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The July Issue includes:

- What Did The Legislature Do To Us This Year?
- More Fireside Chat Seminars Coming in July and August
- Winner of our First Who's Awesome Award
- What's Trending Now
- The Zika Virus
- Palms & Hurricanes
- Burton Retires
- Happy Birthday!
- Upcoming Programs Presented by BCAM
- Coming Events

What Did The Legislature Do To Us This Year?
Legal Update for All the Laws Passed in 2016!
By Partner, Brian Hess
This year, the Florida legislative session extended from January 12, 2016, through March 11, 2016.  Our Florida legislators had filed no fewer than 24 bills in the House of Representatives and the Senate proposing various changes to the laws affecting community associations.  Changes were proposed to the laws regulating all types of associations.  For example, some of these bills proposed: (1) requiring associations of a certain size to use websites for distribution of association records, (2) regulating preparation of estoppels by associations and limiting amounts charged, (3) changing requirements for financial reporting, (4) prohibiting associations from enforcement of traffic laws, (5) significantly changing election procedures in homeowners associations, and (6) broadening regulatory authority of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation over associations, especially homeowners associations.   
To read the balance of this two part Article, please click here.
More Seminars Coming!

We are continuing our series of small group Fireside Chats. The following are the Fireside Chats and their locations for the months of July and August.  Each seminar is open to both board members and managers - both clients and non-clients.  All courses are offered for 1 CEU.  But room is extremely limited.  So register now!
Coming in July:
July 19 -  Show Me The Money: Association Loans
                (11:30 a.m. - Maitland)
July 21 -  Every Move You Make: All About Drones 
                (7:00 p.m. - Maitland)

Coming in August:
August 11 - Legal Trends 
                    (2:30 p.m. - Maitland)
August 16 - The Clock is Ticking: MRTA 
                    (7:00 p.m. - Melbourne)
August 18 - How to Hold a Board Meeting 
                    (7:00 p.m. - Maitland)                                           
Click Here to Register!
If you would like to suggest a topic for a future seminar, please do so by clicking here.
Winner of our First
Who's Awesome Award!

Clayton & McCulloh is proud to announce the first Manager Winner of our Most Awesome Manager Contest:
Racheal Meade of Leland Management's
 Rockledge Office.
Irina McLaughlin, the Secretary/Treasurer of Ventura at Turtle
Creek Condominium, nominated Racheal with a very convincing entry which read as follows:
To read more please click here .

Make Your Nomination for Next Quarter's Most Awesome Board Member and Manager!
To nominate a board member or manager or for more information on this contest, please click here. The cut off for the 3rd Quarter Award is July 15 and the 4th Quarter Award is October 14. 
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The Zika Virus
By Alan Kershaw of Truly Nolen
In the news recently a lot has been said about the Zika Virus as it enhances coverage throughout the world.  It has now reached close to 30 countries and affected close to 1 million people. And please make note there is no vaccine as yet to eliminate the Zika Virus.
The potential of this turning into a major issue is always out there and forecasts of affecting 3-4 million people by the end of 2016 is being said in some circles. Decades ago it was diagnosed as coming from the rhesus monkey in the forests of Uganda but until recently has been a small confined virus.
The odds are in your favor 5/1 that symptoms would flare from this mosquito born virus. Symptoms range from pain in your joints, itchy eyes, maybe a fever and a rash. However people that suffer from "Guillain-Barre" who suffer with weak respiratory muscles may lose some mobility and have breathing issues.
Women who are pregnant also are at risk and it's recommended not to visit the areas where the virus is expanding. Adverse effects on newborn children could be hearing and vision issues and a birth defect of the brain not developing properly.  So far the disease has not reached mainland North America, although cases where people have visited other countries have shown the symptoms here.
There are things you can do to help keep mosquito's away from your property such as remove any standing water, such as rain barrels, disused ponds, cans, bird baths and anything that can hold water outside. Mosquito's will become more active now we are in the summer, so precautions of long sleeved clothes and insect repellents will certainly help from getting bitten.
Should you need information or advice on a program to deter and vastly reduce the mosquito population at your place of residence please feel free to contact me at your convenience.
Alan can be reached at (321) 750-3233.

