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Introducing "The Green Marble"

A C&M electronic newsletter with a different spin that will set us apart from the rest. Where our "Community Connect" newsletter is quarterly and strictly a legal newsletter for our clients, "The Green Marble" has a different spin.


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The May Issue includes:

- Fireside Chats for June plus new Melbourne Chats
Vote for Most Awesome Manager & Board Member
- What's Trending Now!
- Pets, Service, and Therapy Animals
- Happenings at C&M:  Welcoming a New Partner to the Firm
- Board Certification Class
- Did You Know?
- Need a Speaker?
- Coming Events
- About the Green Marble Newsletter

June's Fireside Chats - Upcoming Dates!!!

June 2  - To Fine or Not to Fine      (7:00 p.m.)    Board Members Only            - Maitland
June 15 - Enhancing Collections    (8:30 a.m.)     For Managers Only              - Maitland
June 22 - Estate Planning              (8:30 a.m.)    Managers & Board Members - Maitland
June 23 - To Fine or Not to Fine?   (7:00 p.m.)     Managers & Board Members - Melbourne
June 28 - The Clock is Ticking       (2:30 p.m.)    Managers                             - Maitland

Now also at our Melbourne Office!
Our Fireside Chats are small group one hour seminars for any manager or board member hosted at our offices. These Fireside Chats will only be advertised once or twice a month and fill up quickly. Only 10 - 12 people permitted depending on location. For more information on the seminars or to register
Vote for the Most Awesome
Manager and Board Member!
Do you know of an Awesome Board Member and/or Manager who has gone above and beyond the call of duty? You do? Well, then tell us about them! Effective with the next issue of Community Connect, we will commence alternating features on the Most Awesome Board Member and Manager. Besides the featured article in our newsletter, the winners will receive a gift card and a Certificate suitable for framing attesting to their "Awesomeness."

For more information or to vote, please click here.

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Pets: Service & Therapy Animals - (Part 1)

By Partner, Joe Stayanoff
There is a growing trend in community associations nation-wide arising from recognized changes in the Fair Housing Act (the "FHA") as well as in the Americans With Disabilities Act (the "ADA") that require pets, primarily dogs, to be permitted in previously animal-free or restricted communities. The reason: people with disabilities have been found to cope with life's demands more ably with an animal by their side.  The disabilities which are said to be positively impacted by the assistance of an animal include epilepsy and seizure disorders, diabetes, various emotional and attachment disorders, and, of course, persons with diminished vision or blindness.
Almost exclusively, these animals are dogs and usually dogs of larger breeds.  Very often it is dogs of the typical breed or size of a service or therapy animal that are restricted or prohibited in community declarations.  Attempts to enforce those animal, breed or size limitations or restrictions could be found to be violations of the FHA and/or ADA provisions which prohibit under penalty attempts to discriminate or make inaccessible housing or amenities.  But beware the hucksters - those people who claim to have a disability or need and thus require an otherwise impermissible or prohibited animal when no such need exists.  Real service or therapy animals usually have certifications.  And at the very least, true service or therapy animals would not be inordinately aggressive or vicious. For these reasons, board members are encouraged to investigate the circumstances of an animal's certification and the purposes for the animal's need based on a doctor's or therapist's recommendations and seek legal counsel before acting to prohibit or permit any animal not otherwise allowed.
Joe Stayanoff
Named Partner

We are pleased to announce that Attorney Joseph (Joe) C. Stayanoff has been named a Partner in our law firm.  Joseph currently works in our Transactional  Department.  


For more information on this event, please click here.

Board Certification Class in Titusville
Clayton & McCulloh is the featured speaker at Sentry Management's Combined HOA and Condominium Board Certification class at the Titusville Library on Tuesday, June 14, at 6:00 p.m. This two hour course will be taught by Joe Stayanoff. If you would like to attend, please call Lynn Nicholson at Sentry Management at (321) 638-8880, dial 0 and make a reservation with the operator. Or you can e-mail us at   lynicholson@sentrymgt.com . Limited seating available.
Need a Speaker?   
We are available to speak on topics concerning Community Associations at management companies and non-profit organizations events. If you would like a speaker for your event, 

For more information, call our Public Relations Department at any of the phone numbers listed at the bottom of this newsletter.
Did You Know?   
Proper fertilization can offer several benefits to any property and is a key part of most grounds programs.  Unfortunately, the widespread overuse of fertilizers can have negative effects as well.  In the low-lying peninsula of Florida, the water supply for the entire State is interconnected.  The long-term health of our aquifers is dependent on everyone doing their part.

The above content was provided by US Lawns of Brevard.
For more information, contact Brandon Silverstein at (321) 636-0655
Coming Events:

*  May 26   -  The Wizard of Oz (click here for details)
*  May 31   -  Cirque de Soleil - La Nouba (click here for details)
June 6    -  Story Time at Leu Gardens (click here for details)
* June 17  -  Celebrity Mascot Games (click here for details)
The Scoop on "The Green Marble" (cont'd)
C&M electronic newsletter  with a different spin that will set us apart from the rest. Where our " Community Connect " newsletter is quarterly and strictly a legal newsletter for our clients, "
The Green Marble " has a different spin.

Featured on a rotating basis are the following areas:
  • Important Announcements about C&M;
  • A Lifestyle section which will alternate with features as landscaping tips, upcoming events such as local art shows or festivals in the counties we service;
  • Information on our Fireside Chats and other seminars;
  • Information on upcoming speaking engagements where a member of the firm is speaking at another company's event;
  • A short article on of our services
  • A short article on a feature of our web-site to help our clients navigate the web-site and promote client portal;
  • Results of the Most Awesome Manager/Board Member contest (e-mail forthcoming on this)
  • Topical legal article
  • A short non-legal article on practical matters affecting an association such as ways to build community through committees, tips on hosting annual and board meetings, etc.
  • Informational articles written by our Partner Vendors.
This does not mean that each newsletter will contain everything listed above each time.  These are just some of the things that might be included in "The Green Marble".  "The Green Marble" is the lighter side of life. 

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