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June 27, 2019
Climate Change Resources at your Fingertips
Thanks to funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Coalition is able to offer a growing list of climate change resiliency resources to help you and your organisation prepare for the impacts of climate change. Visit our Mentoring Project home page HERE to access hundreds of case studies, presentations, infographics, and government and non-government publications.
Coalition Maps Climate Change Impacts on Canadian Health Care Facilities
The impacts of climate change are very real and include flooding, wildfires, winter storms, extreme heat and humidity and much more. Has your health care organisation been impacted? We would like to add you to the map. Please share your climate change impact experience with us by emailing and let's put you on the map. See map HERE.
What are Your Health Research Priorities?
We encourage you to visit the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s online engagement platform. They are excited to be using the new online tool to connect with Canadians and learn about your health research priorities. Please visit CIHR's website and share your opinions HERE .
Health Canada Invests to Help our Health System Adapt to Climate Change
The impacts of climate change on health are already being felt in Canada—affecting both the health of Canadians as individuals and the health system as a whole. Climate change puts pressure on Canada’s health system, contributing to greater costs due to a higher demand for services and damaged infrastructure due to extreme weather. Learn more about what health authorities across Canada are doing to prepare for the impacts of this global health threat HERE.
Landmark Plant-Based Hospital Meals Bill passed by NY Senate
The new state bill requires hospitals in New York to make available plant-based meals and snacks containing no animal products or by-products. Further, it specifies hospitals must list the plant-based options in all written materials and menus. Read the full story HERE.
Circular Economy Needs Government Participation
In Canada, public procurement is valued at $200 billion annually, which represents 15% of our GDP, with 80% taking place provincially and municipally. Circular procurement is an innovative approach to buying goods and services that structures contracts to focus on function and innovation, minimizing consumption of new materials, maximizing products’ longevity by keeping them in circulation for as long as possible, and extending the value of materials. Read more from Recycling Council of Ontario's Executive Director, Jo-Anne St. Godard HERE.
Hospital Faucets Often Home to Slime and Biofilm
Hand hygiene is a critical component of infection prevention in hospitals, but the unintended consequences include water splashing out of a sink to spread contaminants from dirty faucets according to new research.
“The inside of faucets where you can’t clean were much dirtier than expected,” said study author Kristen VanderElzen, MPH, CIC. “Potentially hazardous germs in and around sinks present a quandary for infection preventionists, since having accessible sinks for hand washing is so integral to everything we promote.” Read more HERE.
Join the Coalition's Q&A ListServ
For years, the Coalition has offered an online Question and Answer ListServ giving you access to some of the most engaged green health care stewards in Canada. Have a question about greening your health care organisation? Email to be added or to share a question.
German Hospital Establishes New Department for Climate Change Patients
The Charité University Hospital (Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin) has recently opened a new department with a focus on investigating the potential consequences of climate change on human health. Under a cooperative arrangement with the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, it will be lead by Prof. Sabine Gabrysch who will concentrate her studies on nutrition. Further details HERE.

Across the USA Hospitals Strive to Improve Food Service
Ask anyone to describe hospital food, and you’ll invariably get words like awful, horrible, or disgusting. Hospital food is typically composed of highly-processed and refined ingredients, often laden with artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Vegetable portions are generally small, overcooked, and bad tasting. The meals may meet USDA nutritional guidelines for limiting sodium and trans fats, but few would consider them truly healthy. That’s because for decades, hospital systems have viewed food as a line item, not as an intrinsic aspect of healing. Want to know more? Check HERE .
Do you tweet? We do.
Please join us in the wonderful world of Twitter as we share the latest in Coalition news and initiatives. Find us at @CCGHC
ALBERTA - Incentives for Health Care Upgrades
Do you already know where you want to invest and what the energy reductions will be? Do you know there are financial incentives for a wide range of energy upgrades that can reduce your operating costs, improve the comfort and performance of your facilities, and deliver a return on investment over time. Included are upgrades to water heating, boiler and chilled water systems, HVAC and controls. Details HERE .
100 non-partisan all-candidate debates on the environment
Do you know where your politicians stand on environmental issues? Do they reflect your values? Organizers of "100 Debates on the Environment" hope to host 100 non-partisan all-candidate debates across Canada on October 7th.
Will you be part of the Canada-wide conversation between candidates and constituents about the environment? Learn more HERE.

RENDEZ-VOUS Sustainable Healthcare Focus on Climate Change
Save the Date - October 15, 2019
Join guest speakers from Sweden, France, Canada and the USA as they share ideas and expertise on climate change and sustainable healthcare.
Panels, conferences, discussions, networking...
Please complete the preregistration form HERE to show your support.

CHES 2019 National Conference
39th Annual CHES Conference
Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society
September 22 - 24, 2019
Saskatoon Arts & Convention Centre, TCU Place, Saskatoon SK
"The "HUB" that enables resiliency in healthcare"
Visit the conference website for more information on programs, pricing and accommodations.

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