Palms & Hurricanes

By Brandon Silverstein of U.S. Lawns
One drawback of Florida living is that we are subject to wind gusts, hurricanes, and tropical storms. Adequately prepping trees for storm season can be a key contributor to their longevity. Maintaining the crown of the tree while thinning the canopy, along with selective pruning, will leave your trees equipped to withstand high winds.
For your palms, pruning any dead fronds and seed pods prepares them for the windy season, minimizing the chance of palm fronds or see pods breaking loose in high winds.
June is the beginning of the storm season and although it's impossible to predict the severity of the storm season - it is always better to prepare for the worst. It could mean the difference between keeping or losing your biggest and costliest landscape features!
Brandon can be reached at (321) 636-0655.
Burton Retires
It is with mixed emotions that Clayton & McCulloh announces the retirement of Attorney Gerry Burton after ten years of service with the firm. Gerry and his lovely wife, Nancy, have relocated to the Atlanta area to be closer to one of their daughters.  Gerry worked in our Time Share Department where he also handled a variety of other matters such as foreclosures, quiet title actions, commercial litigation, real estate, and personal injury cases. 
Gerry will be pursuing his dreams of traveling more frequently and spending quality time with his wife and daughters. Thank you, Gerry, for your service to Clayton & McCulloh.  

We would like to recognize the July birthdays of the dedicated managers we work with:
Amanda Herx of FirstService Residential - July 1
Mary Schlumberger of Schlumberger Accounting Services - July 5
Margaret Reardon of Paine-Anderson Properties - July 7
David Mahan of Vesta Property Services - July 12
Myrna Pinerio of Sentry Management - July 14
Mark Amos of Ameri-Cana Resorts - July 30
Tim Naylon of Sentry Management - July 30
Kim Popp of Keys Property Management - July 31
We hope that each of you have the very best birthday of your life to this point. If we have forgotten any one's birthday, drop us a line at publicrelations@clayton-mcculloh.com  and we will be happy to add you to the list. Also, we celebrate your special birthday on your exact birthdate by posting it on our Facebook Page and will even post your picture if you send a photo. You do not have to be a client manager for us to acknowledge your birthday. We strongly promote professional management and this is just one way to acknowledge our appreciation of the hard working CAMs.
Board Members, if you would like us to acknowledge you, drop us a line with your birthday - just the month and day - and we will do the same for you. Again, we will post your photo if you send us one.
2016 Legal Update, What to Expect from a Mitigation Expert, and How to Care for Your Landscape! Upcoming Programs presented by BCAM
Clayton & McCulloh is proud to be an Exclusive Partner with BCAM (Brevard Community Association Management), a non-profit organization designed to meet the needs of community associations and their managers. There are two more seminars being hosted by this organization in the coming months:
Thursday, September 8 - 8:30 a.m. at the Holiday Inn at Wickham and I-95
"What to Expect When Hiring a Mitigation Expert" presented by ServPro of South Brevard
"Landscape Facts: Know the Proper Way to Care and Identify Problems"
presented by US Lawns
Breakfast Buffet Served
Thursday, October 13 - 5:30 p.m. at the Holiday Inn at Wickham and I-95
"2017 Legal Update - All the Laws Passed in 2016" presented by the
attorneys of Clayton & McCulloh!
Appetizers, Beer, & Wine Served
You can sign up now using BCAM's web-site: http://www.bcamonline.com/index.html
Or if their web-site has not been updated (the webmaster may still be on his overseas vacation), call our Public Relations Department at:
Maitland Office: (407) 875-2655
Melbourne Office: (321) 751-3449
All other areas - toll free: (888) 793-1486
You do not have to be a member to attend. Won't you join us, enjoy a great meal, hear a great speaker and meet our attorneys at each of the events.
Coming Events:

*  July 8 - Alive @ Five Concert Series (click here for details)
*  July 10 - Live Jazz by Space Coast Jazz Society (click here for details)
*  July 14 - Thornton 2nd Thurs Wine/Art Walk (click here for details)
July 23 - Vestcor 5K Bridges Run (click here for details)
July 30 - Normal Rockwell: The Man Behind the Canvas (click here for details)
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