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Zero Waste Partners

Certifications only apply to the addresses listed below and not to the company as a whole.

Aera Energy LLC
10000 Ming Ave
Bakersfield, CA

FedEx Ground
3105 Gateway 
Bakersfield, CA

IKEA Distribution
4101 Industrial Parkway
Lebec, CA

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No Idling Partners
Our No Idling Partners are only for the addresses listed below and not the company as a whole.
Granite Construction
3005 James Road
Bakersfield, CA

Price Disposal 
8665 South Union
Bakersfield, CA 

4600 Resnick Drive
Bakersfield, CA

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News from the Valley
Governor Brown Signs Good Samaritan Food Donation Act

"California Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 954 into law on Oct. 14. This bill is designed to encourage a voluntary shift to standardized date labeling language among manufacturers, with state educational support. Clarifying the difference between a "quality date" and a "safety date" is anticipated to reduce some of the 5.5 million tons of food going to California landfills each year." (Rosengren,

This bill will help immensely with food donation centers such as Golden Gleaners and CAPK. It is now in our hands to make a difference and reduce food waste by sending less edible food to the landfills.

AB 954 could be seen as beneficial to meeting California's goal of achieving a 20% food recovery rate by 2025, and the broader goal of a 75% recycling rate by 2020.

Food insecurity affects 1 in 6 Californians, including 1 in 4 children, and at the same time 40% of food available in the U.S. is never eaten, and in California, food makes up the largest portion of total waste sent to landfills. According to a survey by the Food Waste Reduction alliance, forty-four percent of manufacturers, forty-one percent of restaurants and twenty-five percent of retailers identified fear of liability as their primary barrier to food donation. By more explicitly stating the types of food donations that are protected under the California Good Samaritan Food Donation Act, business will better understand how they can safely donate food to those affected by hunger in their own communities.

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Green Scene Tip of the Month
Kern County Green Business Certification

Today's green businesses are not just taking steps to reduce their environmental impact, they are making smart economic decisions that boost their bottom line. There are a number of benefits to greening your business' daily operations.

1. Align your business with your values
2.Identify cost savings
3.Use a framework to green your business
4.Differentiate from competitors benefits
6.Join a community
7.Raise public awareness

As more businesses participate in the program, there is potential to dramatically improve air quality and attract the high quality workforce needed to expand economic growth throughout Kern County.


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Featured Green Business
3401 Pacheco Rd., Ste A
Bakersfield, CA 93313
Phone 661-323-2707

Beneficial State Bank, grew from the vision of Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor and the team they formed to create a triple bottom-line bank and a supportive nonprofit foundation of the same name. In 2007, that vision was realized when OneCalifornia Bank and OneCalifornia Foundation opened in Oakland. Fashioned in the image of the great socially responsible banks and credit unions of national and international fame, the Bank is mandated to produce meaningful social justice and environmental benefits at the same time that it is financially sustainable. 

The Foundation owns all of the economic rights of the Bank -- when profits of the Bank are distributed, they can only be distributed to the Foundation which is mandated to reinvest those proceeds back into the communities and the environment on which we all depend. In our theory and experience, this ownership model aligns our incentives with the triple bottom line and the values of our bank customers. 

Whether your business is just starting out or has been passed down from the previous generation, it's always a good time to get Green Certified.

Get your business Green Certified today!

Kern Community 

The Bakersfield Homeless Center is collecting kids costumes. 

They are looking for costumes for both boys and girls, all sizes needed (new or gently used). You can drop them off at 1600 Truxtun Ave, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm or at our office at 4801 Calloway Drive Suite 103, Mon-Fri 9am-6pm.

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities this fall starting with Make A Difference Day.

October 21st, 8am-11am
  • Litter/illegal dump cleanups
  • Community gardening
  • Seeds of Inspiration in Oleander neighborhood
  • Caught Up in the Game in Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. neighborhood
  • Special project at Bakersfield Mission Hotel with Canyon Hills Church IGNITE youth community service program downtown
Contact Jessica Felix for more information at 661-326-3539

Keep Bakersfield Beautiful Volunteer Activities
·   Every Saturday Seeds of Inspiration community gardening (any day of the week for members)
·  Every Wednesday litter cleanup with Retirees Pick Up
·  1 st  Saturday of the month downtown litter cleanup
·  2 nd  Friday of the month board meeting
·  Look ahead to America Recycles Day with Rabobank Arena and Keep California Beautiful in November