A Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care Initiative
March 25, 2021
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RETScreen is a Clean Energy Management Software system for energy efficiency, renewable energy and co generation project feasibility analysis as well as ongoing energy performance analysis.
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As the leading organisation working towards green health care in Canada, we always have many projects in the pipeline. Being a member of the Coalition gives you opportunity to influence the direction of Canada’s greening health care movement

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Collaborate with us on the Green Team Project!

The Coalition is collaborating with the Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment (CANE) and University of Alberta graduate student, Joanna Law, to create a national picture of green teams. If you have a green team and would like to be included in this project, we kindly request your participation in any of the following ways:

  • Provide us with a summary of your green team activities and future direction.
  • Provide us with contact information that could be posted on the map.
  • Provide us with information about a specific success, difficulty, or experience in being part of a green team.

Please contact our project lead, Joanna Law, if you are able to participate to any degree in this project or have any questions or concerns. Joanna can be reached by email at jrl@ualberta.ca
Get to know RETScreen's business model

RETScreen is the world’s leading clean energy management software, growing at 40,000+ new users each year and available in 36 languages, covering 2/3rds of the world’s population. RETScreen's rapidly evolving customer base called for an enhancement to the RETScreen business model, which can be explored further in the links below:

Canadian company using shipping containers to help overwhelmed hospitals

The pandemic has been the point of origin for many challenges in the Canadian health sector, one of them being bed shortages and surgical cancellations. Fero International, a Hamilton, Ont.-based company, designs pressurized mobile units aimed at addressing the aforementioned challenges that the pandemic has caused. Shipping containers that were once meant for construction projects are now being repurposed to treat patients who otherwise may not have been able to see a doctor because of overburdened hospitals. Read more to find out how this has been a game-changer.
Climate Change Resources
The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care has the resources you need to help your facility take action on climate change.
Article - Planetary health care: A framework for sustainable health systems

"The quest for net zero health-care emissions involves re-imagining a society where health and wellbeing are prioritized, and incentives are aligned to promote fiscal and environmental stewardship. Much as reducing global energy emissions requires both supply-side (renewable energy sources) and demand-side (consumer behaviour) management, mitigating the health-care footprint requires interventions both to the health-care system and to the factors driving demand." Read more to learn about the key principles that make up the framework for constructing environmentally sustainable health systems.
Operating rooms a major greenhouse gas (GHG) emitter due to anaesthetic gases

Hospitals work around the clock throughout the year, and as a result, consume a lot of resources while producing huge amounts of waste and emissions. One of the more serious emitters in hospitals are operating rooms. Read the full article to learn how anaesthetic gases can be deadly to the atmosphere and the natural environment, and how hospitals could potentially mitigate this problem to reduce GHG emissions.
Download COVID Alert today
COVID Alert is Canada's free COVID-19 exposure notification app. It can alert you to possible exposures before you have symptoms. It is available for both iOS and Android.
New electric delivery vehicles hitting Canadian market signal opportunity for fleet operators

A recent study found that more than 60 per cent of fleets would see financial gains if they electrified their vehicles today, thanks to the sizeable long-term fuel savings that EVs bring. Read on to learn more about the latest electric delivery vehicles coming to Canadian roads over the next few years. Perhaps electric emergency fleets for hospitals are not far off!
PEI Government announces a $5,000 incentive for the purchase of a new or used electric vehicle

The Prince Edward Island government has recently released details about its plan to encourage more Islanders to transition to electric vehicles - unveiling a $5,000 rebate for both new and used EV purchases and a free home charger. This makes PEI’s the most generous used-EV purchase rebate in Canada; it’s also the only province to supply a complimentary charging unit. This is a great opportunity for health care workers to switch to electric vehicles for commutes and help reduce emissions.
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Video: Social prescribing at UHN

This video details the 'social prescribing' initiatives that Toronto's UHN is taking in order to help vulnerable populations at particular risk of COVID-19 by connecting them with various services such as financial help, free groceries and even housing.

These services are structured to provide the required support to individuals at risk of inadequate housing, food and lack of financial aid.
Be sure to explore the infection control training for front line health care workers: Project Firstline

Project Firstline is a CDC national training collaborative offering timely infection control training to front line health care workers and the public health workforce in the fight against infectious disease threats. As a key partner in this initiative, the American Hospital Association (AHA) is helping bring this critical training opportunity to the health care field and champion sound decision-making and positive behaviours in a time of crisis.

