The National Hellenic Society and National Geographic  Studios Join Forces  to b ring Greek Presence  in the Classroom and on Television 
GGG to reach over 1 million high school history classrooms in the USA
WASHINGTON, DC February 23, 2017 - The National Hellenic Society (NHS) is proud to announce its collaboration with National Geographic as co-producers of the 10-part digital series, The Greek Guide to Greatness (GGG). The collaboration is unprecedented co-branding NHS with the world renowned National Geographic. NHS strives to be a beacon to the promotion, appreciation, and celebration of Hellenic heritage in the United States. NHS is a steward of this legacy of democratic values and ideals that needs to be passed on to the next generation and shared with mainstream audiences.

Dr. John Camp featured in The Greek Guide to Greatness taken from the Ostracism episode.

The Greek Guide to Greatness  is a view of the modern world through an ancient past as their wisdom and knowledge unfolds in a compelling way that only a partner like National Geographic can present. Several of the world's leading historians, scholars, and archaeologists have come together to make the once elusive past accessible and easy to understand. It is comprised of ten three to four minute episodes, each ranging on a wide range of specific topics from athletics to science. 

Additionally, National Geographic Education, through its partnership with Cengage Learningwill distribute GGG with accompanying curriculum and lesson plans to a host of high school history and civics students in grades 8-11 nationwide.
An innovative segment taken from the GGG Philosophy episode.

The Greek Guide to Greatness is a celebration and mission for us to question, discuss, and strive to be "great" in our own lives. You will enjoy the fast moving interviews, riveting scenery and animation, and thought provoking content - all part of NHS' mission to make America Greek again!

The wisdom of the ancient Greek world is now accessible on PBS' Learning Media website (also ).  


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