearing-in ceremony, the Whitehouse was declared a ‘foreign land’ and has always had to answer to its London office.

The White House is currently closed down and is now being used as a prison for the military to lock up those arrested for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ especially those in the DC area. It’s estimated that at least 95% of all U.S. politicians are probably corrupt.


The U.S. States Corporation has been abolished and the Republic backed by the Constitution is about to be restored. The military headed by Chris Miller, the Secretary of Defense, and the head of FEMA was actually running the country at that time.

Biden was actually a #StrawPresident or an #IllegitimatePresident and this is why the Military turned their backs on him as he drove past them with his motorcade.

Biden has been signing Executive Orders somewhere probably in California in a studio. Many said the Executive Orders were blank, but others said the Executive Orders were finally showing up in the federal registry.

I don’t know whom to believe because in order to capture the enemy – there has to be a certain amount of DECEIT, DISINFORMATION, and MISINFORMATION out there.

As all the arrests for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ are taking place, many were choosing to commit suicide than to be taken into custody.

Remember Trump will probably be the last President. There have been a lot of ‘Plastic Patriots’ who have tried to infiltrate Patriots and Truthers platforms so beware of these people with ill intentions. Others that are True Patriots and Truthers have been saddened by the fake inaugural, but what they need to understand is that everything is happening as planned. 

Meanwhile, Trump has moved to Florida and opened up an office for the “Former President of the United States” so it looks like the new Whitehouse will be located in Florida. Trump should be back into position as the 19th President of a Restored Republic backed by the Constitution soon. 

Many of the Movie Stars and Celebrities' careers as actors were now on life support. Some Movie Stars and Celebrities started Podcasts, Radio Shows and started writing books to stay relevant and some even were looking at politics.

They knew all of the movie houses' Owners, Directors, etc. had been taken down for 'Crimes Against Humanity"  so they were looking for ways to reinvent themselves. 

Some like Matthew McConaughey were paid up to $30,00 or $50,00 for Speaking Engagements at the Cabal-run Colleges and Universities where they indoctrinated and groomed our children. 

Many Movie Stars, Celebrities, and Entertainers along with Sports Figures were now making money for advertisements to take vaccinations. However, many were still being arrested for 'Crimes Against Humanity' and silently taken to GITMO.

Many Patriots and Truthers spoke out against these ads but the 'Sleepers' showed their true colors by lining up to take this poison. 

The religious community especially in black communities was the first one in line because of the FREE Mason Pastors in their churches. They were also the first ones shown that died within 24 to 48 hours to 2 weeks of taking the vaccinations. 

Jul. 2021 - A list of Hollywood Celebrities who faked their deaths was floating around. These were the 900 in Witness Protection. 

-Aug. 2021 - Parents started speaking up at School Board meetings about their children being given 'sexually explicit' books. Now you have the active grooming and other forms of indoctrination taking place. 

-Aug. 2021 - Everyone found out hospitals were purposely killing people by giving them the drug 'Remdesivir', which caused their kidneys to give out and they would have to go on a ventilator, which meant certain death.

-Aug. 28, 2021 - Patriot supposedly died from being hospitalized with COVID. Many believe he is in Witness Protection after testifying against pedophiles.

-Sep. 2021 - Patriot Veronica Wolskis aka 'Marilyn Monroe' -- also known as 'The Bridge Lady' dies in hospital from COVID. Many believe she was a White Hat plant to see what medications they would give her and she is now in Witness Protection - #StingOperation

-Sep. 2021 - We found they were putting human meat in foods, especially McDonald's -- which they had been doing since the 1940s. We found out most of the Human Meat is children that were used in Satanic Rituals, and for Adrenochrome and Organ Harvesting, etc. This was how they disposed of the children's bodies. 

-Sep. 11, 2021 - Gabrielle Petito, 22, was reported missing on Sept. 11 but we later found out she and her boyfriend were both Transgender 'Crisis Actors'.

-Sep. 2021 - We found out Petito and Adam Lanza were Sandy Hook Transgender child 'Crisis Actors'.

-Oct. 2021 - Lots happened during 'Red October' 2021. There were a lot of bad guys being taken down. Many arrests and Military Tribunals were still taking place.

