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Zero Waste Partners

Certifications only apply to the addresses listed below and not to the company as a whole.

Aera Energy LLC
10000 Ming Ave
Bakersfield, CA

FedEx Ground
3105 Gateway 
Bakersfield, CA

IKEA Distribution
4101 Industrial Parkway
Lebec, CA

Give us a call to find out how you can become one of our certified zero waste facilities.

No Idling Partners
Our No Idling Partners are only for the addresses listed below and not the company as a whole.
Granite Construction
3005 James Road
Bakersfield, CA

Price Disposal 
8665 South Union
Bakersfield, CA 

4600 Resnick Drive
Bakersfield, CA

Give us a call to find out how you can become one of our No Idling Partners.


News from the Valley
Spring Community Recycle Drive
Join us for Kern School Federal Credit Union Recycle Drive on April 28th from 8:30am-1:30pm at 11500 Bolthouse Dr, Bakersfield.

Items accepted:
  • Personal Shred (limit to 3 banker boxes)
  • Recycables
  • Ewaste
  • Gently Used Bikes
  • Gently used shoes
  • Large unresuable bulky items
  • New and newly new windows, wood, vinyl, aluminum and gently used household items.
  • Non-working appliances

Green Scene Tip of the Month
Recycling-Blue Bins

Make sure you are placing the correct items in your blue bins. If you live in Bakersfield, you have a blue bin that you set out on your curb every other week. These are the items that are allowed:
  • Bottles and Jars
  • Aluminum
  • Tin/Steel
  • Cardboard
  • Cereal-type Boxes
  • Cartons
  • White paper
  • Mixed paper
  • Magazines/Junk Mail
  • Newspaper
  • Phone Books
  • Plastics #1-7
Please keep our recycling as honest possible and avoid placing items that are not accepted. When we keep our recyclables pure, more items are made from these bales of recyclable materials.  
Featured Green Business

(661) 834-2272
BARC is a non-profit organization that provides employment for the intellectually and developmentally disabled and their families since 1949.

Not only does BARC employ the disabled they also provide recycling services. Companies can sign up and pay a small fee for a blue bin to collect your recyclable materials. Once a week, a BARC staff member empty the bins. In addition, BARC will provide educational materials to inform your company in the importance of recycling.

Accepted Materials:
  • Office paper
  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Metal cans
  • Cardboard



Every ton of paper recycled saves 60% of the energy, 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water and 60 pounds of air pollution.

Paper comprises 75% of office waste.

Recycling glass uses 50% of energy to make a new one.

Whether you are a business just starting  out or a been operating for years it is never too late to get Green Certified.
Kern Community 

Captian meeting April 4th at 6pm at City Council Chamber  1501 Truxtun Avenue