Theatre Program
Message from the President
Erin Owens

On behalf of the Stageworks Board of Directors, "Congratulations" and "Great Work" to everyone who was involved in making this year end show happen. We showed just how resilient we can be in the face of adversity. Thank you to the production crew and to the CityLife organization for helping turn vision into reality, thank you to the hard working instructors and tireless administrative staff in our Stageworks organization, and most importantly, thank you to all of the dedicated performers and their families who battled through the year to make this make this year end performance one for the books.
Message from the Artistic Director
Darla Lemay

We are so excited for all of our families to join us at the Movie Theatre or through Video on Demand. 2021 has been a very challenging year to navigate all of the Covid Protocols and the reimagined productions. We tried to keep things as normal as possible in a very unpredictable season. Special thanks to all of our teachers and our students. You have worked so hard and had to learn to go with the flow of classes in person then online then in person again, performing with shields or masks, then no masks required. It has been so difficult but this will be a story that you will be able to share in the future and we know that everyone has learned so much to move forward in an even more productive way.
To all of our parents, you have had to adjust with school, classes, and now performances. We want to say thank you to you for entrusting us with your children and trusting that we would keep your children safe. Your support although is necessary, is also so appreciated. We do not take your faith is un for granted. We are proud of our initiatives in 2020-2021. We managed to keep all of our students and faculty safe with no Covid cases spread through us. Our protocols, although strict, kept everyone safe. Thank you for your patience.
Now we can breath, sit back and enjoy our hard work. We hope you enjoy the performances, get to buy your stars some flowers, and take advantage of our online 50/50 raffle.
Darla Lemay

Production Assistant & Costume Mistress:
Brogan Weber

Office Manager:
Gen Walliser

Drama Director:
Andrea Nent

Theatre Arts Directors:
Andrea Nent
Candice Fiorentino

Technical Director:
Candice Fiorentino

Sound Technician:
Chandler Corbeil

Lights Technician:
Peter Van Raamsdonk

Student Hospitality:
Darla Lemay

Videographer & Editor:
Eric Beck

Kim Lewis

Performers Preparation:
Gen Walliser
Brogan Weber

Dona Van Raamsdonk
Darla Lemay

Final Curtain Call
Medley of Songs - Theatre Arts Kids
Choreographed by Andrea Nent

Hollie Stewart
Violet Arnold
Emerson Giesbrecht
Lila Olson
Cassidy Palmer
Cadence Semenyna
Kaydence Seymour
Seussical - Theatre Arts Tweens
Directed by Andrea Nent & Candice Fiorentino

JoJo Act 1 - Madison McLachlin
Cat Act 1 - Ryley Mryglod
Horton - Emily Williams
Gertrude / Mr. Mayor - Claire Dempsey
Maizye / Judge - Brennan Owens
Sour Kangaroo Act 1 - Claire Freadrich
Wickersham - Braedon De Marco
Jungle Citizen - Annie Chrapko
Mrs. Mayor - Hannah Grove
JoJo Act 2 - Kali Stokes
Cat Act 2 - Mikayla Tieritstap
Gertrude / Vlad - Ellie Dodds
Sour Kangaroo Act 2 - Caeli Filteau
Skits - Drama
Directed by Andrea Nent

Mrs. Jewels Act 1 - Jamey Rantucci
Mrs. Jewels Act 2 - Maryn Harlton
Joe - Andrea Nent
Bebe - Brennan Owens
Calvin - Claire Dempsey
Willy Wonka - Theatre Arts for Teens
Directed by Andrea Nent & Candice Fiorentino

Willy Wonka - Kate Jory
Charlie Bucket - Anna Sommers
Grandpa Joe - Dylan Sturley
Mrs. TeaVee - Jamey Rantucci
Mike TeaVee - Rory Couture
Veruca Salt - Aimee Lambkins
Mrs. Salt / Finneous Trout - Maddie Dodds
Violet Beauregard - Sara Dempsey
Mrs. Gloop - Kayla Demarco
Augustus Gloop - Andrea Nent
Created by Darla Lemay

Thank you for attending the Greatest Show on Earth

Special Thanks To:
Alberta Government (Foundation for the Arts)
City of Leduc
City Life Church
Prairie Fire Productions
Leduc Cinemas