The media was announcing that certain people tested positive for COVID which was CODE for they were arrested and talking and wanted to take their punishment out of the public's eye. 

Patriots and Truthers were engaging in a lot of infighting. Everyone was just tired and just wanted to get everything over with. They wanted Gesara to go through.

We found out all the Halloween Candy contained human meat and other poisons and tried to warn parents but we were still called crazy 'Conspiracy Theorists'. 

-Oct. 23, 2021 - Actor Jim Caviezel gave a dynamic speech to promote the movie "The Sound of Freedom", but the movie never made it to mainstream movie theaters. Caviezel is being called the 'Illuminati' because of taking earlier pictures covering one eye. He said he did what the photographer wanted and he is innocent. 

-Oct. 23, 2021 - Juan O'Savin finally revealed himself. 

-Feb. 12, 2022 - The documentary was released, which also proved the Nov. 3, 2020, Presidential election was stolen. A follow-up documentary is being made with more incriminating evidence that the election was stolen. 

-Jun. 24, 2022 - Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade.

The White Hat Alliance is destroying some of the GMO Frankenfoods so that once we go under Gesara, the earth can thrive again, but it will take everyone to start growing their own foods again. 

The more COVID Booster Vaccinations everyone takes the more chances they will probably die from the vaccinations. The side-effects of taking the vaccinations are showing up in many people.

But many athletes started to die in 2020. They seem to be the largest group that have died besides the ones who died in the first 24 to 48 hours or first two weeks. So you need to ask yourself if it is worth it to take a #BoosterShot

A majority of the arrests for "Crimes Against Humanity" have taken place but there are still many being arrested and GITMOED. The media was supposed to be the last group that is arrested but many have been arrested and they are now using doubles in their places.

Many celebrities, politicians, newscasters, sports figures, etc. were arrested in 2020 and 2021. Some that could not disappear off the scene at the time have been replaced with 'doubles' or they are watched closely by government men until they are arrested.

Many were replaced with 'look-a-like' actors wearing masks, makeup and all types of costumes. The Black Hats used CGI, Doubles, and Clones and the White Hats used CGI and Doubles.

Many military personnel has died to protect this country since all of this started. At one time over 200 Military personnel were killed when they went inside a dwelling to capture a 'Satanist' Elite and he decided instead to blow everyone up including himself.

So understand this is a movie but there have been many 'casualties' of war. Since Trump first took over as the President in 2017, he had three (3) missions to complete:

-Firstly, protect U.S. Citizens.

-Secondly, rescue the children.

Thirdly, abolish the evil Cabal Central Banking System and replace it with the new Quantum Financial System (QFS), so we can leave the matrix and become Sovereign. Welcome to the end of the movie. You made it! #Checkmate, #JobWellDone, #GesaraIncoming, #5thDimension.

Hollywood is One Big Cabaret Show

The 2020 Great Awakening - The End of Hollywood

(click here)

The CIA created Hollywood to use as a form of "MindControl or MKUltra for anyone who watches the television. When I refer to Hollywood I am referring to Celebrities, Entertainers -- anyone on the #WorldStage.

Television has been nothing from the very beginning but just a distraction to keep you from living a wonderful and beautiful life. It was created to keep you in a STATE of FEAR and feeling less than and bowing down and worshipping others with FAME and FORTUNE. 

I am here to set the record straight. In July 2020, exactly 2 years ago, I personally found out that everyone on Television, on Magazines or on the #WorldStage are nothing but #InvertedTransgenders.

This includes all Hollywood including most Entertainers, Sports Figures, Newscasters, Politicians, etc. Everything is a lie and it's nothing but a "Weapon of Mass Distractions" -- just a form of acting, performances, and entertainment.

They don't even own these fancy cars, homes, or even the clothes on their backs. Yet many spend their whole lives watching TV 24/7 and wanting to look like or be like these people on T.V., but they are not 'Natural' or 'Biologically' born men or women. They even lie about being Gay but are actually transgenders. 

Their made-up lives, especially their marriages, separations, and divorces, are played out on T.V. and again, this is just another distraction to keep you from seeing the truth and what is really happening in this country.

