Cup of Empowerment
July 29, 2019
It feels so good to sit back,  catch our breath and  savor a cup of empowerment   fro God's Word



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 Th e Greatness of His Plan
Dr. CarolMarie Smith 
What's His plan? Knowing He has a bigger picture helps us not lose our peace during trying situations!

One morning as I was meditating on Ephesians 3:14 and the phrase "seeing the greatness of this plan" I was reminded of an amazing example that happened to a friend and me on our way to India!

Our route to India was through Chicago then to London and into Hyderabad which was close to the center of that precious country.  We were leaving from Knoxville, TN in the winter but dressed for hot India! I was ready and excited! But this was my friend, Kathy's first mission trip with me and she was a little nervous.  I assured her that if we stayed in praise, keeping our eyes on Him, we would be alright! The two of us were going first to do some meetings with the widows there before the rest of the team came to do "festivals" where thousands would hear the gospel.  

We started out with a long delay in Chicago due to the weather.  Thankfully it looked like we could still make the connecting flight in London.  Arriving in London we ran through the airport hoping not to miss that flight!  "Praise, Kathy, Praise" I encouraged as we ran, dragging our carry-ons behind us.  We missed that flight, but they graciously re-directed us to another flight also going to India.  

On takeoff, the plane had electrical problems, so we had to land again.  "Lord we praise you!  You have a greater plan and we align with it!"  (You know, it's always a trust issue!  We either trust God or we don't!  We either have committed our way to Him or we haven't.  If we have, then we need to refuse to worry or fret! And the best way to do that is through praise!)
Due to the delays in repairing the electrical issues the airline team of pilots and attendants had to be replaced to make the long flight to India.  And due to the snowstorms in other places, new flight crews could not get to us.  Again, we praised!  

After two days in the airport waiting for a crew to come in, they started assigning hotels for this large flight of individuals in which to stay.  I needed to let the ministry in Hyderabad know of our delay so they could rearrange our meetings!  I was needing a computer and Internet services, but we were confined to a special area.  (Again, we trusted God!  He had a bigger plan and I could trust Him!)  

We had gotten to know some of the passengers quite well in this time of "camping out" and in our quest to keep them happy instead of being upset! (You never know what you are sowing into!) When they got to our group of about 20, they ran out of hotels!  Again, we chose to "Praise!"  They handed us all blankets and escorted us to the Business VIP room filled with snacks, lounges and yes, computers!  

As soon as I emailed my friends in Hyderabad the airlines announced they found a hotel for us!  It was the beautiful Queens Hotel!  God had saved the best for us!
After three days in London, we finally arrived in Hyderabad with the help of our "friends" we camped out with!  The widow's rallies had been combined and we were able to pray with the ladies for the "festivals"!  The rest of the team flew in and we made our way to the southern part of India.  On the last day, I was invited to speak in the morning church service at the first Christian church built in India!  As we drove up, there was a plaque which let me know that the church was founded by London Missionaries!  The Lord spoke to me and said, "That's why you were in London three days; You were stirring up ancient wells through your praise!"  God moved mightily in that city and the widows in that church continued to pray for the work that was started!  (God hears the cry of the widow and He will establish her territory!  Ex 22:23; Pro 15:25)

God had a greater plan with which we needed to align!  If we would have grumbled and complained because we were inconvenienced, we would have missed it!  

What is His greater plan for you?  We did not see it until later.  And sometimes we never see it.  But we can count on the scripture which states there is a "greatness to His plan" and that we can trust Him!  And through the sacrifice of praise during turmoil and confusion, we can bring others into that greater plan as well!

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