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June 13, 2019 Special Issue
Coalition Welcomes New Green Scorecard Project Coordinator
The Coalition is excited to have Robert Hanley join us as our new Green Hospital Scorecard Project Coordinator. Robert is a Dean’s List graduate from the Sustainable Energy and Building Technology Advanced Diploma program at Humber College and recognises there is an ever-increasing awareness of sustainable practices in sectors such as health care but a lack of engaged management to pursue them without the aid of comprehensive platforms.

His previous work has allowed him to broaden his professional and technical communication skills while maintaining relationships in the delivery of energy efficient solutions to industrial, commercial and institutional businesses throughout Ontario. Most recently, Robert has worked for an energy consulting firm as the Project Manager and Team Lead, overseeing delivery of the Small Business Lighting Program where he was responsible for a dynamic team that provided services to over 20 hydro Local Distribution Companies around Ontario.
More on Robert in the weeks ahead. Learn more about the Coalition's Green Hospital Scorecard HERE .

While the GHS Survey is now closed, we welcome new participants in the Fall for the 2018 data call.

Not all Plastics are Evil - Hospitals and Single-Use Plastic
Syringes, IV tubing, saline bags, plastic-wrapped drugs, catheters — hospitals couldn’t function without plastics. While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pledge to ban single-use plastics as early as 2021 may have noble intentions, not all plastics are evil, experts say. “The shift has been done and, while it’s not impossible, it’s difficult to undo,” said Jérome Ribesse, director general of Synergie Santé Environnement and a member of the board of the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care.
Read Sharon Kirkey's National Post article HERE .
Cutting GHG Emissions in Operating Rooms
You may find it surprising how much greenhouse gas is released when a patient receives anaesthetic gas during a surgery. While some doctors are not aware of the magnitude of the problem, others are becoming informed and advocating for change. "It's a gas that we use every day in the operating room and actually it's an invisible problem to most of my colleagues," according to Dr. Nam Le, an anesthesiologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. Check out Marcy Cuttler's CBC Health article HERE.
Nova Scotia Health Authority wins CCHL Energy and Environmental Stewardship Award
the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) was named recipient of the Canadian College of Health Leaders' 2019 Energy and Environmental Stewardship Award. Sponsored by Honeywell, the award recognizes a progressive health care organisation that has implemented organisational-wide initiatives demonstrating environmental responsibility through the reduction of energy usage, the preservation of natural resources and effective waste diversion solutions. Congratulations Nova Scotia Health. Get the full story HERE .
ENERGY STAR ® Building Certification
ENERGY STAR® Certification is free and available to commercial and institutional buildings, including commercial offices, warehouses, hospitals and supermarkets. Benchmarking your building's energy usage has lasting benefits. Certification will also earn your building a spotlight in NRCan's registry of certified buildings. ENERGY STAR® efficient buildings make great places to work -- Now is the time to take the first step to your building's ENERGY STAR® certification and start using the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® Tool. Details HERE .
Plastic Proliferation Threatens the Climate on a Global Scale
The plastic pollution crisis that overwhelms our oceans is also a significant and growing threat to the earth’s climate. At current levels, greenhouse gas emissions from the plastic lifecycle threaten the ability of the global community to keep global temperature rise below 1.5°C. With the petrochemical and plastic industries planning a massive expansion in production, the problem is on track to get much worse. By 2050, the greenhouse gas emissions from plastic could reach over 56 gigatons—10-13% of the entire remaining carbon budget. Plastic & Climate - The hidden costs of a plastic planet is available as a free download HERE .
Utilities Investing in Behaviour Change Programs
Webinar and Conference
Date: June 19, 2019
Time: 1:30-2:30 pm ET
Join webinar organisers to discuss the inside scoop on how utilities across the industry are approaching behaviour programs, how behaviour program spending and savings trends have changed over the past several years, and what this means for future behaviour programs. This webinar includes case studies. Webinar Registration HERE .
Behavior, Energy, & Climate Change Conference - Sacramento, CA - November 17-20, 2019. Details HERE.
100 non-partisan all-candidate debates on the environment
Do you know where your politicians stand on environmental issues? Do they reflect your values? Organizers of "100 Debates on the Environment" hope to host 100 non-partisan all-candidate debates across Canada on October 7th.
Will you be part of the Canada-wide conversation between candidates and constituents about the environment? Learn more HERE.

RENDEZ-VOUS Sustainable Healthcare Focus on Climate Change
Save the Date - October 15, 2019
Join guest speakers from Sweden, France, Canada and the USA as they share ideas and expertise on climate change and sustainable healthcare.
Panels, conferences, discussions, networking...
Please complete the preregistration form HERE to show your support.

CHES 2019 National Conference
39th Annual CHES Conference
Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society
September 22 - 24, 2019
Saskatoon Arts & Convention Centre, TCU Place, Saskatoon SK
"The "HUB" that enables resiliency in healthcare"
Visit the conference website for more information on programs, pricing and accommodations.

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