Many of these couples are not even together in the first place. Hollywood forces them to get together for FAME and FORTUNE to do photoshoots and other media ops but at the end of the day they go home to their separate homes, so again, their lives are 100% made-up. 

I also found out a little later in 2020 that many of the Hollywood Movie Stars and Entertainers were actually playing 3, 4 or even 5 characters or roles. They are taking acting to the extreme. In order to portray these characters, they wear MASKS, just like they do in the movies so no one really knows who is who. 

For instance, Robin Williams, allowed his 'comedic' character to be killed off (by suicide), but he was still playing the role of C-Lister Actor Kevin Kline and Melinda Gates. Many even believe he is also C-Lister Actor Bill Murray.

Popular Rappers would kill themselves off then their families would collect a half a million dollars in funds with their accounts. Then the Rappers would use that money to reinvent themselves into another character. But you have to be blind not to know that it is the same person. Learn more from Conscious X on youtube.

Surely you don't think these people have your best interest at heart. All of them including Sports Figures, Newscasters, and Politicians are nothing but Cabaret performers.

A 'Cabaret' is a style of entertainment that often includes a collection of short performances of music, theater, and dance strung together over the course of the performance.

Many of these Cabaret performances are nothing but gay or 'drag queen' shows so don't let these people on television with these MADE-UP LIVES keep you from living your dreams.

Movie Star John Wayne or Marion Robert Morrison was one of the manliest men in the Hollywood Film industry but he was actually born a Female To Male (FTM) Transgender. His nickname was 'Duke' (or should we say 'Duchess'). #FemaleLegs Blog Posts

-How To Save Your Home

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-10 Facts About VanLife

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-11th Edition - Is It Time for a 'Pre-Gesara' Celebration?

-10th Edition - The End of Hollywood

-9th Edition - The Birth of a New Nation

-8th Edition - Gesara and Nesara Finally Announced

-7th Edition - Changing of the Guards

-6th Edition - The Redpilling of America

-5th Edition - Preparing for What is Next

-4th Edition - Welcome to the New World

-3rd Edition - The Death of Patriots

-2nd Edition - Is JFK, Jr. Alive?

-1st Edition - Why I am Bringing Back 'Cathy's Corner'

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Which is the Real Donald Trump?

Three (3) Actors Playing President

Joe Biden's Character?

Biden died 3 years ago.

(click here)  

Other Actors Who Played Biden

Okay so this article said that Joe Biden's role was played by Actors Jim Carrey, Steve Martin, and James Woods. Hollywood Actors James Wood, Tim Allen, and British Actor Arthur Roberts did play the role of Joe Biden in the past along with Mel Gibson and Sean Connery, who is still alive.

Jim Carrey was a hell of a comedian and I could see that being him when Biden fell up the steps. I saw somewhere where Jim Carrey was given life in prison for 'Crimes Against Humanity.'

Most of us thought Jim Carrey was guilty and would surely be executed, but because they used #MindControl on so many people and many were probably able to get shorter sentences by squealing on others or in Jim's case (acting as Joe Biden since he had already played him on Saturday Night Live) so who knows who was actually sentenced to be executed or was able to serve life in prison.

I had seen that Jim Carrey had taken the place of Movie Film Director Martin Scorsese and was the 'Satanist' Grand Wizard or Witch/Warlock to the Movie Stars on the West Coast. Maybe we will find out the truth one day. 

Joe Biden or the actors playing Joe Biden is still the supposedly President. Joe Biden is a puppet and when he won the election, the Deep State across the world celebrated -- not knowing they were fooled into continuing their dark plans and being exposed in all countries.


Joe Biden' (or the actors playing Joe Biden) home since taking office has been Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, GA and Castle Rock Studios, in Culver City, CA adjacent to (LAX) Los Angeles International Airport -- because again we are watching a movie to wake up the masses so we can transition on over into "The Golden Era." Welcome to the end of the movie. Congrats you made it. 

There Were More Than One MLK, Jr.

This one was a woman (FTM). He was really Don King. Everyone around him was #InvertedTransgenders. #Actors, #Psyop

Everything is a LIE.