A BIG thank you to SaveOnEnergy for their continued financial support for the Ontario Green Health Care Award and the Ontario Energy Behaviour Award.
CHES 2021 Virtual Conference: Enriching Patient Experiences by Optimizing the Environment

Online registration are now open for the CHES 2021 Virtual Conference. See below for the registration options:

  • Individual Registration: $195.00
  • Group of 5 Registrations: $750.00
  • Group of 10 Registrations: $1,250.00

Date: September 28-29, 2021

Note: If your organisation wishes to participate in group registrations and pay prior to March 31st, but do not yet have all the contact information to register the full group online, please contact CHES National Office (info@ches.org), and your organisation can be invoiced now.
Webinar - Launching the Circular Economy: Strategies to Finance and Scale

Join this session for an interactive town hall with leaders from the business and investment community to discuss the different approaches to financing and scaling the Circular Economy. The speakers will share their industry expertise around the following topics:

  • strategies employed by circular economy investment firms.
  • financing approaches for circular economy startups (including the SPAC process)
  • systems thinking approaches to scaling circular economy business models

Date: Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Time: 3pm - 4pm EDT
CHES 2021 Awards - Call for nominations

CHES is seeking nominations for their 2021 awards. Members are reminded to nominate a deserving member or facility for one of these prestigious awards.

Hans Burgers Award for Outstanding Contribution to Healthcare Engineering
This award is presented to a resident of Canada as a mark of recognition of outstanding achievement in the field of health care engineering. Candidates must be members of CHES and the achievements can be either a series of contributions or one outstanding contribution.

Wayne McLellan Award of Excellence in Healthcare Facilities Management
This award recognizes facilities that have had outstanding success in the completion of a major capital project, an energy efficiency program, an environmental stewardship program, or in a team building exercise.

Deadline for submissions: April 30, 2021.
Register early for the CleanMed Connect 2021 for discounted rates

Scheduled for May 18-20, CleanMed Connect is the only virtual experience that connects you with experts and peers at the forefront of health care and sustainability.

CleanMed Connect offers a more affordable and flexible CleanMed experience than ever before, breaking down barriers of access, increasing and expanding networking opportunities in new ways with:

  • Cutting-edge technology to enhance your networking and conference experience, matching you with like-minded participants and speakers, allowing you to meet people and organize one-on-one meetings or pop-up discussion groups
  • Over 20 sessions that can be attended at your own pace, either live with opportunities to interact with panelists and attendees, or on-demand through the end of the year
  • Special prices for students and teams
CHES - 2021 Webinar series
12pm - 1pm EST

Wednesday April 21, 2021- Understanding and Preventing Floor Covering Failure
Speaker:  Chris Maskell

Wednesday May 12, 2021 - Infection Prevention Through Design & Innovation
Speaker:  Vicky Diab, BA

Wednesday June 16, 2021 - Operating Rooms - Isolated Power Systems and Class A GFCIs in Operating Rooms
Speaker:  Amir Mojtahed, B.Eng., M. Eng.; Sonny Solanki, B.Eng.

Wednesday September 22, 2021 - Resilient Building Design for Hospitals in the Face of Climate Change
Speaker:  Gord Rajewski, R.E.T.

Wednesday November 17, 2021 - Roof Maintenance
Speaker: Ted Katsoris, B.Tech, BSS, CCCA
SCISS – Webinaires 2021
12pm - 1pm EST

Mercredi 21 avril 2021 – Comprendre et prévenir l’inefficacité des revêtements de sol
Orateur:  Chris Maskell

Mercredi 12 mai 2021 – Prévention des infections fondée sur la conception et l’innovation
Orateur:  Vicky Diab, BA

Mercredi 16 juin 2021 – Salles d’opération – Isolation des réseaux électriques et DDFT de classe A dans les salles d’opération
Orateur:  Amir Mojtahed, B.Eng., M. Eng.; Sonny Solanki, B.Eng.

Mercredi 22 septembre 2021 - Conception d’établissements hospitaliers résilients face au changement climatique
Orateur:  Gord Rajewski, R.E.T.

Mercredi 17 novembre 2021 - Entretien des toits
Orateur: Ted Katsoris, B.Tech, BSS, CCCA
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