Is Dr. King Candace Owens's grandfather? Read more in Issue 6, "The Redpilling of America." 

Who Are These People?

Robert Kennedy confirms that his first cousin, JFK Jr., is alive by touching his nose.

This picture of JFK, Jr. at an event was taken by Marilyn Monroe, who is wearing the Q cap. Read more on JFK, Jr. in my 2nd Edition

Are Jesse Ventura, former wrestler

and politician, and Mike Lindell, aka "Mr. Pillow" -- the same person?

Isn't it odd how we are hearing very little from Jesse these days even though he was very outspoken when it came to politics? Did he morph into newcomer Mike Lindell?

So are you telling me that John Durham is actually Bruce Willis? This is why you only saw one picture of John Durham and his appearance never changed and why he was on the internet joking around. 

I know JFK, Jr. played John Durham at one time. At least JFK, Jr. was an attorney like John Durham. My God this one is a shocker to me!!! I can't wait to find out the truth!!!

Gesara Updates



209 Countries Just Went

to 'Gold Standards' so


With over 200 countries turning "Gold' -- we are close...This turkey is about to be cooked...

The U.S. Corporation, Inc. is dead and Donald Trump was in DC last weekend and he signed the paperwork for the NEW REPUBLIC.

Putin is almost finished cleaning up in Ukraine. The Chinese Elders have signed the necessary paperwork to release the codes and Mr. C thinks he recently received a 'courtesy' practice phone call.

Mr. C recently received a call at 3:00 a.m. but did not answer it. They are supposed to give him a 'courtesy' call, then knock on his door around 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. to take him to input the codes.

He does have a backup in case something happens to him, but he said he has felt like a prisoner -- all these months -- having to stay close to home during all of this. Again, I believe he is 73 years old and is writing a book. I would love to help him write his book. 

Around two hours after the codes are inputted by Mr. C -- more arrests will be made and the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) should start with all the 'perp walks,' where they will broadcast those guilty of "Crimes Against Humanity" for 8 hours a day for at least 10 days. 

This is when everyone will find out exactly how close they came to danger. There have been several practice EBSs all over the country, and there will probably be more before the real thing. 

Once the codes are inputted, we will have a 'debt jubilee' and all your balances will go to ZERO. Your Student Loans, Credit Cards, Car Loans, and Mortgages will be zeroed out.

Keep in mind this will only cover mortgages that went through banks. If you bought a home through a private sale, you might not be covered. You will receive all your money back from IRS....and more...

Stock up and have cash on hand because ATMs might not work and you might not be able to get gas without cash. 

I have been repeating this info over and over again. You can go back and read all the e-newsletters that I have posted since September 14, 2021 and my newly posted Gesara Videos and E-newsletters -- to catch up and find out more info. 

Send your family members, friends, neighbors, and colleagues also to the enewsletters and videos to and

This is the moment we all have been waiting for. Congrats you made it! Welcome to the end of the movie!!! Welcome to the NEW WORLD#Gesara, #5thDimension, #NewWorld

What is Nesara?

Uvalde, Texas School Shooting Was a

False Flag, #Hoax

The Texas School Shooting in Uvalde County, Texas

Had All the Signs of a False Flag - #Hoax

Many times these are just #CrisisActors who might get their homes paid off if they participate. Many are relocated to Witness Protection.

Most of these actors are always transgenders. In this case, the shooter was also transgendered. These are also Free Masons because they love causing chaos and turmoil. As a matter of fact, they thrive on it.

Sandy Hook was a hoax. No students or teachers were shot or died -- #Hoax. However, the same Crisis Actor from Sandy Hook was also used in the Texas school shooting. They use the same Crisis Actors in many False Flag events.

You will usually see Free Masonry signs or symbols on the scene, on videos or on TV. Many of these Free Masons might be Gay or Transgendered but they must support Gay and Transgender communities and agendas.

Free Mason's goals are to move up the ladder so many might even become Gay or Transgendered to move up the ladder to the Illuminati Then their whole lives are about Satanic Rituals and Devil Worshipping.

They are playing on people's emotions and keeping them distracted from the real truth. The media is nothing but LIES and #FakeNews. Turn it off!!!


-The Roe vs. Wade decision is about to be announced and there will probably be civil unrest, which might cause Martial Law.

-We are moving from Maritime Law to Constitutional Law with a new financial system under Gesara, Quantum Financial System (QFS), which is about to be released any day now.

-This new system takes the power back from the Cabal Free Masonry Monetary Banking System to the new QFS and it puts the power back into the hands of the people. We will no longer be a slave to the banking system and everyone will have money and freedom.

-Many are being arrested for Child, Sex, and Human Trafficking, Child Pedophilia, Adrenochrome and Organ Harvesting, and other 'Crimes Against Humanity.'

Massive #ElectionFraud is being investigated and many arrests are being made from the documentary on #ElectionFraud -- "2000 Mules" -- #TrumpWon

-Watch the documentary this Holiday weekend. It is back in theaters in some cities. Many poll workers became Whistleblowers. They have it all.

-For more info on the new financial system ...QFS... read my enewsletters (12 total) at







Walmart FEMA Camps Did Exist

For years we knew there were camps in the U.S. but we did not understand until now how they got here and where they were located.

According to insiders, Sam Walton the founder of Walmart and a former CIA Agent, not only worked in concentration camps during World War II -- but he was tapped to come back to the U.S. and build camps under his Walmart stores in the U.S.

Walton was provided with government grants and other funds to take all Mom and Pop businesses away from communities and poison us with their TOXIC products. You can read more here.

This is also why it was so easy for men from other countries to sit in the back of Walmart stores after dark and kidnap women and children for Sex, Human and Child Trafficking, Organ Harvesting, Adrenochrome Harvesting, etc. Learn more here.

McDonald's is Serving Human Meat

and Other Poisons in Their Food

Stop Eating These 'Poisoned' Fast Foods

Over 900 in Witness Protection

These are just some of the 900.

What Did They See?

I heard it was Elvis Presley that help bring many of the Movie Stars and Entertainers (over 900) into Witness Protection and many said while being in Witness Protection -- it was Elvis "The King"-- who kept them sane. #TheKingLives.

Of course, Kobe Bryant is alive. I discussed him in issue #five. The whole close-down started with him. Yes John McAfee is alive and many believe Dr. Zelenko is alive also. I heard his death bed goodbye and it just did not seem like a man on the verge of death to me. He was teaching until the very end. Because his name was on a 'hit list' of Natural Doctors that were due to be killed by the Cabal, many believe they put him in Witness Protection. He was only in his forties and supposedly had cancer but at the same time had a powerful 'natural remedy pack' that had cured thousands of people so how can a man with that type of proven NATURAL REMEDY even have cancer in the first place?

Elvis 'The True King'

Elvis is still alive and he was a DEA agent who worked for Nixon. Elvis is now Pastor Bob Joyce. He can find him at the links below. He has a nice and encouraging telegram channel. Elvis had a twin brother named Jesse who was raised by his Mother's sister, and they did star in a couple of movies together.  

Why Women's Shoes Were

Made for 'Natural-Born' or 'Biological' Women

With all the shoe companies out there and with transgenderism being out there since the Greek and Shakespearian age, part of the deception was for men with large feet to squeeze into women's shoes.

This is why they never made women's shoes for men because they wanted to keep this deception going. Many of the Females to Males (FTMs) Transgenders would even wear larger shoes to give a perception that they have larger men's feet.

Also, when the Males to Females (MTF) Transgenders wear shoes and a pregnancy #MoonBump, they would buy smaller shoes to give a perception that their feet were swollen. Most of the time you can see the Males To Females (MTFs) feet falling out of their shoes, which again, were made for natural and biological woman's feet.

The Surrogate That Carried Meghan Markle's and Prince Harry's Baby

Meghan and Prince Harry are a transgendered couple. She was born a male and therefore can't have a child. The #MoonBump fell out in the picture below and yes that is a picture of the woman that carried her child. Everything on TV is a LIE. 

Macron Wins Re-election in France

and Now Ordered to Step Down

If you believe those are the same men, then you need to buy glasses. Macron has probably been GITMOED and his replacement is a 'double'. They are also an inverted couple #Transgenders. He has been ordered to resign. 

Is The NFL, NBA, and Other Sports Evil?

Yes, it is all filled with FREE Masonry Satanist tricks.

Sports are nothing but a 'Satanist' Transgender culture of 'Gladiators' created during the 'Roman Days' to distract everyone while they came in and stole their money and dreams.

All men (and women) need to turn off sports and use this time to grow

their own foods and take care of their families. Read my e-newsletter "Let's Grow Foods."

The answer is yes all these sporting teams are evil - not just the owners but also the players because they keep up these deceptions. 

There is a reason why the football players play in a dome shaped like an eye. It is because they are paying homage to their ONE-EYED God. 

Tom Brady of course was born a female and his wife a male. After looking at several football, basketball, baseball, soccer players, etc. -- it is my opinion that all the NFL and most of the NBA, Tennis and Gymnastic players and many of these Sports Figures are INVERTED. They are Transgenders -- born the opposite sex.

Stop bothering telling your children to prepare to play professional sports because you must be gay or transgendered to be in these professional leagues. 

Also, playing in Little Leagues Football Teams can be hazardous to your young boys (or girls) development.

Young people's brains do not develop fully until after their teenage years, so if they were injured before that -- they would be a client for Big Pharma for the rest of their lives. This is why they push these sports that cause injury at a very young age. 

My daughter is an educator and she said it's obvious that many of the male students that pass through her curriculums have some type of 'Mental Sports Injury' -- even at their young ages.  

The real reason they took Physical Education (P.E.) out of schools is because many of the children were transgendered and they did not want other children seeing this.

Obama blackmailed schools and told them he would withhold funds if they did not allow transgendered students to use the bathroom with girls.

This is why many men are raping women and girls in bathrooms and why transgendered women, who are actually men with penises, are beng placed in with women prisoners -- which are being impregnated by them. STOP THE MADNESS!!!

Colin Kaepernick is a Female and a FREE Mason Puppet

Read my e-newsletters:

-Maritime Laws vs. Constitutional and Common Laws

-Law Enforcement, Free Masonry, and Saving Our Families

I took the Free Mason symbol from the photos of the Uvalde, TX shooting but this is the logo to look for on police cars, in politicians' offices, and other places -- where you suspect someone is a FREE Mason. 

Police Interactions 101: How To Interact with the Police in Your Car, On the Streets, In Your Home

Available as a Paperback,

Ebook & Audiobook

Google has photoshopped and airbrushed many of Kaepernick's photos. Kaepernick is clearly a woman. He is of Arab descent...not mixed...

He has an Arab nose, pointed chin, and round jaws like a woman’s. He also has slopped shoulders like women, wide hips like women, and a curvy back like women…. Men have straight backs...and he wears a Masonic Greek Gay Club shirt, which is associated with FREE Masons.


Kaepernick's ice cream has the 'Pedo' symbol.


He was brought on the scene to take the attention off all the Child Pedophilia and Satanic Cult arrests over the past 5 to 6 years. He/she was nothing but a Weapon of Mass Distraction (WMD).


Everything he does is scripted. One year before he started kneeling, he was found in a hotel performing #SatanicRituals on naked women. He started kneeling about 6 years ago around the same time some of these #DeepState Child Pedophiles had started to be arrested so was he brought in to bring attention off these arrests? Yes...Stop supporting this character. 


More Hollywood Deceivers

Here are the most popular transition surgeries

used by movie stars and entertainers to fool people.

Clavicle surgeries exist too.

List of Secret Celebrity Transgenders

Transgender Man Impregnates 2 Female Prisoners

Go back and read my e-newsletter entitled

"The End of Hollywood." 


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Updated Clones, Doubles, etc.

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93 Politicians Hanged Who

Voted for Election Fraud 

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The Guilty Are in #GITMO

If you see these people again they are body doubles

or they are using CGI. They are gone!

List of GITMO Executed Monsters

If you see these individuals again you are

looking at body doubles or CGI.

Most of these corrupt Politicians, Entertainers, and Hollywood

Celebrities are already gone...Executed or in Prison so

start now falling out of love with these people...